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26-09-2006, 04:04
Have you got your typical rising sign looks in any way?
How about a planet right on your ascendant - does this affect your look in a way which corresponds with the traditional descriptions?

I thought might be interesting to ask this and also post pictures of celebrities who have planets on the ascendant and see if all holds true
I will google for them tomorrow now probably and see what I find lol

Personally I have virgo rising and I *do* have the traditional high hairline/forehead - I'm small built in body shape and I'm quote nervous I guess - my chart ruler is in Libra and I do have fairly balanced features and the typical Libra dimple on my chin

I also have Pluto rising and from the earliest pictures I have seen of me I have always had that penetrating gaze (seen similar with people with Scorpio rising)

I met a man 2 years ago who had a scar across his whole face and he had chiron on his ascendant

I wonder if its all coincidence or if there is something truly to it?

*edit* Duh I typed rising sun instead of rising sign in the thread title

lastly, could looks be described by other factors in the chart? I wonder if venus has a strong say - I have a friend who is scorpio rising but her venus is in Leo 1- she has a long long mane of long blond hair!!!!

26-09-2006, 08:11
Check out this site. http://www.habarbadi.com/astrofaces/ It is one place where you can find a number of faces to compare. You can also add your own face to those being shown and grouped. Dave

27-09-2006, 01:54
thanks for that link dave, it was fairly interesting though most of the faces looked nothing like their supposed doubles in sun/moon/ascendant (because i guess lots more has to be taken in to consideration)

thought I did notice that nose shapes were very similar to each other, lol!

27-09-2006, 05:10
After years of working with astrology, and an ocassional mental note of what people look like relative to Sun, Moon and rising signs we can make some general statements that might be helpful. Might be.

Polarities are at work here in terms of appearance.

Cancer and Capricorn both tend to give people a less colorful hair/complexion appearance. Cancer tends to round faces, Capricorn to craggy but youthful faces, both have lighter complexions and medium color hair, light brown for example but not black, red or blond as a rule. Capricorn tends to a pinched or pointed face at times while Cancer tends to be flat featured.

Virgos tend to have smaller lower faces; jaws, chins. And, often strong eyebrows in terms of size or coming closer together over the bridge of the nose. Funny, but some Aquarians also have a strong singular line type of eyebrow that almost arcs over the entire brow. Virgo's also tend to have finer hair where as the polar opposite, Pisces, may have "more" hair but it is often "wispy" or "feathered" in appearance, and the face is often delicate with expressive -- even large -- moist eyes.

Taureans and Scopios share strong features and tend to dark curley hair. While Taureans sometimes have short noses, Scorpio tend to have highly angular features and often lots of body hair -- most noticible on their arms.

Ariens have strong brow and nose lines but I haven't always noted the "ruddy" complexion so often noted in the books. They do often have compact and wirey bodies, much like some Capricorns.

Librans tend to have pouty mouths or lower lips, nice smiles, and a quizzical look when asked to make a choice. Note that choices are not the same as principles -- Libras often are very strong in the principle department.

Leo's often have a hair style that is swept back or blown back to fully frame their face. They have a fullness about the mouth which is quite unlike the Libra full lower lip look. Perhaps it is easier to spot them due to their liking to hear their own voice and opinions -- probably due to the fact that they think you want to hear them.

Sag's and Taureans often look much alike. In fact, take any sign and the first sign that is 150 degrees ahead of that sign will have similar characteristics. Don't ask for a reason, just observe and see if you can see this. Both tend to be heavier, fully bodied, have chestnut/brown hair (depending upon race), and like their creature comforts. Sag's do like to travel, as do Geminis, but the Sag oriented person really likes to travel.

Gemini's may exhibit a lot of traits from time to time, often keeping in both clothes and appearance styles unless they are caught up in learning or exploring something. I don't know what to say about Gemini in terms of their appearance.

With all that being said, certain planets also have characteristics when found near the ASC degree. Dave

27-09-2006, 05:29
Geminis, I know them well. A lot of the men have very quizzical expressions, more an effect of the whole rather that a detail, even when angry. I always think of putting a 'WTF' bubble against them when they are mad, lol. The ones I've observed, have a flare about the nostrils and eyebrows, the eyebrows being very similar to Aries eyebrows and I've also noticed a light step. Sometimes even on tip toes. I think Geminis are pretty drama queenish in their every day lives, so that lend itself to the almost comic appearance and expression.

13-10-2006, 05:19
I'm a Virgo, Cancer Moon. Scorpio Rising. I have Venus in Scorpio about 7.5 degrees away from my Ascendant. Venus rules both Rulers of my Ascendant (Mars in Taurus, Pluto in Libra), is in opposition to Mars, and in mutual reception with Pluto. I'm very intense looking, and very, very pretty (for a guy).

Pics are here (and several of a particularly popular celebrity):

I have Neptune inthe 1st house in Sag, as well as Juno and Ceres inthe first. Pallas is in Scorpio conjunct my Ascendant in the first.

I'm immedately recognizable as a "Goth", albeit during the work day a toned down one. (perfect for Scorpio Rising!) I wore the tall buckle boots and leather jacket and black& red tribal dragon shirt today, in fact.

