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Gemini Rising
13-10-2006, 12:18
Hi everyone!

I had a question that I can't really find the answer to, so I thought I would come here for some advice. I have some nasty planetary afflictions that cause me some strife, but I know nothing is insurmountable--but how do I combat whole planets?!

The site I'm currently reading--www.astrologyweekly.com--has...well, advice I don't quite understand. It says to overcome planetary afflictions, one must "tap into one's solar center," and weird things like that, without really explaining WHAT it is.

The nastiest afflictions I have in my view are my conjunct Sun and Mercury in Libra are both square to a conjunct Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. The same website gives accurate descriptions of these aspects to me...saying mostly I'm extremely individualistic but in a negative way, and I have a problem with self-deception. The section on aspects, http://www.astrologyweekly.com/astrological-aspects/index.php, gives very detailed descriptions of these afflictions that I completely agree with, but some of the details on how to overcome them aren't very clear.

I was wondering if anybody here could give me some advice. Here is my natal chart-Chiron and the nodes of the moon are left out, though. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v214/una_anima/natalchart.jpg

Any advice would be greatly appreciated by someone who's only been studying astrology for two months!

Thank you,

13-10-2006, 14:26
UGH! I cant' help you with this but i can say that after reading this and comparing my afflications with what is written it makes me just want to give up on ever having a relationship.

Gemini Rising
14-10-2006, 05:13
Don't worry...I'm prone to divorce and will have troubles in partnerships. That doesn't please me, being a relationship-oriented Libra!

What confuses me is this: I'm a Libra Sun, the charmer of the zodiac. My moon is Leo, always the center of attention, and my Rising Sign is witty Gemini. Why am I so nervous and quiet in social situations?!

14-10-2006, 07:01
I wish more astrologers would get out of the deterministic "good" "bad" and "benefic" "malefic" mindset. It is an extremely damaging mindset and often leads to an attitude of "oh well, it's not my fault."

Not to say that squares aren't hard. They are. At times they really suck. But they are probably the most actively powerful configuration, given the way they attack a situation from two completely sides. But like any powerful energy, it's tricky to handle and one often gets hurt in the process. The upside is that once mastered, they offer phenomenal gains.

I have Venus in Scorpio opposite Mars in Taurus. Both in a light T-square to Jupiter in Aquarius. So, each is in their "detriment" or fall, (I forget which is which) *and* they're "afflicted". So am I doomed in relationships? Unlucky in love? I would say not. The relationship I have been in for the last 6 years is the envy of many. Oh, with these energies I'm supposed to be jealous and possessive -- and yet we have an open relationship (and have had, since day one.) Instead of Scorpionic jealousy, we have depth and intensity of commitment and loyalty -- we are an unbreakable unit, even if we are simultaneously dedicated to the Taurean pleasures of the flesh, and share these pleasures with others. Incorporating that Aquarian rulebreaking energy.
The one thing about Venus opposite Mars is, though, it is hot.

So be encouraged, all is not lost. I see for yourself the crux will be in balancing the Libra-Capricorn energies. The aesthetic with the utilitarian. The social with the private. Indecision vs firm commitments. Personal goal-oriented with the concerns of others. Remember, Capricorn's ruler is "exalted" in Libra, so, if one wants to stick by tradition, remember that.

Also, the 5th versus 7th house energies must be balanced. Long-term commitments and love-affairs. Gemini rising gets bored. Sag descendant wants new adventures when it comes to people and relationships. Perhaps a non-traditional relationship that goes against normal societies rules may be for you.

It seems you may have to hold out and wait (capricorn) for an unconventional (Uranus) and Magical/spiritual (Neptune) relationship (7th) that allows you to pursue extracurricular affairs (Libra, 5th house). This would give the hedonistic 2nd house Leo Moon and talky Venus extra attention and performance space they need. Saturn in Aquarius reinforces the Uranus in Capricorn lesson of revolutionizing tradition -- especially in that intense life-mate-bonding 8th house area.

Speaking of performance, perhaps there's just the need to create some great work (Cap) of artistic expression (5th Libra) with your partner(s).

