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10-01-2007, 11:33
Sun @ 16 Aries in the 12th house. Moon @ 9 Taurus
What do I need to do to improve my health issues?

The Sun in the 12th has a broader meaning that being institutionalized, imprisoned or acting like a shy wall flower. In most cases, those having the Sun just above the eastern horizon are bright, vivacious and deeply caring people – someone who tends to be a treasure within other people’s lives. The influence of Aries is muted only to a degree, as the Sun works well with this sign although it may tend to work thru organizations, programs and small active groups. This “behind the scenes” approach reflects a view that you may not have confidence in yourself. Aries says YES, 12th house says NO. How comfortable are you in being your full self before the public?

The Moon in the 1st typically represents a changeable personality, one who is overly sensitive but may hide this at times by being aggressive in your nature. Taurus is seen as adding a veneer of stability.

In terms of their phase relationship, you are in the PERFORMER phase. You tend to act, to put yourself first and foremost before others. This natural way of acting will probably send you in the direction of helping others. What skills and talents can you offer?

The disparate nature of these two bodies in the 12th and 1st and in Aries and Taurus points this pair as a win-lose choice. If you act so as to benefit others, then you pick up on the most positive energies of these placements. If you retreat into your self, you pull the energies back within yourself – not good as it will dampen your vitality and hold your promise within.

The Sun has been squaring your natal Sun from productive Capricorn, challenging you to express yourself in positive, physically effective ways. It would seem that something triggered your emotional sensitivities over the New Years weekend. Ideas have also come to you about how you can help yourself and others. Now, and over the next couple of days someone else is likely to come closer to you, to “warm” you up. Will this be a friend, a supporter, or a “deep friends?” I’m not sure, using just the Sun and Moon portion of your chart. But encouragement to reach out to others seems to be close by.
Opportunities and support are the keywords for the next couple of weeks.

You should be enjoying and expressing your vitality and your supportive nature to the benefit of others, indirectly benefiting yourself. There seems to be a tendency to move from an “outer” mode of expression to an “inner” state of doubt and retreat. This shouldn’t be. You are a born helper, supporter, cheer leader and that can only reflect back onto yourself in the most positive ways. Recent experiences have prompted you to think along these lines, and you will receive or be able to tap into support so as to be able to move towards helping others.

What do I need to do to improve my health issues?

Card #1; What have I experienced lately that can help me in a most positive way?
Three of Pentacles, reversed
Card #2; What is the skill or approach that I can take now to improve my life and the life of others? Wheel of Fortune, reversed
Card #3; What resources will be made available to me to move positively ahead in my life? Six of Wands.

The Three of Pentacles reversed points to a situation where you weren’t appreciated. This couldn’t have been a comfortable experience. This “craftsman” card would seem to also suggest some form of work or creativity or an attempt to help others. The underlying values, your values or the nature of what was involved, were apparently overlooked.

The Wheel of Fortune reversed suggests you may be unsure as to how to react to recent incidents and how to proceed or plan present paths to take. Some feel this positive card is always “positive” even when reversed. This card represents “change”, old things passing and new things arriving. Perhaps you have not made up your mind about how to evaluate the recent past, how to view your present situation. Perhaps another few days are required before clarity comes to you and a more positive attitude is gained.

The Six of Wands is a positive card. Either your views will change or another will come into place to support you. This card figure is one among several, you may gain a position of leadership, of inspiration to others, or just be carried along. In any case, there seems to be an opportunity shaping up that you can, or will, be attached to in some way. This card says, “go with the flow.” This will be the path forward for you. It says to be positive, to celebrate who you are and what the moment offers you. “Positive” is the word.

Both the Astro and the Tarot side of this mini-reading suggest similar things. You have been recently challenged or put down in some way. This played into your natural change of turning inward then outward as you first doubt yourself and then reaffirm yourself as part of your basic nature. You will be getting increased support shortly and events will help to move you forward in some positive ways if you take advantage of them. This means you have to be in a positive frame of mind and prepared. In this latest small wrinkle in life, you are able to now move forward. Dave