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21-11-2006, 21:21
I would like to make a little protection satchet for my car (my toddler's limousine really : ) ). I was just reading in Cunningham's Crystal Magic book that coral is excellent for protection as well as turquoise. For the car, I was going to get a red (or maybe black?) pouch and put a few stones in and leave it on my dashboard. What stones would be good for that? Off the top of my head, I was thinking coral, turquoise, tiger eye, malachite (traveller's guardian stone per Cunningham), Lapis, and maybe carnelian or onyx.

I might try and find a piece of coral (red or white) to put in Owen's room. I already have a couple of clear quartz clusters and a nice big piece of rose quartz. I have a really nice amber bead necklance that I never wear but I think would be helpful in his room for health too.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks again. I feel bad that I ask so many questions and don't really provide answers to others. I will try and be better about that. I can't tell you how much this board has transformed me.

Maye Faire
22-11-2006, 01:29
Hey, buddhagoddess! I don't claim to be an expert, but what you've got going sounds good so far (Cunningham's suggestions, for the most part, have usually worked for me too).
Rose quartz is great, but don't forget Amethyst too - it's also good for protection, especially with children (as long as it's a pale Amethyst).
The only other thing I would say, IMHO, is that maybe you should pick two or three of the stones you've come up with - the ones that feel the best to you energetically for your purpose - and scrap the rest for the moment. I personally can feel overloaded with energies if I use too many crystals/gemstones for one purpose, particularly in a small/enclosed space. It sort of becomes like a "white noise" to me. (But that's just me.)
Good luck, and let me know how it works out! :)

22-11-2006, 14:39

MOONSTONE-protective especially for night travel.
KUNZITE- protects against road rage, calms tension in traffic.
MOOKAITE- wanderers stone.
RED TIGER EYE- especially protective for long distance trips.
PIETERSITE- protective for traveling in a storm.
BLACK ONYX- night travel.
STAUROLITE/CROSS STONE- for long distance travel and to help you find the right path there and back.
LABRADORITE- night travel.
AMETHYST- protective
ROSE QUARTZ- protective
CLEAR QUARTZ -protective
CARNELIAN- confidence and courage

22-11-2006, 19:39
just use 2 or 3 from your original list and for your child specifically, i would suggest the amber.

it is a very protective stone for children and should always be worn by the mother before being given to the child - it confers some of the natural protection that comes from being a mother. ;)

jue xx

viking goddess
23-11-2006, 01:50
lapis sounds good. I always keep pyrite in the car.

30-11-2006, 05:56
Viking Goddess made lovely key chains for my boys with stones to help them with Asthsma, ADD, as well as protection. My boys carry there house key on them and think the world of her and the key chains. She makes wonderful healing jewerly.

Sweet Irish Angel
30-11-2006, 11:03

stones I wuold suggest are

* Amethyst for sure, it is a fab stone for children and will help protect them as well as clear damaged vibrations around them, will keep their surroundings well balanced!

* Aventurine will protect them and will also help if the child is shy and timid and bring them out of there shells :) kids love this stone too

* Lapiz Lazuli - one of my favs, brilliant protection stone!

* Tigers eye is another too, very good for protection.

* Pyrite would be very popular protection stone for children, I would tend to go with this one mostly, I buy a lot of it for pals that have children travelling in their cars all the time, :)

but only use one or 2, too many combined energies from crystals can be over powering, and make sure you cleanse them before use!! :D