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04-09-2006, 12:47
Blessings to you all here...i as everyone else is coming into thier spiritual beings in Joy Love & Light...

I went to the Metaphysical fair this weekend and was blessed w/ gifts... Tuesday the 5th is my 33rd bday...my name is 21 12 a reflective 33...
among the gifts i was bestowed is an amazing crystal that so far has 13 various attributes...i am going to try to get someone to take pictures of this amazing crystal...it is a double terminated twin e.t., yin/yang, elestial, record keeper and keys both so far i've found 3, with rainbows, phantoms, empathetic, consumation, drusy & devic...woa...so im needing some assistance...as i am born the day of the sleeper and although i am receiving so much so fast i need kin to help me though this shift... Any support will be a Blessing Bestowed to us all...Abundance to you All

Briar Rose
11-09-2006, 22:44
Wow, lucky you with the Crystals. I am reading some books on Crystals, and they speak my language. I didn't know the different types of points were different types of Crystals. How enlighting! I'm excited to get up everyday to learn all these new things.

Until now, I never thought about ordering the cabochons from the jewelry catalogs (for laying of crystals in healing), but now I think I am going to do that. I have a huge Carnelian caby.

Have you ever thought about taking a Crystal Healing class(es)?

I just wanted to add that~

Have you ever heard of Consegrity Healing, (now called Consilience)?

And what are your thought on Reiki, and what about laying of stones along with Reiki?