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06-09-2002, 08:25
On September 6th/7th, the Sun and Moon unify at 14 degrees of Virgo (earth/mutable) and when we're in Virgo season, we do what the Virgo's do…organize, analyze, be practical, work hard on self-improvement/healing and be of service. We want to avoid being critical and persnickety. You may choose to embark on a new health regimen, or investigate different modalities such as, holistic healing, herbs, Bach Flower Essences or macrobiotic cooking. The Lights square Pluto (exact) and the south node (for the last time). A beneficial affirmation for this lunation is: I am willing to release (Pluto) all the negativity I brought with me from a past life (south node.)

Since Virgo rules health and is of the earth element, you may want to consider using only environmentally friendly products in your daily living. They will not only be better for you, but for our planet as well. Virgo is the lord of the natural 6th house and rules work, service and health matters.

Talkative Mercury (ruler of Virgo) in Libra (for the entire month) is moving very slowly, and will retrograde for the last time this year, at 13 degrees of Libra on 9/14 through 10/6. Use words selectively or you may find yourself saying mea culpa many times over. Depending on where the retrograde falls in your chart, it's very possible that former friends/lovers, bosses, or even long lost family members will make contact. If you're in sales, you may want to reach former clients, just to reintroduce yourself. Looking for employment? Try applying to a company where you've applied before and perhaps this will be the lucky time.

Captivating Venus in Libra is void in this chart and will enter ardent Scorpio on the 7th, through December (an extra long stay due to retrogradation in Oct/Nov). Venus in Scorpio is very passionate, money oriented and can be jealous. Scorpio is a sexy and intense sign and when Venus takes up residency here, it spells passion and deep feelings. The romantic spark of Juno (the asteroid of relationships) entering Libra, the partnership sign, amplifies the romantic overtones. An intriguing suitor may woo you and if that happens on the 19th when Venus squares Neptune and Jupiter, he or she may not be all that you think at first sight. Let a week or so pass before becoming euphoric! Be aware that passion knows no boundaries during this time.

Spunky Mars stays in Virgo for the entire month enforcing matters of work and is great for tackling big, complicated projects that require meticulous thought and skill. On the 22nd, Mars will be paying a visit to Pluto via the square and when these two guys intermingle, they stimulate action and possible temper flair-ups. Mars/Pluto (big ego) combined with Venus in Scorpio (mistrusting) and retrograde Mercury (misunderstandings) leaves the door open for jealous outbursts or worse. Precise communication is the key this month.

Lively Jupiter in Leo opposes mysterious Neptune in Aquarius (at 8 degrees) and this could either be the aspect that dreams are made of, or being duped into believing in something that isn't all that it seems. If you're buying a big-ticket item, or investing in something new, exercise extreme caution under this aspect that will be in effect until the end of September (especially with Mercury retrograde). Do your homework and get all the facts before making any decision/commitment. On a more joyous note, this can be a time many will quest for a deeper and more meaningful spirituality. Neptune is very busy this month connecting with Mercury (thought), Venus (love) and Jupiter (learning).

Saturn will remain in the 28th degree of Gemini all month, as it continues to trine Uranus (at 25 Aquarius) possibly awakening you to new vistas. This aspect reminds me of what Yogi Berra once said, "if there's a fork in the road, take it."

Pluto is saying goodbye to the 14th degree of Sagg, never to return in this lifetime! On the 15th, Pluto enters the 15th degree of Sagg through the end of October.

September 21st, brings the Pisces full Moon at 28 degrees (Sun in Virgo is opposite Moon in Pisces.) The Sol/Luna duo square Saturn, exact, creating a *T-square, motivating us to move beyond limitations (Saturn). Today is a day of feelings, perhaps a little melancholy, but the good news is the Moon enters Aries at 1:11 PM, (EDT) and the mood lightens considerably. Mercury is sextile Jupiter (exact) adding some comic relief and humor is a great way to combat somber feelings.

Now, go and be wonderful!

Love and Laughter,

Aquarian Goddess

*A "T-square" occurs when two planets oppose each other and both square a third planet and form what looks like a "T".

