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05-11-2006, 06:07
I can't seem to find this in the FAQs, and I was curious...

Is there a forum rule regarding posts that use too much netspeak?

05-11-2006, 06:29
It's here: Taken from the forum rules and guidelines which can be found by clicking the FAQ button at the top of the page. I've emphasised the bit you want in bold:

Respect Our Members

The Aeclectic Tarot Forum is dedicated to the purpose and the pleasure of sharing knowledge, insight and appreciation of Tarot. To maintain our Forum as an friendly and educational area for everyone, please follow our rules when participating.

We are a Tarot-focused discussion forum for people of varying ages, nationalities, cultures, spiritualities and Tarot beliefs. Please write in clear English, remember your Netiquette, and read over your messages before posting in order to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Play nice while you're here. We ask that you refrain from discussing political topics: having a worldwide membership, we also have a diverse range of political opinion.

No flaming, baiting, insults, or harassment of other members on the forum or via private message. Lack of respect for other members will result in post removal and/or temporary or permanent suspension of all member privileges.

We ask folks to write their messages in clear English because we are a multi-national forum.
A lot of our members have English as a second language.

We also have members from a wide age-range and many find 'text-speak' or 'net-speak' difficult to understand.

It makes for easier reading and far more intelligable posts if we keep abbreviations to a minimum.

05-11-2006, 07:59
Thanks :-)

I wanted to mention to someone that I'm finding their posts really difficult to follow (even though I'm young and English is my first language!) and wanted to check if it was actually mentioned in the forum guidelines :-)

05-11-2006, 08:13
Tell them. People like to know these things (was it me ? I have answered one of yours today, as I recall ??! If it was - my apologies !)

05-11-2006, 08:26
Tell them. People like to know these things (was it me ? I have answered one of yours today, as I recall ??! If it was - my apologies !)

Wasn't you :-) It was a newer memebr, so I PM'd them. The easier it is to read the more replies they get, so I hope they take it the right way :-)