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18-12-2006, 07:19
About four or five times I've scrolled down to find a complex arrangement where the writers identity box addittional options box and the posting rules box, as well as the stuff at the bottom of the page is all inside the posting area... or variations on this.

I guessed you probably knew or you'd be able to say if it was just me, but I thought it could be helpful to say so. Often refreshing the page straightens it out, but not always.

With much admiration at how this website is managed!
yours namesoftrees

18-12-2006, 07:24
I copied a section of this into a microsoft word file, but it didn't like it and I had to force quit word and get rid of it.

all best.

18-12-2006, 15:37
Hi namesoftrees, it sounds like the page isn't loading properly on your computer. What Internet browser are you using to view the Forum, and are you on a dial-up connection?

~ Solandia

27-12-2006, 13:13
Hi Solandia, yes I wondered if it might be at my end. I'm using safari on my new computer which is an intel mac desktop but yes it is dial up. I'll try explorer.

On my old laptop I didn't ever see these particluar 'boxes in the wrong boxes' kind of graphics before, and that was dial up too.

In fact I've only just started seeing these kind of things in the last month or so, and didn't for several months before now, always using safari.

It doesn't much disturb my enjoyment of the site, like I say usually reloading the page irons it out but a couple of times I couldn't access the last page of a thread and so - couldn't use it.

happy christmas.