View Full Version : Picasso jasper - does the color affect it?

16-12-2006, 04:39
I am very interested in picasso jasper that was mentioned in the anxiety thread. I actually found a focal bead on EBay that I am bidding on. It has some really striking banding in white and black. Does the color of the picasso jasper influence at all it's properties?

Thanks for introducing it to us - it's a beautiful stone.

17-12-2006, 17:44
No, as far as I can tell there is no difference in it's properties no matter what color or patterning it is. I'm in the habit of putting out a selection of Picassos stones of different colors and patterns in front of clients and then tell them to choose the one that 'speaks' to them. What I have noticed is that most men seem to be more attracted to the darker, more dramatic colors and stark patterns, and women generally seem to go for the lighter pastel shades that blend together softly. I personally like all of the colors and patterns that I've seen it in, but the energies are equal in all the stones.

23-12-2006, 09:26
I agree with crystalwoman, I dont think the colour influences the picasso jasper's energy but it may influence how you react to it... there is always a connection and that is the unknown quality in some cases..

I hope you have a beautiful piece, It is one of the crystals on my wish list! Id like a big sphere.... one day....