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12-10-2006, 06:41
I just wanted to post a link to an article on smudging that came in a
newsletter I subscribe to at www.care2.com...
I thought the author had interesting ideas about how it works and why it's beneficial. :)

The site also has many good articles on a wide range of topics (even some short tarot articles!) under the Mind Body Spirit tab.

Here's the link to the smudging article (not sure how to do this correctly yet, hope it works!)


Bright Blessings,

12-10-2006, 06:42
Gotta love those programmers! ;)

12-10-2006, 06:51
Great article, thanks for sharing.

What do you use for smudging? I love to use rosemary but white sage seems to be the norm everywhere I go.

12-10-2006, 07:05
Oh, I like rosemary too! And lavender... they feel "clean" to me.

I have used white sage...but truthfully?? It smells quite a bit like something that's illegal where i live...lol! So I don't use it very often, wouldn't want my apartment neighbors to get the wrong idea.... :)

12-10-2006, 08:44
Thanks for sharing the article on smudging!

I kind of enjoy the sage smell!

29-08-2010, 01:22
Is it possible to cleanse your tarot deck by smudging them with Frankincense?

Sage here in the Philippines is very rare. And I doubt that they sell sage in any of the 7107 islands here.. And if they do, I think it would cost $1 per leaf!

29-08-2010, 05:15
I think Frankincense should be fine.

Real incense cleanses, protects and serves as a vehicle for prayers and petitions and invites the presence of spirit allies. (Taken from the book Pure Magic, by Judika Illes)

Make sure your incense is pure and doesn't contain artificial substances. As some commercial incense can be toxic.

29-08-2010, 05:32
Frankincense is what I prefer. Not sure why exactly, just seems right for me. :)

26-11-2010, 17:53
Sage here in the Philippines is very rare. And I doubt that they sell sage in any of the 7107 islands here.

Not at all; at least the dried, cooking kind. They come in them little McKormick spice bottles available in groceries. Not entirely sure about this one, but maybe you can also get potted sage plants?