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13-01-2007, 01:08
First...thanks to isthmus nekoi for the wonderful information in the index of the Astrology thread.

I know next to ZERO about astrology....

I recently purchased the Knapp-Hall Tarot which is loaded with symbols...and decided to pump up my recognition of some basic symbols....including astrological ones.

This got me ticking along the lines of wanting to have my "birth chart" drawn.
I found out in just the past few years the exact time of my birth...something which I only guessed at before.

I would like to purchase it online at a secure site....but need a recommendation. I know some of our members offer charts but only via check or credit card mailed ....or online..but the sites I have visited do not have the secure locket on the web page that gathers personal data....

Any recommendations from our members here would be greatly appreciated...you could PM or e-mail me or post a link if you feel it is appropriate.



13-01-2007, 01:42
Don't know how good they are but there are tons of free ones


13-01-2007, 01:49
I love Jonathan Cainer's work, and you can have a birth chart drawn with supplemental information for a reasonable price:

Jonathan Cainer Homepage

Jonathan Cainer - Order a Full Birth Chart



13-01-2007, 04:46
Thanks, AJ and dandelion...I will check back again later and check these sites out!! I have been journaling terms and meanings from Astrology...


13-01-2007, 05:10
Do you want to purchase just a birth chart and its data -- or do you want to purchase both a chart and a computer-generated (or personally written) report?

There are many on-line sites that will permit you to download and print a chart.

There are a few sites that will give you a report that can be printed.

There are some here on AT that can/might calculate and print a chart, generate a computer-based report of a simple or sophisticated nature, or generate a chart and personally write an analysis.

There are software programs that can be purchased at a low cost that will both print a chart and write a four or five page report. Matrix offers the "Know" series; Know Your Self, Know Your Future, Know Your Lover, Know Your Child. These were available recently at $25 each or four for the price of three. These are the most economical but good quality programs and report that I know of. There are many others typically starting above $100 up to several hundreds of dollars.


13-01-2007, 05:32
Thanks, Dave! I guess I really just wanted to plug in my birth data and have a report generated from this....I know there are programs...I have Matrix for another program.

Do most astrologers generate the data AND report from software nowadays?

I saw that some sites said that they will do chart "by hand" ...not with software....what is different?? Is one better than the other?

I know I'm not really happy with a computer-generated Tarot reading....but Astrology is different.

I had a report years ago for numerology as well...one report was 25 pages long...very, very interesting information...I can't find those reports any more...lost in the flood...literally in my house ...


13-01-2007, 05:34
I just checked J. Cainer's website...it looks wonderful...however, the page that asks for all of the personal information does not have a secure locket...I just won't transmit information over a webpage that doesn't at least have that level of security....


It says on the page that my e-mail will not be passed on...but it is also asking first, last name, birthday, birthplace, ....enough information that it should be passed on over a secure locket. Sorry.


13-01-2007, 07:15
There is a lot of overlapping and redundancy in most computer generated reports. Let us look at one typical "large scale" report structure -- I have seen quite a few of these.

One section of the report may offer a sequential "house by house" review of your affairs and how you conduct yourself. Let us say that the 3rd house had three planets therein. The report would talk about planet One, that sign and that house. Then it would address planet Two, and repeat sign and house information. Then it would address planet Three, and repeat sign and house information. Only the planet information and how it expressed itself would change from the three group statements.

One section of the report would offer a planet by planet commentary. When it got to planet One it would give information about that planet and then more or less repeat the sign and house information given earleir again. It would do the same for planets Two and Three.

When you talk about planets and aspects to other planets you would again be subject to redundancy. As you go up-scale, pricewise, you might find less of this as the program might have instructions to avoid redundant explanations.

Reports written by a competent Astrologer are another thing. You would get the same basic information plus all the nuances that a computer cannot provide. As an example, using the three planets in house three, lets say that planet One aspected a planet Four in the eighth house, and planet One ruled that house. The Astrologer would not only interpret the interworking of those two planets (One and Four) but would address how the two houses might help or hinder their expression. Since the 3rd house is the eighth house of the eighth house (using derivative house techniques which no computer program uses but which professional astrologers do use) The nature of planet One would be interpreted in terms of how you made concessions to others that may not be warranted, how you tended to invest time, money, effort in partnerships. The nature of the planets and signs would spin this observation in various ways -- again something that a program wouldn't do well but which an Astrologer would.

You can see some sample of different reports if you visit http://www.astrodatabank.com/ This is (the former) Lois Rodden's site. If you go to the featured newsmaker link you can see the chart, read a bio, and then choose to look at a couple of reports that are offered by well-known astrology programs.

Hope this helps. Dave

13-01-2007, 07:44
Yes, I've noticed that lack of security at Cainer's for completing the personal data inquiry, but if I recall, your credit card information would be transferred using adequate security and encryption. It's been a year or two since I last purchased something there (although I stop by every day for my horoscope).

Ah yes, and here is another site, not encrypted, but free!

Astrodeinst - Natal Chart Drawing

EDIT - it doesn't look free anymore... hmm... ah well.

Good luck in your continued search! I hope you find what you seek! :)

13-01-2007, 09:06
Thank you so much, dandelion and Dave!!

Dave....the one long report I had went along the structure you first described...and yes, I recall a fair amount of redundancy...I would love to get kind that "notices" what the software and its report would miss!

dandelion...I did check out that site as part of my searches...I still won't use a webpage asking for personal data that could get an identity thief a brand spankin' new Social Security card...LOL....Most pages that have good encryption have the secure locket from the first page on which you have to give out personal information.

I do things online that make me really want to keep secure....

I'll keep hunting for an encrypted site that offers a "personal" report.

I got some PMs of names of people that have done good "readings" for those who contacted me...At this point, though, I really don't want to send info by simple e-mail, mail a check or do a phone reading....

Thanks for the input....Hopefully I will learn a bit along the way...Today, as I read about "aspects" I was struck by how some of the meanings applied to my understanding of numbers...and others NOT.

I keep saying that at my age, I'm not exploring other areas...but somehow, they all seem to come back into the Tarot.


13-01-2007, 10:35
I have a copy of Canopus, which I think is still out there as freeware. Definitely one of the better ones for calcs, and I think it has some interpretations built in--if you want them. It's easy to customise.

Windows only, and it's a quirky instal because it was made for 3.1, but it does run under XP. You might want to try a web search.

Halloran software also has a freebie that never expires, it's geared to synastry but does birth charts just fine, too.

I don't know the web sites off-hand, so you'll have to google, but I'm pretty sure they're still out there. If not, I might be able to put up Canopus for people to download if anyone wants it--if I can find the original!


13-01-2007, 11:14
Thanks, MM!! I'll probably do a Google for a site if no one has one to recommend....

I actually have software...but it was for my older windows OS....at this point...looking for someone else to do the chart. Just looked through the folder that I found wedged into my file cabinet. Old software and

Natal Horoscope! Tada! With the correct time of birth.

So...off to read it again.