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Shadow Wolf
27-11-2006, 02:12
In my last post about my misplaced crystals, I meant to ask about these books. Thanks is in advance !!

A friend and I are thinking of opening a metaphysical shop. We're going to sell
crystals, herbs, candles etc.

I'm planning on taking a crystal healing course and become a certified crystal healer. Are there any books that you think I should read? Any herbals would be useful as well. I already have a head start from the reading I've already done, but any comperhensive guides that you could recommend would be greatly appreciated.

27-11-2006, 03:33
The book I consider a must-have is Scott Cunningham's "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, & Metal Magic." It's my foundation for all my mineral magic. Another I like is Sandra Kynes "Gemstone Feng Shui."

27-11-2006, 04:34




Sweet Irish Angel
27-11-2006, 04:40
Judy Halls crystal bible is a must, I adore it

27-11-2006, 14:25
I also vote for Judy Halls crystal bible - excellent book

also Judy Halls crystal zodiac - good cause it relates crystals to astrology..

and of course Melodys Love is in the earth... another excellent book

Geingers A-Z of crystals is not too bad either - for a simple guide..

good luck with your store!