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07-11-2006, 11:04
Hi, About 3 weeks ago I did a spell to unite with a lost meteorite stone, it was my favorite and i lost it 9 miles down the road of where i live. IT was missing since July 2005. Anyway I visualized the stone rolling down my floor in the opposite side of the house. And appearing. I waited 7 days, and my dad walked into my part of the house, and said hey you missing a stone? He opened his hand and there was the lost meteorite stone. I was so happy, he said it was roling down the floor, in the same place I visualized, I was shocked that it traveled that far to get to me. I swear crystals teleport, lol. Do you guys think crystals teleport? Does anyone relate to this story? I want to hear if you do. Its fascinating. It really shows magick is real. Thanks.


Briar Rose
07-11-2006, 11:20
I believe this;

When you were thinking of your stone coming back to you, you set in motion the Fundamental Laws of the Universe and yes, indeed your stone came back to you!

We send our thoughts out to the universe , and they come back 1000 fold.

Have you watched, "The Secret" yet?

And, that has happened to me a few times.

What are you going to think next?

07-11-2006, 11:31
wow SerpentaAzothi! that is fascinating! I'd love to know where you got your stone originally. and, Heavensvault, i'd love to hear your story--would you share it here?

07-11-2006, 11:59
Wow, that's great you got your stone back..

My brother was VERY ill, he was in the emergency department of the hospital and they were resuscitating him - when they pulled off his necklace to do a direct line to his heart - he was wearing a quartz crystal and it disappeared in the nurses hands, just the crystal not the cord - they had to 'write' a report, as thing in the hospital are not supposed to disappear... they said, with witnesses the crystal dissappeared... they talked about it the whole time my brother was in ICU, I believe it took my brothers illness to another place as against ALL odds he survived AND recovered to better than he was before (with that new change light you get after a near death experience).

The awesome power of crystals...


07-11-2006, 14:49
Hi Celtic Noodle, thanks, I got my stone in a outside shop in Fredricksburg Texas. I forgot the name, wouldnt think you would find anything like that there. Same place I got my Ulexite, TV stone. When I got them the selection was of large chunks of various crystals. Sadly they are all that were sold there were minaturized as of now. I like bigger sized crystals. They are easier to fit in the hand then those stones that look ridiculously small that can be easily lost. Anyway this meteorite is beautiful, no scratches for being lost, a truly beautiful gift. :)


07-11-2006, 14:53
Guys thanks for the replies, the secret I have never watched, I will go and find out about it. Yes heavens vault I believe what your saying about the 1000 fold deal. McSea awwww thats nice the crystal helped him. Hope he is all right now. Yes the power of crystals are great, I never stop recieving them. I am a stone magnet lol. :) Thanks again.


viking goddess
08-11-2006, 07:26
awesome stories.

08-11-2006, 07:59
SerpentaAzothi, never much really got into crystals per se, until i became a member here on this site. lately, i have heard some really crazy and interesting things about them, and my interest is developing big time into them now. not long ago, i did pick up a crystal bible, that was given some good reveiws on this site by some of the members. i've yet to actually buy any crystals though. i have had some given to me by a friend, years ago, and they are pretty, but I just did not put much faith into them, and have them in the pouch they were received in, packed away somewhere. (horrible, huh?).

now i find my interests going in so many directions from things posted on this site, i almost don't know where to begin first! :D I have always known and believed in the healing aspect of crystals, but your story, and the one MCsea related are so bizarre and wonderful, it just adds to their mystique. I need to invest in some, and soon!

my daughter always had an interest in stones, crystals and just plain rocks. She enjoyed most having a bag of rocks to play with--and when I think back to it, I think she really had a connection to them. Still does love them. She's a psychic and maybe it was all tied together, but I just did not realize it then.

this was a great thread---I enjoyed it much!

08-11-2006, 09:41
Hi Celtic Noodle, I am glad your getting interested in them, they are quite a gem. I have a little collection of books on them, and a really large collection of crystals. I have been collecting since I was 9, 24 now. Some go when I no longer feel they connect and they go to homes that would like it. The crystals know when its time to connect with them, you will notice that when you get sudden opportunities to own them. Mine come to me by family or I buy them getting a good deal for them. They have some kind of conciousness within them not that we would recognize. They are said to be sustained by gnomes the earth elementals. When your ready which seems now you will connect. I dont doubt that at all. I am glad you feel inspired by our stories and those you have heard on this board.

Your daughter is interesting I can relate. Its all interconnected. I recommend getting the book: Love is in the Earth, by Melody. I have it and its great. Another thing that would help in eying the crystals would be a smithonian gem guide full pictorial. That way you can look up the pictures, note the name and look it up in the book Love is in the Earth by Melody. Most of the crystals in the smithonian book are in the Love is in the earth book. Just a suggestion. Good luck on your journey!


08-11-2006, 10:10
Naysayers or not, crystals have power. You have only to shut out all the noise (the noise in your head is the hardest one) to feel the vibrations.

As I touch and turn any of my working stones over in my hands, I marvel daily at the awesome forces it took to create them - how many tons of pressure, how many tens of thousands of years. . .

The Cherokee were so respectful of the powerful medicine of clear quartz that they kept it wrapped in buckskin when not in use.

SerpentaAzothi, you learned of the wonders of crystal magick and magical crystals.

08-11-2006, 12:28
Hi sharpchick, Yes all you say I believe, they are amazing. Thanks for the reply, and yes I am glad I have found its magick. Blessings.