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29-09-2006, 14:36
My boss loves crystals as well, and she showed up at work today and presented me with a small package of things she picked up at a mineral show years ago. 2 slices of geode and this piece. I'm not sure what it is... I originally thought of bloodstone, but it's more of a white blue than the dark green I've seen. It has the feel of bloodstone. I was also thinking maybe that it's some type of jasper. Can anyone help me ID it? The following pics are of both sides of the same stone. There is a much larger patch of red on the one side, and the other seems to be more speckled. Thanks.


29-09-2006, 17:31
hi razordance, i'm afraid that your links are not working here.

you can email the pics to me and i will see if i can identify them for you?

jue xx

30-09-2006, 02:17
Hmm... They're not working here anymore either, and they were when I posted. I'll email the pics a little later, need to get to work right now. Thanks.

30-09-2006, 16:20
OK, I can't seem to email the pics, but I think I can get a link working :-)


30-09-2006, 16:22
That stone looks weird to me! I guess I'd think it was a jasper, but somehow the red isn't dark enough... and the 'spots' are just weird!

Could it be a type of Agate instead?


30-09-2006, 19:35
i reckon it is more likely to be a sort of agate due to the bits of translucencey (?) that is on it.

but it is definitely not bloodstone though.

jue xx

30-09-2006, 22:59
Hm that is a toughy. I originally thought red jasper. However I agree that it could be agate due to the colour. Looks like an agate in disguise, bless it, hehe!

30-09-2006, 23:17
I think it is a dyed agate.

There's a rock shop not far from me that sells agates dyed those deep shades - red, blue and green seem to be their favorites, as they have lots of them.

The last time I stopped by there, I asked them why they don't post a sign saying the stones are dyed. The woman minding the store asked me why I thought it was important to let people know. :eek:

01-10-2006, 12:25
I will pop a vote down for 'poppy jasper' and orbicular jasper..
do a google - images you might see something like yours...


01-10-2006, 14:30
I agree it's much too light for bloodstone and it doesn't look like re jasper to me, I think agate.

01-10-2006, 14:43
Certainly don't think it's Bloodstone... Could be some sort of agate...

But my bet is on some type of Jasper. Perhaps Red Jasper or Fancy Jasper? There are several types out there.