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24-10-2006, 18:02

Im sorry to start a new post, but I cant find the post or who posted the information that lingers in my mind without clarity!!

I would like to pop a tumbled stone (mookaite) into like a wire 'cage' 'wrap' for a silver chain, I think I remember some one saying they did this and knew where you buy such a 'wrap-cage'...

Help please - what would you call such a thing and if anyone already knows of a stockist (that ships to Australia) Id be ever so grateful!

thank you


Dancing Bear
24-10-2006, 21:00
I live in queensland Australia
I find those wraps you speak of in your local Beading shop, Spotlight stores, and or your local gem and mineral stores, even Bunnings have a range of beading accessories..And also a good craft shop will also keep them.

I have bought a few and used them I use ones that have a tight fit and use spots of resin to fix the gem,, Make sure the spots of resin are not too large otherwise it shows, I normally have a front and back to my necklaces when i make them,.

Also if you feel creative a beading wire is good and you can create your own cage , this beading wire comes in all guages and a few different metals including silver which is more expensive but well worth the extra dollars.

Good Luck, and have fun

DB :love:

25-10-2006, 09:47
Dancing Bear THANK YOU
thats exactly what Im after, I looked in our local spotlight shop they had the wire, but Im not sure how creative I am - but you know I could give it a try... I did want real silver - you read my mind!! Resin - I suppose that is sold in the store too, I can just ask for it? any special way to use it.. Im looking foward to this -

Thank you


Briar Rose
25-10-2006, 10:07
I sent you an e-mail via your website because I included a close up view of a wire wrapped crystal. I hope you don't mind. I wire wrap crystals all the time.


25-10-2006, 10:29
I found a pre-made wire "cage" at local metaphysical shop. It's silver and sort of a spirally- oval shape. The wires are a bit flexible and and you can put a crystal in it and take it back out quite easily. THe crystal sort of goes between the wires when you separate them with your fingers. Once the crystal is in there, it stays. You can put a different crystal in it every day if you like. I've looked for one online to show you, but I can't seem to find one. I do remember seeing one on ebay once- perhaps you could do a search for "jewelry cage". I'm not sure if we are allowed to post a link to ebay- (I'm not a seller.)

Good luck,


Sweet Irish Angel
27-10-2006, 01:02

I wear tumblestones regulary, I find if you drill a wee hole through them you can put them on a piece of twine or chord easily, I also insert a pin you can buy these in any beeding shop and make a loop and add them to a silver chain, also if you get the wee cages and insert the tumblestone you can dangle them from any chain or chord, you can buy them in a beeding shop or anywhere that sell hand made jewellery raw materials.

30-10-2006, 16:40
So many inspiring answers it sends my head into a spin

THANK YOU Dancing Bear, HeavensVault (have PM'd you), Disa and Sweet Irish Angel for your ideas suggestions and help.. I cant wait to get my mookaite on... and then go an trial a few other ideas.. with NEW stones

thank you so much


Dancing Bear
30-10-2006, 19:24
Try this link it is for far north queensland but i am sure they are all the same


It has all sorts ;) and may give you some ideas

31-10-2006, 08:30
Dancing Bear - thanks for this link thats got alot of great information including prices!!

I have some great ideas now, and Im gaining some confidence through wonderful instruction, I think Id like to try the silver wire wrap, but an open wrap I suppose.. Im off to the local bead shop tomorrow to pick up a little silver wire, and some extra ;) to give it a go, IM also thinking of all the other projects I want to do after I master this technique...

thank you