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Gemini Rising
10-10-2006, 12:27
Hello everyone!

I've always been a tea drinker (unusual for a 15 year old boy, but then again, so are Tarot cards!), and recently I've been experimenting with green tea, white tea, etc, and I was wondering exactly what I should be looking for. So far, I've been judging it on taste (I like sweet, and usually add some honey), but I want to find tea that will be healthy for me. I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations for brands, kinds, what herbs to look for...anything would be great! I'm going to have a Vitamin Shoppe built near me soon, so I don't think anything will be impossible for me to get.

Thank you very much for your input!

Briar Rose
10-10-2006, 14:38

I hope I can post that link. I came across Wildlily Tea Room looking for tea, just like you.

And if you get the chance try mixing Strawberry tea, and Camomile together. It's an old Victorian recipe for very vivid dreams. (strawberry tea is hard to find).

10-10-2006, 19:06
Don't worry. As a 17 year old, I always drink a cup of herbal tea before I go to bed. It's one of my comfort rituals, really. :P

Chamomile is wonderful for stomach comfort and something fragrant, not too sweet and overall pleasantness. If you wanted a sweeter one, then Blackcurrent will do.

Japanese Green Tea has always been a favourite with me: light taste, very different from Chinese Green Tea, and delicious. I'm sure you would enjoy Japanese Green Tea.


10-10-2006, 20:44
any type of tea that comes form the tea plant is good for you - green tea and the usual tea that you get in any shop.

it is when you add milk to it that the antioxidant properties become null and void, so always drink it with just some sugar or honey added to it.

try honeybush tea or rooibos tea as the flavour is lovely! :)

and chamomile and spiced apple is just divine at this time of year.

jue xx

10-10-2006, 22:58
Hi there,
Just a really good plain green tea is "Good Earth Green Tea Blend"
Its available at most supermarkets and natural food stores and coops. It has a picture of Kang on the box. It has lemongrass in it, and tastes and smells wonderful. I don't even sweeten it. It also has a little chinese saying on each teabag. :) I'm addicted to it. My daughter drank it last winter and didn't get sick any.

11-10-2006, 03:05
any type of tea that comes form the tea plant is good for you - green tea and the usual tea that you get in any shop.

it is when you add milk to it that the antioxidant properties become null and void, so always drink it with just some sugar or honey added to it.

try honeybush tea or rooibos tea as the flavour is lovely! :)

and chamomile and spiced apple is just divine at this time of year.

jue xx

I used to hate Rooibos tea. Said it tasted like medicine... lol.

Now I do enjoy it, but it does have a strong flavour to it. Honeybush, I really liked!

God bless!
Wheel of Fortune.

11-10-2006, 03:12
I have heard if you have allergies do not drink chamomile at that time of the year.
I think I am getting into this tea thing. I love Green Tea but have not ventured into some of the herbal teas yet. I like Jasmine very much so there must be a whole world of tea out there for me !
It will be interesting to watch this thread.

Little Baron
11-10-2006, 03:13
I drink a lot of Nettle tea.


11-10-2006, 04:14
I think Yamamotoyama is the most worldwide known original japanese green tea brand it produces tea in sachets and also packed for you to use in spoons. Look for it at Deli shops and chinese import shops.

11-10-2006, 04:20
I have a few herbal teas, I love spicy flavours! my favourite green tea is a jasmine scented one by "Double Dragon". I went home and my step-dad started raving about a new green tea he found, turns out it was the same one I was drinking, hehe! He also likes the one scented with Gingko Biloba (we I just discovered in my psychology lecture is a very good drink to stimulate the brain, that and sage.....must stock up!!!)

11-10-2006, 08:49
I like Long Life organic jasmine green...and I get it at Vitamin Shoppe. It has a very smooth taste, and it doesn't keep me awake later like some teas. It's in a bag, but not chlorine bleached!

11-10-2006, 09:58
green tea is healthy, and I like jasmine green tea. I don't brew it too strong though, because it leaves my mouth dry.I also have pomegranate oolong and mango black tea which are both good.