13-09-2002, 08:29
Okay, get ready...Mercury retrograde tomorrow night!! Don't forget to post your retrograde stories...this is occuring in my 3rd, the Mercury house of the chart and well...I may hide for the next three weeks, or just remain silent!


14-09-2002, 04:14
Hi AG,

I'm going to take a new approach to this Mercury Retrograde.

Tonight I am going to make a list of all the "re's" I want to do.

Re-visit my old haunts, re-finish that old bench, re-read The Power of Your Sub-Conscious Mind, re-plant my ailing ivy, re-decorate the bedroom and I'll do my best to re-name my new grandchild.

I will not re-cap my tires or re-wire my house.

I'll spare you a re-capitulation of my "re's."

Here is a re-sounding applause to you for another masterpiece of cosmic information.

You're the best......................Moose

15-09-2002, 00:05
Hi Moose!

Very well said (and very funny too!)

The Mercury retrograde periods really do provide us with a "let's look back" approach so that we can finally "get it". But do we really NEED three a year? One would suit my liking! I'm trying to invent a "plantetary remote control" so that each one of us can move the planets around the way we want (lol). And speaking of cosmic "planet dreams", it would REALLY be beneficial if Jupiter would procreate....yes, I can handle two Jupiters', this way when one is busy gabbing about, the other can be delivering fortunes!

And NO, I'm not on medication!! (lol)

Happy day to all,

18-09-2002, 20:35
Wow, I've been gone from Aeclectic for weeks and weeks and weeks (does that add up to months??) I've had no choice but to throw myself into my work 24/7. But now its slowing down... and so am I!

I'm with you, AG, in need of a double helping of Jupiter!

Well, I was mentally prepared for this retrograde... sort of! My expereinces so far? I had to spend all of Monday fixing my crashing computer but I was wise and backed up...whew! The clutch in my boyfriend's car went yesterday.. ugh! And talk about people from the past!! I've been getting emails from friends I haven't heard from in quite a while and I even ran into these kids I used to babysit for in a bar I just happened to visit on Monday night (needed a drink after all that computer fuss!)... talk about feeling OLD!!

When Mercury retrogrades, I tend to feel disconnected, as if everything is on hold. I feel antsy and want to speed things up but it just ain't gonna happen! Communication between my BF and myself has come to a sudden halt. Its so puzzling.... we went from gabbing all night to an uncomfortable silence :confused: I can't wait for October 7 and hopefully this thickeness will clear. Until then, I can do nothing but watch my words, actions, work on keeping a positive attitude and supress anxiety. Meditation is so important at this time I think. Maybe the key is to not "push it" as well. Funny, I have such an impulse to talk in the hopes of getting things cleared but it probably best to keep my mouth shut. Zip it!

I was wondering if the retrograde effects are stronger this time around because Mercury rules Virgo and its occurring in Virgo? Will things change when we enter Libra in a few days? Also, how can I find out where mercury is on my chart right now?

Good to chat with you all again. and I hope you're all well.. I'd love to read any other retrograde escapades!!

~ january

19-09-2002, 07:53
Hi January!

Actually, the Mercury retrograde began in Libra (although the Sun is still in Virgo) and Mercury will dip back into Virgo for a week or so. Is it stronger due to being the ruler of Virgo, you ask? I don't know if there's any way to gauge that question. True, some are worse than others', but that can always be attributed to other cosmic happenings.

As I recall, you're a Taurus ascendant, so this retrograde is probably taking place in your 5th or 6th house (romance and work).

Nebulous Neptune is very active this month, so we can "blame" him for.....well, everything! wink,wink.


19-09-2002, 17:40
Thanks, AG! Both the 5th and 6th houses would make sense. My relationship is at an unexplained halt and a sense of urgency with ongoing projects has lifted although there's still much to do. And I suppose that Sir Neptune is to blame for the cloud of uncertainty that shrouds the whole deal. Its like rowing upstream in an immense fog so why fight it? I'll just drift downstream with the rest of you for a couple of more weeks and let it pass gracefully.

