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15-01-2007, 18:15
As Mars moves into Capricorn, Mercury qucikly enters Aquarius. Mars is ending his trine to Saturn, while Mercury gets closer to chiron and venus. This sets the theme for the next week and a half.

Mars and Saturn work well together, restrictions and challenges push us to achieve so we don't have to deal with certain issues later, Mercury and the sun were in conjunction doubling the energy output of both into one.

But now, Mars and Saturn end their trine activity (the next aspect is inconjunct, The Sun and Saturn are already inconjunct, this is more of a slow motion impact on everyone though, you can thank Saturn for that one), this ending of complimentry activity is something else to keep in mind, Saturn is the king of restriction and the Mars iteh drive that makes us aware of ourselves and our active pursuits, which has recently placed itself into perspective for us. That's the ending now here isthe beginning, Mars won't be making any major aspects for while, not even to the major asteroids, he is on his own and acitivly pursing on his own. Saturn retrograding in leo will make opposition to neptune (evenutally), mercury (soon enough), the Sun (some time in the next month), and venus (we'll get there). Saturn will activate each of these planets, and these planets will each place their energies on a retrograding Saturn, who is less than overly demanding right now.

Mercury is closest to chiron and then venus, desire to communicate uinversal acceptance, appreciation, and love is the paramount mercury/venus energy field, although not scheudled to conjunct venus, venus will act as a guide for mercury so he doesn't have to be a path finder, although mercury might take a side route now and then and address some other topics that venus chooses not to touch. While it won't be an instant Aquarius-neptune/mercury conjunction, mercury will be at his speediest for the next three weeks (yes that means a mercury retrograde starting next month extending both mercury's stay in Pisces and Aquarius degrees) eventually leading to his the mercurial conjunction to the planet of dreams, illuisons, and the high seas and oceanic commerce. the merging of mercury andn eptuen into one just might be reflected in a change or addition to international trade, emphasis on a certain route might become known, and finally the weather patterns across the globe may change the price of certain foods and goods.

As mercury and mars enter aquarius and capricorn, the moon will be also transiting these certain degree points helping push along the annual changes taking place, the new moon is on thursday January 18th, shortly thereafter an in conjunct to SAturn, a simliar feeling to mercury inconjunct saturn but with different sources and results, the same day the venus conjuncts neptune, allowing us to admire our dreams and realizations, and a few of them might come into manifestation.

19-01-2007, 08:33
Jupiter will be squaring uranus, friction between our indepndence and our reality will make for some interesting work days. We will want things a certain way, perhaps fixed and stationary in the expectation we want of us, but change is ineveitable and the past is the past, the now is truth we are dealing with and now amount of nostaligic energy can prevent the now from taking hold, and then the nostalga gets added on like frosting.

Venus in this mid 2007 January is conjuncting neptune, in Aquarius. Our love for certain things has totally changed the scene of things, preparation for a new lifestyle and its demands, small towns will have a classic feeling of an era not seen in decades. That classic feeling is pushed right into the modern times as Venus opposing Saturn comes soon, this is going to reveal the restrictions that remain, but also push us to hold on to what we have established as canon reality.

Mars still moves foreward and ends relations with Saturn, now only directly affected by venus and to a lesser extent neptune, and venus will be passing, neptune is wide and expansive, Saturns effect on us personally will be isolated to short bursts and dependent on our natal charts. A Charge of confusion might come from aspects to asteroid bodies (a square to vesta in sight) and our dedication might be our downfall, we may feel the restrictions that Jupiter and Uranus put in the spotlight collide with us as we try to make sense of the "new" (but in actualy only now accepted) lifestyle that has appeared.

26-01-2007, 14:32
Mercury conjuncts neptune, Venus enters Taurus, Mercury then opposes Saturn. Don't get burned in the process.

Mercury conjunct neptune reveals hidden agendas, our imagination is stimulted, so is the dreamworld, don't forget to note the details about the dream, especially patterns and symbols.

Venus moving into pisces gives us a chance to get to know our local water a little better, a good day to do testing on pipes, water tests for purity, or just a day to stock up on bottled water. We feel loved by the earth despite the current problems, and we can return that love unbiasly.

Mercury oppose Saturn brings reality back to us, and gives us a chance to retaliate with finesse, this is a time in which being a chatterbox is the best reality to represent. you can succeed with stable emotion, it moves in one direction only and that is towards the future.

29-01-2007, 05:35
Money sensitive Jupiter and emotional moon energies connect us with reasons why we are paid at the level we are, why we have to do more, and for what reasons is teh job really the job that you set out to do.

Neptune and Jupiter have found eachother in a square, touching off emotional sparks with the lunar positioning in Gemini. Neptune in pisces makes us realize our reality is that we are surrounded by the others of the world, and their world view becomes a manifestation in our own.

Control master Saturn has been turned off right now due to retrograde, mercury in opposition moving direct and fast is producing counter results. Leo/Aquarius controls the leader/folower dynamic, but also due to exterme distances far and inbetween, the situation can be acted as force, and forced upon, thus potential for oppressive situations to take many forms.

Central to this is the Sun and Chiron, joined in Aquarius to give a healthy new age boost to our system, but first we need to change our train of thought, we can't be acting on a "darktimes attitude," We may need a nap, or just some "me" time with a hot (cold?) drink.

Overall, dreamy thoughts begin to creep into our minds, we are innnovative in new endevours, but tend to fall into our standard habits for good reasons. Watching some video entertainment would be fun and kind of educational, the early mornings activiites are too much to judge on first glance, so take a step back and resolve it quickly.

08-02-2007, 17:31
February 7, 2007

the Sun and Saturn click into opposition form, mercury reaches the edge of his orbital path, we will feel (and maybe see) him go retrograde.

Sun and Saturn, this has been a roller coaster ride with saturn gone retrograde in Leo. We feel the demand, but don't have anything to supply. exhausted and out of commision Saturn can't place anymore restrictions on the situation than has already been done, and the final conclusion is that the entierty of the situaiton is too restricted and saturn has to back off or be beheaded.

Mercury's quick entry into pisces has been, for me anyway, a rush of emotional energy overpowering the thought process. going retrograde right before valentines day will result in a rethinking of how seriously we take our relationships. preperation for that evening might take up a lot of our weekend time.

Sun will conjunct neptune on thrusdaybefore he opposes saturn, don't push your mental agility too fast or you will be sorry for it. Neptune will be overpowered by the sun, so imagination and fanciful desires will not be the dominant feeling, but practicality and reality will take hold of everyones agenda before the morning ends.

Also moving into place is venus and uranus square to jupiter, our financial needs and purchases are at odds with our independant point of view and desires. Pushing for loyalty to a situtation will only cause a skirmish of idealogy and reality.

with all this energy abound, science and technology might be disconected or disrupted at somepoint, perhaps followed up with some vauge error response that we will need to have clarified to us. Research and direction are important right now, so leave the rest of the problem in the pasture for right now.