Gemini Rising
11-10-2006, 11:14
This is all great advice, thank you! I'll take down all the names of all these teas and try a few of them. HeavensVault, thanks for the website--I'll be sure to take a look at it!


21-10-2006, 15:44
Hi Nicky,

O.K., these aren't all green teas, but here are my guilty tea pleasures...(in no particular order...)

Boba tea latte with lychee juice (also called bubble or pearl tea)a green tea base

Lapsang Soochong (w/ pinch of sugar)--delightfully exotic black tea made by smoking pine needles under tea leaves, very smokey

Tazo green tea latte (mix is avail. in a box for about $6--avail. through Starbucks, Seattle's Best and Borders stores)--it's great hot or over ice, it has a great notes of honeydew melon

Stash brand double-spice chai (hot or iced) with a touch of honey and milk or half-and-half (it's like drinking a pumpkin pie!)

Stash brand Peppermint (organic, very strong and sweet, decaf & great for breakfast or bedtime)

Any black tea latte made with a good quality black tea (something aged and mellow), a pinch or turbinado or brown sugar and steamed/frothed milk dolloped on top (steamed/frothed has a ENTIRELY different taste than just warmed milk, which can taste toasted or burnt instead of light, velvety and slightly sweet)

Persian-style chai brewed with organic rose petals (FANTASTIC with Persian pasteries, esp. those laden with rosewater, orange blossom water, and honey)

"Dig tea"--A powerful middle-eastern concoction that archy friends extol as more powerful than espresso--it has a thick liquor, packs quite a buzz and has an amazing amount of sugar!

Those are the top few I can think of...but in my tea chest right now, let's see, there's Tetley green tea in the cool round filter bags, Tetley black tea (also nice sized leaves for reading,) a Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose from blackbeartea.com, lots of middle-of-the road Celestial Seasonings fruit teas (like Cinnamon Apple, Apple & Cranberry, Peach, Raspberry...), then I need to restock on medicinals...Lavender/Chamomile for nerves, Peoples' Republic of Tea...uh...I think it's called Sweet Dreams with Lavender, Chamomile, Skullcap, Lemon Balm and Valerian, and if for some horrible reason your nerves should ever get really ratty, go for double-strength Valerian tea (it tastes like stewed sweat socks, but *really* mellows the nerves.) For an acidic or sour stomach, sip decaf black tea with a pinch of sugar--it forms a layer of mucus in your stomach that protects and soothes.

The Stash tea company out of Oregon has a WIDE selection of exotic flavors, but sometimes on their sweet teas it's touch and go (but they have a fantastic customer service dept.--if a tea's *really* miserable, give them a ring and they'll send you a coupon for another box...customer loyalty's very imp. to them.) Here's there link: http://stashtea.com/ (Stash even has great tea flavors like Jamaican Butter Rum...yum!)

Another way to try new teas is to ask your local coffeeshop to host an open-invitation tea-tasting with their Tazo teas. Most will happily have a coffee and tea tasting around the holidays to generate gift sales. See if you can gather a few friends to pop into the store one by one, suggest that the store have a tasting, and with any luck, they'll do just that. Starbucks is famous for their holiday coffee/treat tastings. Here's the link for Tazo: http://tazo.com/default.asp?hasFlash=1&init=

(Both Stash and Tazo, in limited flavors, are available at most grocery stores.)

For fun/flare (but a stronger, more astringent tea,) try Chinese gunpowder tea--it looks like little gunpowder balls until it unfurls as it steeps in hot water.

If you like cream/milk teas--esp. steamed/frothed--check out Bodum's milk frothers. They're made of pyrex-type glass and either plastic or steel, are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and produce a thick, velvety foam in less than 30 seconds--just look for a model that has enough of a cuff at the top to prevent spillage/burning & don't fill above the fill-line to froth if you don't want to get scalded. Their frothers are very chic and affordable, running between $15-$20.

