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24-08-2002, 15:34
i would love to see, somewhere on our posts - or info section - that we are subscribers to the forum.

reason: it will assist newcomers to the forum to see that many of us support the forum thru subscriptions.

just another way to promote getting a subscription.

in light,

24-08-2002, 20:16

24-08-2002, 21:14
yes, only subscribers get to be "explorers of the ordinary" or "empresses of the sea" - that was tarotlady, right? love that title:)
i thinkt he titles are an excellent way. newcomers will see them and ask how to get one and we can answer and say that if they support the forums they can get one too!

24-08-2002, 21:59
I agree with Diana and jema. I would just prefer to leave that idea. It would make folks feel less welcome, and everyone is welcome to Aeclectic.

25-08-2002, 00:54
Yes, I agree, I wouldn't like to see anything that discourages new people to join in the forums. Having the ability to choose your own title or your own Avatar is enough.


25-08-2002, 15:36
hmmm......i didn't see it as an us vs them issue. more of a "support the forum thru membership" thing.

to say that having something that says we subscribe will seperate us......well, there are many things right now that you can say that about.......our avatars, our new chosen titles etc.

oh well, it was just a thought.


27-08-2002, 05:40
Originally posted by Diana
I think everyone who subscribes will eventually choose their own individual title. (It can take a little time, because it is pretty important.)

True enough ... I needed time to think and would now like to "add" my title but cannot find where to edit it ~sigh~ ... anyone know how? The title I have selected is "Resident Mermaid" ... now just to fugure out how to add it ... help ....

27-08-2002, 07:14

27-08-2002, 07:39
I see the validity with both sides of this issue.
I can see how some might feel (?) an us and them thing. Yet the avs. and personal titles might make those not subscribed curious enough and WANTING, thus inquiring, thus subscribing. Maybe something just in the profiles that says we are subers. Someone will only discover who 'has' when the investigate a particular person...

27-08-2002, 09:28
From my limited time on this forum, it seems that the people interested in Aeclectic would not be so easily offended by a 'designation'. On the other hand, any symbol or note doesn't need to be out in front of our world. Our profiles have personal information and if anyone desires, they could have it put there.

27-08-2002, 23:05
Originally posted by Diana
Jewel: you can't edit it yourself. You need to ask Solandia to do it for you.

Thanks Diana!