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25-10-2006, 01:06
Hi, I searched for every reference to chalcedony in this Forum and found none that were more than 'side references' but with respect to some other stone.

I have a purple chalcedony ring, and last night I was so impelled to put it on that I actually slept with it on (unhead of for me). Still have it on.

I have the usual books but the meanings tend to cover such a wide range they are mostly making me puzzled.

Not sure, my life is changing in so many ways right now and on so many levels that I hardly know what this particular call could be.

Any thoughts, please?

Edited to add: I looked it up on the sales slip, it is 'lavender', not purple chalcedony and supposedly undyed and untreated.

Briar Rose
25-10-2006, 10:33
Here's some information I got from Simon & Schuster's Guide to Gems and Preciouse Stones:


This is the name given to the microcrystalline varities of quartz that form in concretionary deposits.
The name chalcedony probably comes from Calcedon or Calcheldon, an ancient port on the Sea of Mamara, in Asia Minor.

The most prized colors for the concretionary varieties, which are translucent to semiopaque, are:

brownish yellow (sard)
red (carnelian)
black, green (chrysoprase)
black and white or gray and white (onyx)

The book goes on reading that it has been used as carving figurines similar to those made from Jadeite.

(And I am adding that Jade also comes in Lavender color, rare, and not died, but can be died to make it affordable).

I work in a shop that has a pair of Chalcedony earrings, and some of the customers say that the color looks lavender blue. And I think it's that periwinkle shade that some people see as purple and some see as blue.

The Lilac flower is lavender to me. Is that what color this is?

I have seen some pretty shades of bluish lavender in Chalcedony. It's usually high end in price.

Anyway, Chalcedony is soothing.

25-10-2006, 10:37
I have Blue lace Agate which I was sure was also called Chalcedony so I googled it and sure enough there are many types of Chalcedony. Here is the website I was looking at:


25-10-2006, 11:08
Hi and thanks!

I looked through the link, and it is very interesting though I didn't see the exact one that I have. I was also suprised to see that Agate (and carnelian) are related stones.

The colour looks like translucent purple to me, not blue by any stretch. Not lilac, I am very familiar with the lilac flower. Supposedly lavender-coloured, meaning I suppose the lavender flower (which I have never seen).

Thanks anyway, I appreciate it.

25-10-2006, 19:08
when there are many colours of one particular stone/mineral, the meanings of each tend to go off their respective colours.

look at the meaning of basic chalcedony, then look up the meanings of the colour that you have.

jue x

25-10-2006, 21:46
when there are many colours of one particular stone/mineral, the meanings of each tend to go off their respective colours.

look at the meaning of basic chalcedony, then look up the meanings of the colour that you have.

jue xGood thought! and thanks for that.

25-10-2006, 22:36
The Chalcedony I have seen range in colours.

A periwinkle or blue-lavender colour supposed to have healing properties. & particularly for the protective from to the relief of mental stress. Or the disturbances pertaining on the mental level or the mind such as anxiety. & for the emotional balance.

More recently seen it in green, similar to the lighter green of Jade.

See this old thread in this forum:


Sweet Irish Angel
27-10-2006, 01:16
Chalcedony - one of my greatly loved crystals,

it can vary in colour, there are 2 different types one is chalcedony and the other is agate is also one of the same thats where the different colous form, as true chalcedony is a blue colour ( varies in types of blues ) and agate has many different colours.

here are the variences of chalcedony, agate, dendritic agate, fire agate, bloodstone, plasma, chrysoprase, jasper,carnelian, moss agate, onyx, sardonyx, and sard.

most appear to be opaque/translucent, colors can vary quite wildly depending on the chalcedony variety.

depending on the type of chalcedony you have it will benefit you differently and also have different properties,
what variety of chalcedony do you have?

27-10-2006, 02:13
what variety of chalcedony do you have?I feel quite apologetic but I don't know. It looked quite translucent to me and is a sort of purple colour, but paler.

I have learned a lot in this thread about stones being closely related though!

dr. farr
27-10-2006, 16:56
Also note that Ocean Agate (aka Ocean Jasper) is yet another variety of Chalcedony.

07-11-2006, 05:07
Are all agates chalcedony then? Sorry I just want to clarify!