View Full Version : Dull amethyst: soaking up stress or computer radiation?

26-09-2006, 10:55
My mom had a chuck of amethyst on her desk at work, and last month or so noticed it had dulled. I saw it, it looked greyish. I tried using my handy-dandy incense to cleanse it and just held it thinking good thoughts and asking for it to get all the negativity away from her. It was still grey a few days after, unless it got its color back and I haven't seen. I also heard computers can cause things to dull from radiation. But I didn't think it would affect crystals.
For people who have cleansed crystals, do you see a change in its color afterward, or does that matter at all? Her co-worker also told her to get tanzanite, it's stronger.

Briar Rose
26-09-2006, 11:26
To me I see a big difference in color when I cleanse my Crystals. There are some pretty recent threads about cleansing.

Cleansing by the Light of the Moon, or Sunshine....

How about putting the Amethyst in a plant for a week? The color should deepen.

When I lived by the beach I used to hold them in the Ocean and let the waves crash upon them.

I have some Smoky Quartz points sitting on a few Amethyst clusters, and they are finally coming back to life!

I think all Crystals are alive! It's a scientific fact now that Crystals vibrate, and our chemistry can resonate to the pulse.

I always skim through the threads because everyone is so knowledgeable about cleansing, and I have learned alot. I am so utterly happy I found AT, I wish I could throw a big party and have everyone in the same room. Now wouldn't that make your Crystals shine?

26-09-2006, 19:21
if the crystal is in sunlight at all, then it will have the colour bleached out of it.

otherwise, it sounds as though it has taken up too much energy and needs to be thoroughly cleansed.

i would suggest burying it in the earth for at least a full moon's cycle to release it of the energy it has picked up.

jue xx

27-09-2006, 02:58
Chrisam-crystals has got it right, amethyst as much as rose quartz and many others simply get damaged by open sunlight and to retain their colour and "identity" they should be kept safely away from direct solar radiation.
It could not actually be the case, if the desk is not under a window or something like that, but the modification is caused by heat and other sorts of interferences, that tamper with the colour and bleach it off the stone, making it look lighter - and I don't think you can bring the colour back as it's mainly due to chimical/psysical changes occuring to the stone itself.
Otherwise, sinking the stone in fresh earth should clean and "relieve", I would prefer earth for amethysts in place of pure salt, roots or water.