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16-12-2006, 10:40
A week of events comes with an active Saturday and Sunday mornings. the moon goes out of a void of course and enters Scorpio Territory. The Dark and wild are in the air, the detective in all of us wants to discover ourselves. We will be much closer to our urges right now.

Acting on them though, does not follow through, Sunday afternoon will bring a void of course cycle lasting through into early mondya morning, when the moon enters sagittarius, this is when the Sun is conjunct pluto and the galactic Center, the lunar energies are balsamic and waning into a fresh cycle. The winter solstice is close and we are aware of our sleep needs and the festive season.

The Festive seasons is not a product of our standard being, it is an extension of how much we can produce from our outward being as humans, individual but in tune with the whole.

the moon is remains out of its void until Wendsday morning, during that Tuesday merucry makes an easy sextile to neptune and venus pairs herself to uranus in a like sextile.

Mercury in scorpio commands deep thought while neptune aquires natural identity to reveal itself. But the real energy effect here is Venus in Capricorn, pushing herself like the structured orthodoxic individual they are, yet holding on the famliliar for independent reasons of course.

Does this bring a new viewpoint for us, venus in an earth sign makes us appreciate our earthbound nature even more, while another viewpoint is come from uranus, in pisces of course, alloting for pointless viewpoints, like being inside a fishbowl looking up. Hard work pays off though.

The 20th brings a new moon, and the end of the Sagittarius moon, the moon will then promptly go void for 158 minutes. Stability is not found, but nor is it sought, things change over the day and the moon enters capricorn, the cross to venus is alerting, and we are soon to see how much work is before us.

The Sun enters Capricorn and makes conjunction to venus, discharging herself onto the masses once again, and the presence of the shortest day, and longest night begins. on teh 21st though MArs and uranus square oneanother, and zaps the energy out of any resistance to the holiday season @ hand.

the solstice on teh 22nd, a Friday, with the Sun and venus in teh same sign, with mercury moving in scorpios determined methodology, and the moon moving on into aquarius, We feel the true meanong of the holiday, and bonus pay isn't at the center. On the shortest day we are given a void of course moon that lasts into the afternoon, our actions will have very little impact on the overall scheme of things so plan accordingly, and honor what is leaving us, as new images appear contently.

20-12-2006, 21:31
Today the moon makes conjunction to the sun, a new moon cycle begins, a couple hours thereafter teh sun enters Capricorn, beginning a new solar cycle. This; winter Solstice, the day has gone short, dawn is later, dusk is earlier, and the lack of activity in the northern hemisphere has reduced the sunsets to a cold reminder of the suns warmth. I believe this puts Alaska and the artic circle and facing away from the sun to the point where it is literally a polar night without the midnight sun.

And no moon either.

In Sagittarius the sun and moon are about activity, phiolosophy, caution, and faith, in capricorn faith is placed in structure, activity is exerted to recognize the absoluteness of the situation, and the philosophy and caution are expressed to others.

This transfer is a cold one, sagittarius is ignoring the issues, capricorn is dealing with each and every one, Sagittarius is prone to making things happen with mars, and jupiter promises expansion and rewards, Saturn removes restrictions and opens the flood gates of possibilities.

26-12-2006, 12:31
Christmas eve saw the trine between mercury and saturn, Saturn is all about restrictions and teaching, while mercury is about communication in all ways, and since mercury has already passed his stationary point from his previous retrograde, there was no recent trine between these two. We feel this with the winter storm in the mountain and mid western America (United States).

For christmas, the moon is in spiritual and fluid pisces, This buildup to the 1st quarter energy is not consistant, we are still staggering in from teh cold of capricorn and aquarius, but Aries flame comes soon. miscommunication and misinterpretation are predominant based on first impressions.

Dwarf planet Ceres is nearing pisces, leaving aquarius, and leaving a trine to pluto and gets into ner-trine action with the sun.Up front and center is the holiday food, the leftovers, the alcohol. Sideplayers Chiron and the darkmoon are trined to oneanother, healing comes through hurt and pain, that pain is revealed as the moon gets close to the earth while she travels her path.

After Christmas will be unusually busy, the energy expansive, Mars and Jupiter still within range of eacother have a chance to reorient themselves and establish a new itenerary as to how things get done, and by whom.

Venus is deep in capricorn, the proximity to the sun is dampening her influence, but the love of light after the solstice is showing with pride and glow, and a little bit of appreciation for the unexpected.

02-01-2007, 07:04
Well, the full moon will be in cancer, but that's hardly the topic at hand. Venus was inconjunct to Saturn on the 30th of december, scheduling and delivery difficulties came in effect and were partially resolved on Sunday. In the northern hemisphere where there is snow, it will be a bright and white night. There will be a series of lunar aspects before The full moon on wedsday though.

Moon inconjunct Jupiter, we may feel emotionally exhausted from all the shopping, but we do need to get soemthing from somewhere, perhaps somewhere we didn't expect.

Moon opposition Mercury, the general emotional state will influence our thoughts, minor labor will be featured.

Moon trine Uranus, we feel liberated from our recent past, and come to terms with our distant past, our independent natures reveal themselves.

Moon inconjunct Neptune, friction with our desires, distress with our internal nature, we don't want to clean up after someone else.

Moon inconjunct Mars, emotions and physical exertion drive on another, staying alert and awake is the key.

All of this occurs before the full moon, which will then result in a void of course moon for the rest of the day, this could result in an active and restless night, and/or a very active morning, we will need to take it easy through the afternoon. venus enters aquarius in the late evening, all the while mercury closes in on a conjunction to the sun. New beginnings are abound.

Mars is out of bounds during this new years week, we feel overcharged as it is with all the social gatherings, we may forget that we have stuff to attend to in teh mornings, our alarm clocks may not be enough to wake us. That is of course assuming that we got any sleep to begin with, overdosing on the sleep need might throw our bodies out of cycle, go with the flow and keep up the pace, you will get to your final destination soon enough. Watch out for suprises around the corner though, give yourself wide room to manuever.

Happy new year.