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24-11-2006, 08:13
I don`t think that we have to generalize things and to put all Cancers(or any other sign)together.If Sun is that main,vital force,we must observe how it is related to other planets.There is a difference between Sun in Cancer that is square Mars,and Sun there that is sextille Jupiter.If there is no clear aspect of Mars to Aries Sun,we can ask ourselves,if that person has enough physical strength.
Just one thought of mine.
We can`t absolutely find anything in outside world,that already doesn`t exist within us.No matter if it is compassion,humanitarism or even hate.In other words,lets try to control our destiny and select good things arround us.And reject those who are negative and corrupted.But it is not so simple.It is hard to overcome those challenges.We usually act exactly like it is predicted in our charts.
So then what to do?Well,there are many ways.Frojd judged religious maters as the “sheep thing”.By choosing some group,one can find great deal of comfort and protection.And explainations.Absolution.But blindness at the same time,and a fear to become an instrument in some other`s hands.It is very hard to face the universe alone.That is the road for chosen ones.Unortunatelly,that battle is lost,in advance(so to say),even for those strong individuals,like Frojd,Nietche
and a kind.
Astrology might be a kind of very special path between those two abysses.Just might.