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29-08-2002, 09:41
Over the Labor Day weekend and through most of next week we'll be experiencing Mercury trine Neptune. Mercury is slowing down in speed, getting ready to retrograde on 9/14. Please be very carful while driving and check your directions twice. Neptune can be very spacy (yes, even with the trine) and "medicated" people who shouldn't be behind the wheel, will be on the roads.

If you've put off trying meditation, this may be a good time for you to give it a shot. It's easier to find answers during a Mercury/Neptune time because they usually come from within, or through your dreams.

The beautiful Goddess Venus (in Libra) will trine both Saturn and Uranus, filling out a grand trine in air (each planet is 120 degress apart). This is a lovely trine in which to meet someone new (with substance), or to profess your love (verbally or in writing) to your sweetheart.

And let's not forget that Pluto and the south node are within a degree of each other in Sagg.

The Moon will be transiting Gemini on Friday and Saturday (very good for conversation and learning) and Cancer on Sunday/Monday...eating will be a favorite hobby, so stock up!!

Have a safe and happy holiday,

29-08-2002, 13:17
Hi AG,

What could be worse than traveling during Mercury Retrograde?
Me driving 350 miles on the 15th and another 350 on the 22nd.

Not very good timing for a Virgo, but with good reason. The birth of a grandchild. Yup, to be born during the retrograde.

I'm meditating and visualizing my car wrapped in white bubblewrap for a safe journey.

Thank you again for another lesson about the workings of the cosmos. No one does it finer.


30-08-2002, 22:09

Have no fear, you'll be just fine. You're going where you've been before, so all will be well...and congrats on the new grandbaby. What a joy!


04-09-2002, 04:02
thank you as usual for your wealth of knowledge on astrology. i've begun 4 reiki sessions w/jade and i believe that at the end of the 4th day, tomorrow that the planets will help the inner healing as well. i may even have the courage to share my feelings with the person in my life...i want to but am just a bit hesitant. or maybe someone new will enter into my life...only the Goddess knows.

also a good time to meditate cause i've been procrastinating about that...my mind is always racing in circles. so this will be the time for me.

peace and light

05-09-2002, 06:04
had an experience over the weekend from a married man! yep you got it after trtying to convince me that it would be ok to be together, he offered me money for something that i hold to be special...he said that i was so beautiful that he had to have me and i told him that he should give it to his wife not me! could this be all this retrograde stuff? or is it my karma? he also asked me why a beautiful, funny woman like myself isn't married yet...it's either i'm ready and he's not or i'm not and he is...so it's been a catch 22 w/every man i've ever dated. i'm too the point right now where i don't want to get hurt so i haven't told the man i'm seeing how i really feel cause i'm not quite sure. i care about him deeply and would open my heart to him if he were to open his to me...i don't trust very easily anymore.

this has been a summer of temptations and flirtations by married men...single men are staying away from me like the plague. i don't feel desparate for a husband would just like the boyfriend part..that's all for now.

so is there something funky beside the mercury thing? wish i had my natal chart so maybe you can figure things out. i can't. :}

thanks for listening,


06-09-2002, 08:47

Please post your birthdate, even if you don't know the time you were born.


07-09-2002, 00:50
6/22/1963, 7:43am in milford Ct so it would be DST (day light savings time).

thanks...still strange things going on in the love life sector but i'm just going w/the flow not trying to fight things. also trying to do the foot work..the God/Goddess can't do it alone.


09-09-2002, 06:16

I hope you're ready for him, because the love of your life will be finding his way to you! Neptune (which is the higher octave of Venus) will trine your natal Venus in Gemini by the end of this year. This is a long transit that will be in effect through the end of 2004. Although there are never any guarentees in astrology, I've seen many folks find their soulmates and marry under this aspect (trine).

You were born with a Venus square Mars/Pluto (a tough aspect) until you learn to work with it...through meditating about the RIGHT kind of guy to come into your life. When he's right, you'll know it....they'll be no fear (Pluto) of telling him how you feel.

With all of your Cancer and Gemini planets, you need to relate to someone on an emotional and intellectual level and you will!!

Can't wait to hear those wedding bells!