View Full Version : won't accept new email addy ?

25-10-2006, 16:58
Help !! My email addy was being swamped with disgusting spam so I set another one up. For some reason this site won't accept the new one. I really don't want to set yet another addy up, can anyone help ?

25-10-2006, 21:04
I have found sending a card will do it. I do not know which place of course. I have two boxes and one I use just for letters, etc. That helped for a while but now the spam is mounting.

Set your security higher. I know that on hotmail they must have a section where it only takes in the addresses you have on. I do not use the function but I know someone who does.

I keep my inbox empty and delete right away all the spam that comes in. It is easy to delete the whole box. I file the letters I want in folders as I get them that way the only thing in the inbox is new mail. Out or filed.

It is an ongoing thing to address for sure.

25-10-2006, 22:15
Send an email to Solandia, and she should be able to help.

See the Email Solandia clickable words along the bottom of the Index page.

26-10-2006, 09:34
I am sorry I misunderstood. I thought you meant a normal email box from Yahoo or some other place.

Do they have email boxes on here ? I never found mine if I do ?