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23-12-2006, 23:08
I have several pointed crystals that I keep on my altar, and I am wondering if the points should face out towards me or if the points should face in? Or does it even matter? I always had them facing in, giving power to the altar. Lately I am trying having them face out towards me, sending the energy from the altar OUT. :)

Just wondering what others do?

24-12-2006, 04:12
I think that either placement would be appropriate, and here's some other placements for you.

If you have several crystals you could place them so that they alternate, with half of them pointing inwards and the other half pointing outwards.

Another placement is to arrange them in a spiral around the outside of the alter with the points pointing slightly inwards towards the center of the alter and leave one large crystal placed standing upright in the middle of the alter. A spiral is a VERY powerful placement and will generate a tremendous amount of energy in towards the alter. The center stone will amplify and reflect back all the energies that are generated by the alter as a whole. This arrangement packs a powerful punch.

And one other arrangement is to place the crystals in a circle around the alter with colored stones placed between each crystal, arranged in the order of the spectrum's color-wheel.

24-12-2006, 20:35
I don't have a table altar right now (it's in the form of a wall shelf to keep my toddler away from any small things that may be on it). When I did though I would put a clear quartz point on either side of my peyton (altar pentacle). The one on the left would point away from me towards the back of the altar and the right one would point towards me. I also keep all of my pocket crystals in a pouch and keep that on my altar as well.

P.S. - Not sure if it's seen as a crystal, but I always have a little sea salt on my altar on the right side (my projective side). It provides both protection, purity and helps maintain a blessed space.