Whatever you do, with all that 5th house, be *very* careful not to wind up getting saddled supporting children before you're ready!!

just a few thoughts. In short, Stick to your guns, be patient and determined (Cap) when dealing with Relationships (Lib) (or art!)

just a few thoughts...

14-10-2006, 07:31
What confuses me is this: I'm a Libra Sun, the charmer of the zodiac. My moon is Leo, always the center of attention, and my Rising Sign is witty Gemini. Why am I so nervous and quiet in social situations?!

Capricorn planets in the 7th. Capricorn is notoriously shy/akward. Neptune is hypersensitivity to people with no shields. Add Uranus the loose canon and then we just get more instability.

Note: Uranus conjunct Neptune in Capricorn is the combination that brought us the internet. I can't help but see that there in your 7th house with the solitude-loving Capricorn and think that you must be way more comfortable with internet interactions.

Also, those Capricornian planets are constantly Judging you. Capricorn *has* to do the right thing in order live with him/herself. (Come to think of it, Libra's very moralistic and judgy (scales of justice) that way -- the difference is Cap's more judgemental while Libra always sees the other side) Add to that the Libra always considering what the other is thinking, and has there's this potential for mortal dread of being impolite (Mars in Libra).

Jupiter in Virgo on the 4th doesn't help matters.

Jupiter makes everything BIG and so in Virgo that can lead to hyper criticality. Put it in the 4th house, where live our shadows and heroes, and there's this subconscious worry of being a total incompetent ****-up -- Virgo's worst nightmare. Now that's not likely to be too bad with Jupiter -- Jupiter is pretty optimistic, but Virgo-4th house energy still has that perfectionistic drive at the subconscious roots. The 4th house is the base that the rest of the chart rests on. The only way to do Virgo is honest analysis, practical steps toward self-improvement, and complete and total self-love and acceptance.

2nd house Moon in Leo:
The 2nd house often are parts of ourselves that we underestimate. As such, the lesson is to learn to value those parts and gain true self-worth. Leo is the evolutionary path of learning to relax and take up some space. Presumably in past lives Leo got kicked around a bit. So I see some potential for subconscious (moon) self-esteem (2nd) issues regarding your self presentation (Leo.)

Your South node (past) in Cancer (self-protective, defensive, introvertive), of which that Moon is an extention, in the first house (presentation and appearance) really sheds light on the idea of being used to a guarded demeanor. Cancer hides a pisces-like sensitivity behind walls. Those walls need to be let down in order to grow, but in a controlled careful environment. Neptune conjunct your North Node (future, growth) reinforces the idea of opening up and embracing all the universe has to offer. Capricorn recognizes that one should be practical about it.

Capricorn is the archetype of "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." or, "I don't care, I'll do it my way if it takes the rest of my life. " Emphasized by Uranian stubborn individuality.

Oh yeah -- Mercury, Sun, and Mars are all square your nodes. Skipped steps, evolutionarily speaking. Courage, Confidence, and Communication in relationships and self-expression-- "finding your voice" are all big evolutionary
goals this time around.

Once again, just some thoughts.

Gemini Rising
14-10-2006, 13:06
Voron--wow!!!! Just wow! Thank you very much for going into such detail! It was all IMMENSELY helpful, not to mention accurate...I got chills when you said I was more comfortable on the internet than in person, and also that I have a mortal fear of being impolite and rude, but for some reason always say something I don't mean to, kick myself over it...yeah. I can also understand the self-expression and acceptance issues, something I'm working hard on already, but it's hard. I've had an exhausting day to end an exhausting week, so I'll look over it in more detail tomorrow night...but thank you VERY much!


Barbaras Ahajusts
14-10-2006, 13:15
Another important thing to remember, Capricorns can be terribly shy when young! Its with age and experience that a Capricorn relizes that they want and can have the top of the mountain. Its up to them!

One day you will look back and wonder why you ever set on the sidelines! I am living proof of that!


17-10-2006, 02:13
Gemini Rising-
You're most welcome.

And regarding Capricorn: They say Capricorn is old when they're young, and young when they're old.