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knowledge seeker
25-11-2006, 15:06
I have clear quartz, smoky quartz and silver leaf agate which i keep in my basket of goodies (all my oracle cards, books, etc) which I keep in a bag. I currently cleanse them by holding them under cold running water for a minute or two and visualize any negative energies washing down the sink and then the water being a white light purifying and charging them. i then set them outside on the grass (in nature) in the sunlight for an hour, then when i bring them inside i only touch them with my healing/recieving hand and charge them with my energies.
does anyone do any thing similar or completely different to this.
it feels fine for me, and being clear quartz which is cleansing anyway i feel comfortable with the current *routine*.
just interested to hear the opinions of those more experienced in this field.
looking forward to your replies,

25-11-2006, 16:49
i don't really have a routine although i'm trying to get into one now. To cleanse I hold under running water or visualise it cleansing in my hand, and to charge i hold it in my hand tightly and feel energy running down my arm into the crystal.

25-11-2006, 22:23
ks, your technique sounds absolutely fine to me. :)

jue xx

26-11-2006, 00:08
I cleanse with soapy running water, visualizing negativities washing away. (I have this yummy mint soap. It's refreshing and revitalizing, and I love how the stones feel after their cleansed with it)

Then I infuse it with intent by holding it and visualizing a blue white light entering it.

26-11-2006, 03:54
Knowledge seeker,
Your method sounds great to me. You may want to go just one step more. I have found that it is not just negative energy that can influence my helpers, it is any "unwanted", "useless", "disruptive", etc. energy. My stones, crystals, and pendulums reside in an attractive container of sea salt which gets changed when it tells me it full.
My cards are cleaned through pranic healing methods which is essentially allowing universal energy remove and of the above mentioned energy.

knowledge seeker
26-11-2006, 20:04
hi sunnyrose,
your post was very insightful, i hadn't thought of the useless, unwanted, etc energy, and will definately be incorporating it.
and i cannot believe it didn't occur to me to cleanse my pendulum!!! i feel so "duh-of course"! :-)
i am interested about how you store all your crystals, pendulums, etc in sea-salt. i have heard of using sea salt, but not much really. is it a particular sea salt? as opposed to the rock sea salt used in grinders for household use?
and i would also appreciate more info on the pranic cleansing (went to write healing then for some reason...)
at present i just clear (knock) and then consecrate my decks. but am interested in using crystals or sea salt perhaps in the box with them to maintain their energy.
again much appreciation

30-11-2006, 05:53
Your rock salt is prob. sea salt. You could put a piece in with your card bag or in a pocket of the bag. A bag for tarot cards with a side pocket for crystals or sea salt is a wonderful thing. I keep a little sea salt in my medicine bag and in the bag I keep crystals in. I also like to lay my items out to be chared in moon light. A full moon or new moon is best.

Sweet Irish Angel
30-11-2006, 11:10
hiya All,

I have so many different ways to cleanse them, depends on what crystal im working with at the time, as some you cant cleanse with water or rock salt,

here are a few I use

* salt cleansing - place your stones in a bowl of seasalt for 24hrs, and after the 24hrs make sure you discard of the salt as it has drawn the negative energies from the crystals, I dont use salt for all crystals, only some.

* Smudging with sandalwood, frankinsence,sage or cedar, I generally use insence sticks m hold your stone in the smoke from the insence until you feel the negativity has been removed.

* Sun method - Leave your crystals on your window sill for 24hrs, i like to leave them there for 24hrs so they get the sunlight but also the moon light.

* sound - I often do this if I want to cleanse a crystal quickly, if you ring a wee bell beside yout crystals until you feel the negative energy has gone.

* Crystal Clusters - These are fab, leave your crystals on top of a crystal cluster over night to cleanse and re-charge your stones.

01-12-2006, 04:46
crystal clusters! I forgot about them. I used to have a fabulous amythyst cluster I would set my jewerly on at bed time. I wish I still had one.

01-12-2006, 05:02
Rose Quartz doesn't like strong sunlight, (there might be others, but I'm not sure) it will make it look washed-out and faded. I didn't know this when I first got mine until someone told me to keep it out of bright light- now it stays in a box, and when I take it out it's a nice deep pink.

Someone told me a good way to cleanse labradorite is to hold it and warm it in your hands and visualise it being healed and purified...it seems to get 'flashier' as it gets warm.

I put most of my crystals on the window ledge during a full moon when I think they need cleansing... especially my crystal ball, which is selenite- water can dissolve it!


knowledge seeker
02-12-2006, 11:09
hi thanks everyone for your replies! it has given me many thoughts to ponder and options. great! thank you