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11-11-2006, 20:53
I am thinking of making some stone amulets for myself and 2 of my cats who have health problems. Depending on how good I get at it, I might eventually turn this into a little side-business (so I can keep staying home with my 17-month old son). I was looking at the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall but Love is in the Earth has caught my eye too. What book(s) really give good detailed information on the physical healing properties of crystals. I work at a Veterinary Hospital and if I branch this out to a business some of the illnesses I would offer amulets for are:

kidney failure
heart disease
skin problems/allergies
ear problems
eye problems
Cushing's Disease (the pituitary gland)
immune system disorders
behavioral issues (fright, stress, aggression, etc)

Of course the amluets are no substitute for appropriate veterinary care, they would just be an energetically spiritual enhancement for it.

Any book recommendations would be great. Thanks.

11-11-2006, 21:20
i make this sort of healing talisman too, and they are very popular - make sure that EVERYTHING is super tight and strong! lol

melody's book is by far the most comprehensive one on the market, and is the first port of call when i am looking something up.

i can definitely recommend it to anyone branching out into crystal healing.

jue xx

11-11-2006, 21:39
I agree with chrisam-crystals Love is in the earth is pretty special and so too is Judy Halls the crystal bible, Melodys work is great for the tailsman maker and Judys work is good to get the lay person to understand its application I think...

I hope you make a financially sustainable business- to stay home with a little one is such a blessing :)


11-11-2006, 23:20
You might also check out "The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach". It's one I turn to quite frequently.


Many blessings to you and the little one!