I have brown hair that I dye black and it's straight (wavy when wet) but I scrunch it so it's curly. It's cut in a wedge shape chin-mouth length in front, very short in back. My eyes between hazel and brown. I look a lot like Johnny Depp (or so everybody keeps telling me.) I currently wear a moustache, goatee, and soul-patch combo. I guess that's a Van Dyke, but the three parts are not connected.

The really funny thing is that in high school-college, before I found my preferred mode of self-expression I looked a lot like Tom Cruise ala Top Gun!!

I'm about 5'7" - 5'8" and 145-150 lbs. I was a wrestler in high school, and was very athletic in my youth, and still somewhere between athletic and slim. I have long arms for my height.

Regarding Pallas conjunct the Ascendant: I see this in two ways -- one, all the sports I did in high school (12 varsity letters in cross-country, wrestling, track, and lacrosse), two, there was a period of a few years in my early 20s when I cross-dressed a lot. I was going through a patriarchy-hating phase and I was very passable as a woman. Athena, of course was a cross-dressing goddess.

I have a Leo Midheaven, too, and I think it affects the way I present myself in public as well. I tend to stand out in a crowd. Definitely different that a Scorpio Rising with a Virgo midheaven (like my ex-wife) would. (I realize that some rising signs, like Aries and Libra only have one Midheaven associated with them).

13-10-2006, 05:43
My fiancee/mate is an Aries rising (Libra sun, Aquarius Moon), and she has punky, semi-short, spiky red and black hair. She has mega-high cheekbones. Her eyes are very exotic looking change from green to blue to grey. She looks a lot like a punky-goth anime chick. She has a labaret and a verticle two-hole pircing like two small bindi on top of each other between her eyes. SHe's very short (5' 0.5") about 113lbs and has a body more like a black girl than the white girl she is (tiny waist, nice, full hips). She only wears boots when she goes out. The celebrity her facial-feature-structure most resembles is Mariah Carey.

She has Saturn in Taurus in the 1st house, as well as Ceres in Taurus in the first. Her chart ruler Mars is in the 6th in Virgo conjunct Pluto in Virgo. She is legally blind, and has very exotic uncontrollable diabetes. She has bad fatigue and is on disability. She looks younger and younger every year (Saturn trait?). She's 36 and looks early 20s.

Gemini Rising
13-10-2006, 11:07
I'm a Libra Sun, Leo Moon and (bet you would never guess this) Gemini Rising, but literally 29 degrees Gemini. A few minutes later and it would have been Cancer.

I read somewhere that Geminians are mostly either short or tall (I know several Geminians, neither in between) and usually slender, neither traits I exhibit...could it be due to my ascendant so close to Cancer? I'm average height and pretty thick, but not just around my middle, but like a natural Libran my weight is balanced, evenly distributed, and I still maintain an attractive figure.

I think my looks are very Libran--I took note of the fact that my body is VERY symmetrical, even with birthmarks! Though I wish I had an intense, hypnotic Scorpion gaze, my best weapon by far is my smile and charm, both of which I put to full effect...but not manipulatively at all. I'm just a naturally polite, gentle, kind person. (I have Mercury and Mars in Libra, too.)

I actually relate more to Cancer Rising than Gemini, and since I was SO close to Cancer Rising, I do believe it's possible I could be a Cancer Rising. I'm definitely emotional and empathetic and deeply attached to my home and mother, but I also can't concentrate on one thing at a time and have a lightning quick mind (which could just be natural Libran intelligence)...then again, both my Mercury and Sun (conjunct) were square to a conjunct Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, but I still don't know the effects of that, but it could possibly explain my inability to concentrate.

...I don't know, I'm an indecisive Libra!


13-10-2006, 20:06
Got Aries rising opposite Pluto, ruler mars square Pluto, mars square ascendant, no planets on house 1 but Saturn and venus conjunct my sun, huu... jupiter and neptune trine the ascendant. I look pissed off.

hey, Voron (i would put a M somewhere), Johnny D. doesn't look like you.

i'm so bored

14-10-2006, 08:12
hey, Voron (i would put a M somewhere), Johnny D. doesn't look like you.

If you say so.

I just watched Secret Window (which unfortunately sucked). It was a little freaky. I kept getting that "looking at the mirror" feeling cause his haircut looks similar.


16-10-2006, 04:58
Leo's often have a hair style that is swept back or blown back to fully frame their face. They have a fullness about the mouth which is quite unlike the Libra full lower lip look. Perhaps it is easier to spot them due to their liking to hear their own voice and opinions -- probably due to the fact that they think you want to hear them.

:?: Do you mean, they don't?

16-10-2006, 05:36
Perhaps it is easier to spot them due to their liking to hear their own voice and opinions . . .

Well, some of them can be quite gracious about it. My favorite Leo has Gemini rising and a Gemini Moon -- she never stops talking. But, thats OK. I have a soft spot for Leos so I'm not sure I can be objective. Dave

17-10-2006, 11:30
I'm a Leo rising with no points in the first house except for the south node. My Sun is in Sagittarius in the fifth house. I am not much of an outgoing Leo, but I make up for it in my flamboyancy ;)