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23-09-2006, 23:26
Hi. I've recently added to my crystal collection, but there are some crystals which I have no idea what there names are :eek: My sister gave them to me moons ago. I have scanned up the majority of my crystals & know the names of a few but I'd love some help in identifying the ones that were given to me. I can't attach a link of the scan though :( So I'd have to e-mail someone with the scan copy as I have no idea how else I could do this. I've searched the bible but can't work out which crystal is what, that's why I've come here, in search of help.

I'd really appreciate some help :D So anyone willing to help this dansel in distress? :P

24-09-2006, 00:10
go on then, mate.

pm on the way......

jue xx

24-09-2006, 10:53
Thank you :D I really do appreciate this chrisam-crystals

24-09-2006, 22:25
email sent back to ya!

jue xx

25-09-2006, 06:35
Hey cheekyminx, your gonna have to come back here and tell the rest of us nosy people what type stone this is all about, ok.

Ya got me curious...

25-09-2006, 22:03
:laugh: lol

There were actually a few crystals....gosh more than a few :eek: 20 to be exact, I knew about 5 of them but the others, were given to me by my sister or I had bought them years ago & had forgotten their names :laugh: So typical of me to forget things. chrisam-crystals did an excellent job of helping me name the unknown ones - Thanks again chrisam-crystals :D But I think 3 are still nameless.....due to the scan copy of course...

I thought my scan of the cyrstals came out OK, reminded me of the crystal bible cover :D