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Gemini Rising
27-11-2006, 12:15
Hello all!

There's one aspect in my chart that I have a lot of interest in and little knowledge about, and that's Chiron. I have a ton of humanitarian and healing impulses, none of which can really be explained in my Natal Chart. Then, I found out about Chiron and how it can show if one is a teacher/healer/etc! So naturally this excited me, and I found out mine is conjunct my moon in about 8 degrees of Leo on my Second House...

...and I have no idea what it means despite hours of research. Something about helping others through creativity...

In my chart, I have a lot of Leo and a lot of planets in my 5th house, so obviously something important I have to deal with this time around is expression, but is it possible anybody could give me a clearer explanation?

Thank you very much! Here's my natal chart:

If it helps at all, my North Node is conjunct Uranus in 14 degrees of Capricorn.

Any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated!


::EDIT:: I was just wondering, in case Chiron doesn't explain my extreme urge to help others, is it possible there's a whole mess of asteroids in my chart that are working together? I know there's lots of asteroids out there all with different meanings...or maybe there are just too many to keep track of!

27-11-2006, 13:30
Hey Nicky

Unfortunately, I couldn't view your chart on the link you provided, however, these are just a few "cook-book" definitions of what you mentioned are the positions of Chiron in your birthchart.

Chiron in the 2nd house: Chiron teaches and gives advise. The 2nd house is money, possessions, and values. You can show other people how to take care of their money better than you take care of your own. In fact, your own finances could be a mess. Sometimes, this placement can make for a miser, but the money collected never brings any pleasure or get rid of the inner fear that there will be no resources. Most likely, this is because the person has a low sense of self-worth and feels that they don't really deserve any money or possessions. In other cases, they may squander or give away what they have for the same reason. It is important to remember that if there are problems with money or possessions, that these are most likely not the real issue. The sense of self-worth is the key here.

Chiron in Leo: Chiron in Leo people have the ability to help others with their creativity. They could make good art teachers or art therapists. On the negative side, it could be an indicator that, as children, their creativity was either stifled or over stimulated. Some were blocked or ridiculed, ("Are you kidding? You'll never be a professional baseball player, or musician, or artist") while others were pushed by ambitious parents who liked to live through the child ("Hey, come to the Little League game and watch my kid play third base" or "My child is starring in the school play today"). Children may react by either trying extra hard to please Mommy and Daddy (even if they don't like their particular creative field) or they will shut down and stifle their own creative urge. The treatment for these Chiron problems is to get in touch with your own inner creative child again and relearn how to create for fun.

Chiron and the Moon: When you were a kid, did you have the feeling that your mother wanted to be doing something else instead of take care of you? One of the negative effects of Chiron in aspect to the Sun is difficulty in accepting criticism. By contrast, with Chiron aspecting the Moon, you can think you are being criticized you even when you are not, and then you react to this imaginary "attack." Of course there will also be the tendency to "mother" others and help them with their emotional expression. Be careful not to smother while you mother.

North Node in Capricorn: Your job is to be more practical, efficient, organized, and ambitious. With your South Node in Cancer, there is too much of a tendency to be emotional. More than that, a Cancer South Node can be downright immature, like a cranky child. Don’t expect Mommy (or a substitute) to serve your needs forever. Do it yourself. On the positive side, when you do grow towards your Capricorn North Node, those Cancer traits can keep you from become too cold and aloof. Efficiency with feeling.

Judd Hirsch: has the North Node in Capricorn. It is also in the 10th house. This is a double influence and emphasizes career quite strongly. Notice the roles that made him famous. There was Alex on “Taxi”, a neurotic character who is obviously capable of much more but who works as a cab driver. Then, there was the title role on “Dear John.” The entire show was based on John’s experience in a therapy group. In the film “Ordinary People” (for which he got an Oscar nomination) he did a turn as a Capricorn type, playing a therapist. But even here, he kept telling his patient to express feelings.

Woody Allen managed to make a profession (Capricorn) of his South Node in Cancer. The character he plays is a highly emotional hypochondriac who won’t grow up and is constantly complaining. Woody turned this into a successful career! Capricorn can make a profitable business from almost anything. Woody’s Capricorn North Node is in his 5th house (creativity) which led him into the arts. Thank goodness. The 5th house also rules gambling and speculation, and that neurotic persona he created wouldn’t go over as well if he were a stockbroker.

Corbin Bernsen has his Capricorn North Node in the 10th house, like Judd Hirsch. His breakthrough role was as Arnie, a self-centered, womanizing attorney on “L.A. Law.” His character was always complaining and made constant demands on his secretary (who acted more like his mommy than an employee


Hope that helps. If you wish me to go deeper into the interpretation, it would really help if you reposted your chart, as the link you posted doesn't really work (atleast for me)

Gemini Rising
27-11-2006, 13:52
Thank you very much sweet_intuition! Although I had read most of those definitions of Chiron before, the North Node was completely new. It's funny how it mentions Woody Allen has his Nodes in the same signs as I do, since so many people say I'm a lot like him! (I have the same Jewish sense of humor, hehe)

By the way, the link seems to work fine for me. I'm not sure where else I could post it...if it helps, I'll approximate the degrees of my planets quickly:

Sun-9 Libra
Mercury-9 Libra
Moon-7 Leo
Venus-27 Leo
Mars-20 Libra
Jupiter-4 Virgo
Saturn-12 minutes Aquarius
Uranus-14 Cap
Neptune-9 Cap
Pluto-20 Scorpio

The only aspects to Chiron are a nice sextile to my sun and Mercury, conjunction Moon, and an opposition to Saturn. If you take Inconjunct into account, it's inconjunct my Neptune and Uranus conjunction.

Thank you very much for your help!

29-11-2006, 18:19
Hey Nicky

I finally got a look at your chart, and I feel the site you got it made on used placidian houses, I use a different house system. Would you be kind enough to pm me your birth details so that I can prepare your chart and analyze accordingly?

Thank You

Love and Blessings