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22-11-2006, 07:08
Below is a good list of many different crystals, and their healing properties. I've copied the list from the following link: http://uk.geocities.com/paganeagle2001/html/gem_lore.html

If others have similar lists, please add to this thread, as a reference point.

GA :)


AMBER- an electromagnetic gem. It opens the solar plexus chakra and can aid in enhancing and balancing moods, obtaining mental clarity, and confidence. It can also be used to purify or detoxify.

AMETHYST- can detoxify, dispel anger, help overcome food, alcohol, or other addictions, help in gaining patience and overcoming nightmares.

AQUAMARINE- aids in balance, tranquility, peace, openness, innocence, creativity, imagination, self-awareness, releasing fear and anxiety.

AVENTURINE- healing, especially emotional pain, balance, love, prosperity, truth, and aids in universal connection.

BLOODSTONE- aids in grounding energy, calming, and increasing wealth and prosperity.

CARNELIAN- aids in gaining confidence, strength, precision, ability to analyze, and helps to restore appetite.

CITRINE- aids in problem solving, mental and emotional clarity, memory, confidence, discipline, reduces fear and depression, and aids in digestion.

COBALT- brings love and passion, patience, emotional and mental balance, calms intense feelings.

CORAL- pink: increases compassion and sensitivity black: creativity, dispels negativity white: heals, relieves stress, calms

DESERT ROSE- clarity, perception, mental awareness, relieves worry and anxiety, aids in grounding energy.

DIAMOND- prosperity, love, can be used in place of all other gems, spirituality, clarity, spiritual love, balance, peace, trust. .

EMERALD- growth, peace, love, harmony, patience, fidelity, honesty, reduces depression and aids in sleep.

GARNET- energizes, stimulates sexuality, fertility, passion, confidence-avoid if you are angry or have high blood pressure.

GOLD- all purpose, prosperity, emotions of all kinds, energy, increases greed.

JADE- wealth, health, longevity, wisdom, justice, courage, balance, fidelity, love, peace.

JASPER- all colors of jasper aid in grounding energy and healing.

LAPIS- concentration in meditation, self-expression, creativity, relieves anxiety and shyness.

LODESTONE- natural magnet, grounding energy, focus, decisions, ridding of toxins.

MALACHITE- stimulates concentration and psychic visions, cleanses aura and rids toxins.

MARCASITE- aids in grounding energy, mental clarity, concentration, memory, sleep, confidence, willpower, helps relieve anxiety and stress.

MOONSTONE- relieves stress, emotional balance, gracefulness, aids in relieving menstrual pains and helps balance female hormones.

OBSIDIAN- grounding energy, absorbs anger, fear, stress, cleanses, uplifts, and absorbs negativity and converts to positivity.

ONYX- balances and grounds energy, absorbs intense feelings. Clearest onyx is most effective, but generally, it is not useful in conducting energy.

OPAL- love, passion, spontaneity, visualization, healing, dreams, clarifies and absorbs emotions.

PERIDOT- prosperity, growth, wealth, relieves negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear, anxiety, depression.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL- most versatile and multi-purpose stone, clear crystal is generally most effective for an all purpose stone, but other colors, such as lavender and rose quartz can be used for all purposes also.

RUBY- love, confidence, courage, vitality, passion, warms and soothes the soul, success, intensifies all emotions- not good to use if you are angry or have high blood pressure.

SAPPHIRE- insight, inspiration, intuition, peace, spirituality, wisdom, cheerfulness, centering, grounding energy, protection.

SILVER- connecting with the goddess, mental clarity, psychic ability, divination, emotional balance and cleansing, patience, mimics the energy of the moon- soothing and calming.

SODALITE- communication, logic, new ideas, logical thought, courage, relieves fears, clears the mind, heightens endurance, encourages rational thought, clarity, truth.

TANZANITE- clairvoyance, psychic visions, emotional clarity, spirituality, protection, enhances our hearing and sight.

TIGER'S EYE- willpower, confidence, assurance, clear thinking, relieves anxiety.

TOPAZ- golden: mental clarity, focus, confidence, mood swings, relieves worries, depression, fear, insomnia, exhastion, depression blue: focus, tranquility, creative expression

TOURQUOISE- general healer, multi-purpose, relieves many negative emotions, increases psychic connections, divination, communication, creativity, serenity, uplifting, sooths and calms.

ZIRCON- truth, integrity, intuition, eases depression, detoxifies.