View Full Version : healing w/ goldstone?

Briar Rose
07-09-2006, 08:00
I know Godstone is synthetic, but is anyone connecting with with, or using it for healing purposes?

I've read some threads on blue goldstone, but just asking about plain goldstone, copper and glass.

I would appreciate any feed back.

Also, would golstone carry any healing properites from the copper, or would it be masked by the glass?

The Hanged Man
07-09-2006, 08:34
Goldstone is synthetic? I never knew it was. I imagine that if it is synthetic, then it's healing benefits would be more psychological, because it looks beautiful, it would be easy to believe that it's doing something good for you. I think that goldstone would be a good gem to use to inspire confidence, particularly for people who are performers, because it's glitzy and sparkly, full of pizazz, a good antidote for stage-fright perhaps?

07-09-2006, 19:48
HI HeavensVault

I have found goldstone helps with arthritis of all things.. IT helps with sore throats - IM not sure if it works on 'allergys' and 'toxins' specifically or just on healing on a cellular level .. but it seems to help in that throat area.