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Maye Faire
21-11-2006, 11:24
Just got back from a 2 week excursion to Brazil, and I just had to mention the incredible stones and crystals there. This was my first time visiting this beautiful country, and although I had heard that I could find lovely gemstones (in particular amethyst) there, I had no idea that on what seemed like every corner I'd find shops selling all sorts of crystals and gemstones, large and small, tumbled and rough. Coaster sets made of red and blue lace agates (too gorgeous to actually use!), bowls, giant geodes, and of course, jewelry. My only regret is that I didn't bring more money with me!
But what I did manage to procure: a gorgeous tiger's eye, a good sized hematite, 3 bracelets (yellow topaz, red agate, and hematite); and a box of mixed tumbled gemstones - there must be about forty in there, ranging from chips to 1 inch pieces - for only ten dollars.
Bottom line: if you're looking for beautiful stones and you're not already there, get thee to Brazil! :)
I just wish I owned a digital camera, because I can't identify all of the stones in the box, and I'd love the opinion of some of the more expert collectors on the forum.
For example: one of the stones looks a little like banded agate, but the two distinct colors are a sort of pale, pinkish-beige and a taupe-y brown (both opaque). ? Any ideas would be most welcome! :)

21-11-2006, 13:30
Oh gosh I think your trip sounds AWESOME and Im so glad you got so many wonderful pieces - WOW

Im not sure what your stone is, I hope some ideas come up soon


Maye Faire
22-11-2006, 01:07
Thanks, Marina :) Now I'm thinking that maybe it's not agate, but marble...agate is usually mostly translucent, right? Haven't been able to fine any clues on the web yet, but I'm going to keep looking!

22-11-2006, 13:55
I just got back from a 10 day trip to Brazil myself! I saw someone selling some beautiful watermelon tourmaline pieces that I wanted, but for some reason I decided not to get em. Why didnt I!? Ahh! I really should have gotten them *nods* He had more gemstones, but the only ones I remember are the tourmaline! *lol*

Maye Faire
23-11-2006, 01:01
Hey Bip! I didn't actually see any watermelon tourmaline, it must have been beautiful. Did you also happen to see those jewelry stores, Amsterdam Sauer and H. Stern? I just found it amazing that these fancy, high-end places were selling "semi-precious" stones set so beautifully (amethyst, citrine, topaz, etc.), when in the US shops like that usually only sell "precious" stone jewelry. I personally think all stones are precious, so it was nice to see other people did too! :)

23-11-2006, 21:55
marble, I got my brother an essentially black piece of marble with some taupe-y brown patterns in it - could be I hope you find out soon

And TheBip, was your trip to Brazil great too - did you bring back lots of crystals?

Now I want to go too !!


24-11-2006, 05:33
We didnt go into any of the jewelery stores, but H. Stern delivered some pendant things with a semblance of Sugarloaf Mountain to one of the hotels we were staying at :D If I can get hold of a digital camera Ill post pictures. No, I didnt bring back any crystals, tho I really, really should have! Im kicking myself for not buying any... I would -love- to go back sometime and stock up! My ex was talking about moving down there next year if he can make enough money. I think Im going to have to stow away in his luggage if he does go *lmao*

Maye Faire
24-11-2006, 06:26
Yeah, a lady at H. Stern gave me a free pendant too, just for going in and looking! (mine has coffee beans on it, teehee). Also, a lady at Amsterdam Sauer gave me two stones after chatting with her - they're both about an inch and a half long and a half inch wide, with dark amethyst on one end and clear quartz on the other. The first thing I thought when she gave them to me was that they'd be great for keeping with my tarot decks!
There's a good chance I'll be going back myself next year, so if you don't get to go, you could always make a list of what you want and I'll pick 'em up and ship 'em to ya. :D (you too, Marina ;))

24-11-2006, 07:34
I just googled Brazil crystals and a lot of sites came up. I am going to have such fun shopping now ! The chances are I will never get to Brazil as much as I would like to go so why not just buy them ? Thanks for telling us Maye Faire and do hope you get back again. It sounds like you did very well.

