View Full Version : Meeting with divorce attorney - what crystals to carry?

13-12-2006, 05:18
I will be meeting with a divorce attorney next week to just talk about what options, challenges, and issues I may face if I should decide to file for divorce. What crystals would be good to carry? I am also trying to find a "give me strength and courage" spell should I decide to do this, but it would be helpful if I could also carry some supportive energy with me to the meeting. Any suggestions?

viking goddess
13-12-2006, 05:57
I would take rutilated quartz and tiger's eye if it were me. bloodstone too, but I love bloodstone and take it most everywhere.

13-12-2006, 06:38
If you want clarity, I'd suggest clear quartz, something grounding like hematite or onyx and possibly also tigers eye or smokey quartz.

It might be good to carry with you a piece of rose quartz aswell since a divorce (or any kind of breakup) should never be decided on without taking some consideration to the love that once started the marriage (or relationship).
Alternately garnet since it brings both a grounding, centering and loving air about it.

13-12-2006, 13:48
All of the aboe noted stones would be good, and here's some others. Take your pick of these, they're all excellent for dealing with lawyers and court cases. JADE - enhances speech and eloquence, gives you an air of assurance and sophisitcation, and remember that in the orient Jade is considered a stone of prosperity for good reasons. GREEN MOSS AGATE is a lucky stone and leads you towards your best potential and best 'chances'. Any color of SAPPHIRE, but especially yellow if you can find a tumbled piece, will help you make good financial decisions. CITRINE is another stone of prosperity and can ensure an easy flow of conversation and understanding between you and your lawyer. And for strength and courage, conviction of purpose you can use CARNELIAN or RED JASPER. And not wanting to flog a dead horse here, but if you can lay your hands on some PICASSO marble/jasper that will keep you steady like a rock, so will SMOKEY QUARTZ.

Good luck with that!