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26-08-2002, 19:00
Ok, folks, I was at a Gem and Mineral exposition and stubled across a nice srying globe made of Selenite (?). I hope this is the correct English translation of the German name.

This Selenite seems to be somehow related to Gipsum but has a nice silken shade similar to cat eye. In the Melody book it was mentioned as a mineral suitable for past and future life experience so I was extremely pleased to have a shpere made of that stuff. My Selenite is white with a translucent spot.

Any more thoughts about Selenite?

the hermit
27-08-2002, 09:33
You are correct in your spelling catlin, Selenite is the name given to Gypsium crystals.

DO NOT cleanse this mineral with water as it will be badly damaged (it can literally desolve if not careful), it is also easily chipped as this is not a very "hard" mineral.

It is most often associated with the cleansing and charging of other stones as well as enhancing mental clarity and efficiency.

Though selenite means "moon stone" it is not a "moonstone", that is an entirely different mineral (a orthoclase feldspar). Some ancients did associate this stone with the moon (Selene is a goddess of the moon).

27-08-2002, 20:00
Thanks for the advice hermit but I never cleanse my gems in water, I only use haematite (apart for haematite and Moqui Marbles, I cleanse them in Himalayan rock salt).

Funny enough the guy who sold me the Selenite sphere told me that there was another guy who ordered a large quantitiy of Selenite shperes to have them placed on top of room fountains (you know those basins with a pump to run water in it). I have placed my shpere in the cupboard where I store my herbs and other magic stuff to keep away from nosy catpaws.

27-08-2002, 22:45
Selenite can be found in two forms: a clear crystal with both clarity and a lovely shimmering quality, and in a rosette form.

The clear selenites, like all clear crystals (quartz, calcite, fluorite, and danburite) have the ability of awakening the seventh (crown) chakra.

The seventh chakra is our connection to the spirit. When our 7th chakra is balanced, we comprehend our relationship with the universe. We feel our association with other humans and other forms of life.

Selenite's contribution towards furthering this connection is its ability to allow us to consciously understand our own deepest inner truth, that part of ourselves which is not body, not emotions or thoughts, but pure spirit. In this sense, it helps us to be in touch with our purpose for being in physical existence.

Because of its ability to help us filter out ego-based messages and thoughts, it is an excellent crystal for meditation when placed on the crown (top of the head). It can also help to clear up mental confusion.

Selenite rosettes are named for their resemblance to roses. Each rosette appears to have many petals. They are usually tan or beige in color, and are opaque.

Spiritually, the rose represents pure love, which is the highest vibration. It is significant that selenite, in both its forms, relates to purity.

(In my notes for Selenite.)

Congratulations on your new purchase, Catlin! I don't have any Selenite in my collection and have only seen pictures in books and the internet.

:TJUST Starfish

the hermit
28-08-2002, 05:50
Just because I'm a virgonian :) (and a geologist)...

Selenite is the accepted scientific title for "glassy crystals" only.

Rosettes are often also called selenite by some but are classifed as simply gypsum and called "gypsum flowers" unless the rosette also contains selenite crystals imbedded within the flower.

28-08-2002, 18:21
Thanks hermit and Starfish for your replies.

You cannot imagine how pleased I am with my purchase. I never thought to get such a treasure for only about $ 12.

29-08-2002, 07:48
I have a selenite "wand" for healing purposes. It is a solid piece of selenite, about 11 inches long, and it is square, with the four faces about an inch wide.
It is a very good stone to transmute electrical healing impulses, and is particularly good for alleviating pain. I have used it to treat back pain and menstrual cramps, with success.

10-09-2002, 03:09
I use selenite for meditation, especially in accessing past and future lives. :)

13-05-2011, 10:10
I love Selenite, its one of my favourite crystals. I've also got a Selenite globe, crystal ball and I've also got an Angel grid under my bed made up of Selenite stones. My favourite is my Selenite tea light holder. The light from the tea light illuminates the Selenite beautifully.