Maye Faire
24-11-2006, 09:14
It's great that you found some online sites to buy Brazilian crystals, Memries...I was very lucky that I got the chance to actually go to Brazil. Every crystal that I got there has such an amazing energy (the tiger's eye I purchased practically vibrates, lol). Perhaps it has to do with the location where/the means by which they are mined there. (Something I haven't investigated, but probably should).
Let us know if you find any particularly good sites! :)

24-11-2006, 10:20
They all seem wonderful ! Except I was reading a New York site, lol.
Anyway I want one of everything, isn't that awful ? I am going to round up my whole collection and see what I am missing. I bought raw emeralds a while ago, a small nugget of gold, which turned out to be so small I don't quite know where it is, lol. Raw sapphires and am not sure what else.

I do not think I have any rubies either raw or in jewelry. It was interesting to read that they can grow real rubies that are so perfect they have to put a sign in them so no one can sell them as natural rubies.

Also I did not know until tonight that they heat amethyst and it becomes like citrine ! Or it is citrine, I don't know which. I know for diamonds that they heat them to get yellow diamonds although I do know there is such a thing as a natural yellow diamond as well.

I had bought a beautiful hand crafted native ring and it had a little stone in it. I was going to replace the stone with a real diamond of some type but I lost the ring ! I was going to order one online. I don't know how I lost it or where and am still hoping after two years if I move some furniture some day it will show up. It just disappeared. I also had a small pendant given to me that was from Missouri I think and it was a coin of Sakajawea (sp ?) and that also has gone ! I was more carless with the coin but with my rings I take care of them carefully. So it was strange that I lost both native pieces.

Maye Faire
24-11-2006, 10:37
Sorry to hear you lost your jewelry, Memries - I guess I've been lucky in that respect, I can't think of any jewelry I've lost before... Altho I guess I'm unlucky in that I'm usually the most dazzled by pieces that are well out of my price range! My most special piece is an amber necklace I bought in London (made in Poland). It has six large chucks of amber, and some beautiful sterling silver work...I've never actually worn it out, but I literally had to have a payment plan set up to buy it! lol (Sometimes I remind myself of the crow in The Secret of Nimh - "ooooo!! A SPARKLEY!!") :D
I didn't know about that either, the heating up of amethyst till it becomes citrine, etc? Would you mind posting the url to the website you saw that on? Sounds really interesting...

24-11-2006, 10:40
I cant keep hold of rings. Ive lost every one I ever owned. Which wasnt many since I learned early on that rings arent a good idea for me *lol*

Maye Faire
24-11-2006, 10:51
*quote* I cant keep hold of rings. Ive lost every one I ever owned. Which wasnt many since I learned early on that rings arent a good idea for me *lol* *quote*

lol, aww! Well, I never lose rings...or keys, or my cell. The only thing I seem to lose with any consistency is important paperwork. Gotta get a filing cabinet one of these days! :)

24-11-2006, 21:37
Amber is so very beautiful. It was interesting to me to realize that amber from different places in the world is a different color. The Scandinavian Amber is very dark and lustrous. My Mother had a string of exquisite Amber my Father had bought her in Amsterdam in the 1920's. I always loved it but now it belongs to my daughter who received it indirectly, not from me. I do not think she realizes the value of it at all. I must mention it to her. It is quite an interesting study to make if you really like amber. I was never drawn to amber with inclusions of insects although that is valuable as well. I like it more for the jewellery aspect of it.

I have one piece of dark amber set in pewter, this is a modern setting. It is very nice and I wear it when I have something on that is a suitable color. I also have a choker type necklace of fairly large amber beads that is a very light yellow color. I do not know what country they are from, it might be Asia.

Yes I will reread and see if I can find the comment about the citrines and let you know.

When I lost the ring that was native and then discovered the coin was also gone it struck me as strange I could not keep anything that was native !
They produce the most wonderful pieces. If I see anything I am going to buy a piece again just to see how long I manage to hang on to it.