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05-11-2006, 14:41
Hello everyone

I am wondering if you have any suggestions on any crystals i can use to aid in becoming pregnant.
Myself and my husband to be have been trying for over 2 and a half years now without any luck due to me having PCOS.
I was wondering if there are any techniques i can use to help in and way it can even if it is just a small chance i would be most greatful for your advice.
I have many stones here and i am just hoping that i can use some of them on myself aswell as my partner.

Thanks for reading this
Love to you all

05-11-2006, 15:07
I don't know anything about stones that might aid you, but I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. My husband and I have been married for seven and a half years and have never used birth control as we wanted children from the beginning. I, too, have PCOS and we haven't been able to conceive.

You'll be in my thoughts.

05-11-2006, 16:42
Thankyou for repling hun i wish you all the best hun lots of love and positive vibes are coming your way ((((hugs))))

05-11-2006, 21:02
Thanks for the love and positive vibes! I'm having a tough time of things today and needed the attention!

Hope someone comes through with some information that will help you. If you ever want to talk, just PM me. I understand what you're going through.

05-11-2006, 21:31
My sister had endometriosis and it was very bad.. She was told that the best way to help it would be to get pregnant and she really wanted to but she just couldn't.

She asked me for help and I made her a fertility charm.

I wrote a spell myself and charged up a bracelet made from jade beads... She wore it for a month and fell pregnant the next month.

Green is the colour of fertility and growth which is why I chose jade. I would say that any green stone would be good for someone trying to conceive a child... and I'd go for light green if you can for new growth.

Orange stones may help with your PCOS too as they are related to the naval chakra...

Oh and moonstone to regulate your menstrual cycle.

Another thing that is very good for balancing the menstrual cycle is reflexology - but you'd need a course of treatment, one treatment would't really be enough. If you do decide to try reflexology, try to find a therapist who has training in maternity reflexology as they will also have training in working with clients with sub-fertility/

You're in the UK - a couple of good website to find reflexologists in your area are:
http://www.reflexology-uk.co.uk/ - The International Institute of Reflexologists
http://www.aor.org.uk/ - The Association of Reflexolgists.

Good luck :)

viking goddess
05-11-2006, 22:37
Bloodstone would be a good choice.

06-11-2006, 23:21
i second the suggestion of using moonstone - try having rainbow moonstone which is set in sterling silver.

silver is connected to the moon as well as moonstone, and it will cleanse the aura in order for the moonstone to do its job.

if you wear or use a stone every day, then make sure that every 2-3 days you cleanse it in the moon's energy overnight.

have you thought about trying some reiki treatments or perhaps chinese accupuncture?

all the very best to both you and your husband.

jue xx

07-11-2006, 08:20

Hematite and Garnet have worked for friends in the past... Garnet is also good at the birth - thinking positive here :)


08-11-2006, 16:49
Thankyou all for you recommendations it means alot to me.
I have looked into Reiki and i am thinking about going for some healing.

I use Jade and also Moonstone quite a bit but will take up to wearing them more on my person maybe in a ring or a necklace.

Thanks again petals
Love & Huggles