(BTW...Don't sweat being unusual or young--it's a gift. I think I started pinching sips of my mom's tea when I was about 3, started taking tea regularly around your age and now, in my 30's, I couldn't imagine a day without a cuppa :) Besides, tea's as much a meditative/relaxing ritual as it is a drink--very similar to breathing meditation...just sniff, sip, savor and swallow :)

21-10-2006, 16:03
You might also like Mate (an Argentine green tea, traditionally sipped through a silver straw/spoon out of a gourd...pretty exotic :) Here's a link to check that out: http://www.mymateworld.com/

21-10-2006, 21:03
i took rainwolf's advice and tried out some jasmine green tea, and it is lovely!

you are right though about not letting it stew for too long, as it starts to turn bitter and is quite harsh on the ol' tongue! lol

another non-green tea to try is chamomile with honey and vanilla by twinings......it is heavenly!

jue xx

15-03-2008, 13:42
enjoyingtea.com has a blueberry white tea that's very subtle and authentic tasting, not a fake blueberry at all. Its divine

15-03-2008, 14:56
I like Celestial Seasonings Antioxidant Green Tea ( it's got a bit of lemon in it), and just about anything by Twining's( they make the strongest teas, and to me that's the best!).

17-03-2008, 10:57
Green tea makes nice incense.

I have been having these flower ball teas, they come from somewhere in Asia and also a friend bought some back from China. They are a dired flower in a ball, when you add hot water they unfurl in the glass, very spectacular.

The last one was Dragon Ball tea (for liver) it tasted OK but whas very amazing, it opened with a red centre and then the red flower started to snake out of the inside of the large one on a stem with white flowers on it.

After I finished it I examined the left overs ... it was all carefully constructed and tied together with thread. It looks like a dry grassy green grey sphere before water is added.

17-03-2008, 14:27
I have just tried Lipton's Green Tea powder that comes in little pre-measured tubes that are just enough to add to a .5 L bottle of spring water (such as Poland Spring.) You drink it cold.

Supposedly, it has all the flavonoids and anti-oxidants that green tea provides, and it isn't too bad. (Except, I have to say that the Green tea with Lemon and Honey is quite sweet...I am looking forward to trying other flavors, though.)

I drink a lot of spring water, and having a flavored one now and again is a nice change.

17-03-2008, 20:59
www.Teavana.com has really good tea:
I've tried their Moroccan Mint Flavored & Scented Green Tea which is good...been wanting to try this one:

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Flavored & Scented Green Tea
"This exceptional tea consists of the youngest green tea leaves scented 8-10 times with fresh jasmine blossoms. After the lengthy flavoring process the leaves are hand rolled into the shape of a pearl. During the infusion the pearls unfold, slowly releasing rich and surprisingly smooth fragrance and the flavor of jasmine flowers. Good for multiple infusions. USDA Certified Organic."

Right now I mostly have Rooibos Teas....

18-03-2008, 09:42
I was just looking at the thread as I am a tea drinker as well. I have tried a few different teas but cant drink Gingko or take the tablets for it I am allergic to it. I'd love to as I know its great for the skin and cant drink green tea either. I am trying linden blossom Floradix at the moment organic it tastes pretty bad but I am willing to try it. The only other thing I have tried is heath and heather raspberry leaf.

18-03-2008, 10:38
Flicker, have you tried rooibos? it's made of an entirely different plant than camellia sinensis. It's a plant from South Africa that has medicinal/immune system propterties. I have only tried the kind from www.englishteastore.com so I can't recommend a multitude of brands

18-03-2008, 21:59
i drink a fair trade white tea by clipper

White tea with natural strawberry flavour and its lovely, i add some honey to it to sweeten it but it is pretty sweet already. My skin is really good at the moment too and i am putting it down to 4 cups of white tea a day!

18-03-2008, 22:16
I tried Redbush by the Redbush co company and same as gingko. I am ok if i have the odd cup of redbush but over time it can me feel sick. I will try the white tea. I am going to get my immune system checked out.