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20-12-2006, 11:24
Ran across this article in Vanity Fair, concerning the Pluto return in America's chart, and what it's likely to lead to.


20-12-2006, 15:26
That was a well-written piece. A little narrow in its viewpoint, but a nicely told story -- exactly the kind of stuff a magazine loves. Most astrologers could not write that well. But then, a writer could take a few facts and . . .

Lets just say it gives food for thought, and then we move on to the next piece in the magazine. Dave

21-12-2006, 00:06
Michael definitely takes Pluto seriously. If anything, Pluto has been his major theme for decades. Having known him and watched him from Pluto in Libra through now, though, I'm not entirely convinced that this sign-based interpretation of Pluto really works the way people expect. I think the problem is that there are so many key-words for a sign that one could select, that picking the "right" set to highlight is extremely difficult. For example, Michael had initially focused on "sex," not "sexually-transmitted disease" for Pluto in Scorpio - and ultimately, the AIDS epidemic. He also initially underestimated religious fundamentalism for Sag.

Having said this: his point is well taken: major themes will shift with Pluto in Capricorn. I strongly suspect we won't like a lot of the shift.