~ january

24-09-2002, 07:30
Hi AquarianGoddess. :)
I don't understand much about the trine-retrograde-square-things, but I just wanted to tell you about my experiences with this month. My birthday is 9/9, so, I'm a Virgo (if you remember, I'm the one with five planets in Virgo as well...).

The last two weeks have been very very strange on the love side. I counted how many guys who suddenly popped up in my life, old as new ones, and my last count was 10! They are everywhere! It's raining men! *lol* *pout* It's tragic-comic.

Old ones turning up telling me they want me back, or they explain their ealier very weird behaviour as 'being afraid of falling in love with me' (which then has changed now, and they are suddenly 'ready'). One old lover has gone crazy after me, even though he has a girlfriend!

New ones inviting me out for dinner, to the cinema, on late tea, out for a drink etc etc. (Just for the record; there's only one I want, a guy I met 6 months ago and haven't seen for over three months.)

I'm so lost. Do you think this has something to do with the trine-retrograde-square-thingies? ;) My friends say they'll kill for having whatever it is that makes me so interesting all of the sudden. *lol* But, I promise you, it is actually more tireding than exiting! Maybe it's just a special year for me...


24-09-2002, 13:28
Originally posted by aeonx
One old lover has gone crazy after me, even though he has a girlfriend!

Me too!! He keeps calling me asking me to come visit him. I said yes, as long as my boyfriend could come along :) In fact, people from my past are popping up all over as well as unfinished projects... ugh!!! Its interesting to note that during the retrograde in May, I hooked up with my current boyfriend who is someone from the past .... my best friend's brother whom I have known since I was 14. And he's been hassled by ex-girlfriends and bumping into old mates. I continue to hang in whilst keeping my mouth zipped and my emotions cool.

I had an epiphany about Mercury today. Mercuy was known to be quick (like the god) and slippery (like the element). Perhaps he goes TOO quickly and needs to stop, re-trace his steps and then go back and think about it before he moves forward again. So our cue is to do the same - to pause and reflect. But just like anything that stops and goes backwards comes with it mechanical and functional problems as our souls and minds aren't always in sync with our bodies. Gears klank and screech and computers hiccup and gasp in the midst of this astral stall. We want to move forward but can't and to force ahead we'll just break down. I'm sure this has been said before but I guess I just got it!

So, Aeonx, don't make any moves with these guys until after October 6... but have fun and get some rest in the meantime!

Hang on, everyone for another 2 weeks!!

~ january

24-09-2002, 22:23
FAST & SLIPPERY! You said it january! :D
I don't think I will have any problems waiting two weeks, since I'm absolutely positively fed up with men. I've had three 'projects' during the last four months, and they've all gone straight to he**. I'm completely drained of faith in my relationships, and should seriously have considered celibacy and convents. *I will ponder a bit more about that* I don't actually have any confidence in this last guy as well, and I don't have an inch of energy to waste on any of them anymore.

:rolleyes: Hm. I sound seriously negative, now, don't I?? :D Forget about it.

It's just not old acquaintances turning up again, but many new ones as well. And only men who's interested in some way. I wondered what this means, if there's any astrological influences going on.


25-09-2002, 08:24

Whatever it is you're going through, BOTTLE IT, AND SELL IT HERE ON THE FORUM!! You can become a multi-zillionaire in a few days!

Sounds like the Mercury retrograde is bringing back former lovers (OH, and just wait until next month...Venus goes retrograde...more former lovers returning!) and also Pluto is square your Sun and you're just irrrrrrresistible to these guys!!

Celibacy and convents during a Pluto transit....I don't think so.......


PS...I need a bottle of whatever it is....perhaps two bottles!

25-09-2002, 20:43
AG: well, I have to admit it's a bit fun. :rolleyes:
However, why doesn't my 'thing' work on the one guy I want???? *lol* Well, I'll try to focus whatever-it-is solely on him. }) Do you think that's possible? *evil grin*

And I have more to come?! *pout* Oh dear, I don't know if I can handle all this attention, I'm gonna end up vain soon! *l* Let's hope not... But wow what a self-esteem boost! (Good timing though, since I'm suffering under the mercilessness of pms...)

I wish it was possible to bottle this weird energy! $$$$$$$$$