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10-01-2007, 10:49
In another thread:
It was in this book that I learned about Harry Oldfield, the Cambridge University professer who has designed the video equipment that shows real footage of the wispy little crystal entities that live inside crystals.

OK- can you elaborate on this please? I keep finding little titbits like this nestled in your posts, and this one is rather fascinating to me.

I did find this on the web:

He may, as part of his research, have discovered a new form of life on Earth. While PIP-scanning various crystals, Oldfield discovered that about 10 per cent of them have undulating within, on or about them a previously-unknown life-form, a creature with its own aura that looks like a slug. The first one he discovered dived back into the crystal, seemingly when it realized it was being observed, and the PIP computer crashed with the message "unidentified instruction". Oldfield states that other researchers have independently confirmed the same phenomenon.

I guess this all shouldn't surprise me, and yet.....

11-01-2007, 16:29
Thank you for posting that link, that was interesting information and pleasing for me to learn that Harry Oldfield has made further advances in his research, and also nice to learn he is a fellow British Columbian.

All I can say to your question is that I think you have to experience them for yourself before you can really believe it. I've read of and personally had lots of reports back from other people who've claimed to see or sense the presence of crystal spirits. I believe that I have seen/perceived them in various forms, and I was really happy to read about Professor Oldfield's advances in crystal research and him getting technical or scientific evidence of their existence.

Crystal spirits make their presence known in a variety of ways, not just through the sense of sight but through the other senses of perception too. Visually they can show themselves as bright lights or wispy mists hovering very closely to the stone they reside in. Sometimes they can be seen as well defined glowing images within a clear stone or they may create an image of themselves on the surface of an opaque stone. Very often a stone will show the image of an animal or a landscape or the face/figure of a person, and as time goes by that image may change to something else as the stone develops a rapport and communication with its' keeper. And each keeper's perception of their stones is different from another person. But at the beginning of their association with you crystal spirits are very shy until they feel they can trust you. I'd refer you to the post I made about attuning with crystals in the Programming Crystals topic: http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=71006

Sometimes they present themselves through sound - most typically with the sounds of chimes, bells or what sounds like harp strings being plucked but sometimes with actual voices. The voices of the Rocky Mountains sound like deep chanting and drum-rolls. If a stone is used over the 3rd eye chakra while your eyes are closed you may see a variety of images in the mind's-eye and hear all kinds of sounds that are meant to convey an impression of the stone's character and personality and history.

I can't doubt the evidence of my own perceptions and for me the crystal spirits (a.k.a. the Stone People) definitely exist. I'm of the opinion that this planet and every natural thing on this planet has a living spirit and consciousness and is aware of itself as a living entity - and that includes crystals and other minerals who possess what I call Crystal Consciousness. I don't know if all living spirits are sapient in the same sense that we as humans are sapient - some things possess a CONSCIOUSNESS but are non-intelligent or mindless, brutal and primitive with no sense of CONSCIENCE (there's a difference of meaning with those two words). Sharks and jelly-fish and certain types of plants or insects are examples of living things that possess consciousness and intelligence but not conscience.

There are some stones and minerals that are not inhabited by living spirits with consciousness or conscience. A good example of a mineral that is dead, possessing no living spirit or conscience is man-made glass. Glass is silicon dioxide (quartz) that has been melted down quickly through man-made artificial means. Then it gets processed to remove other minerals, and sometimes has other things added to it before it gets manufactured into whatever it was made for. It's not like living obsidian which is volcanic glass that has gone through a natural earth process of rebirth and transformation just like all other minerals in the earth. Man-made crystals that have been grown in laboratories are dead - they have no spirit but they're useful for industirial purposes. Another example of a dead stone is cement (heat treated limestone). And when you have concrete, a mixture of cement and broken up rocks, you end up with a substance that is alive but spiritually sick and lacking in vital energy.

11-01-2007, 23:45
Maybe Von Leeuwenhoek was right about homunculi after all?