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18-01-2007, 11:30
Sun @ 28 Libra/1st House. Moon @ 19 Taurus/8th House.
How will a combative situation with a co-worker eventually turn out for me?

Your Sun position suggests that you are socially active and involved with those around you, a leader who may not lead but who may “steer” or “guide” others, or who seeks to build a group consensus. While the first house Sun tends to be pushy, willful, and “up-front” in terms of their presence in a group, the Libra Sun “backs off” of this more forward approach to life.

The 8th house Moon tends to put you deeply in touch with the values and goals of others: What do they want, how valued is it to them, why do they want what they want, etc.? The Taurus Moon looks for stability and appreciates durability. Do others support you, can you depend upon them, will they remain constant in how they act and interact?

The phase relationship of your Moon to the Sun is that of the SEEKER, 180 to 225 degrees ahead of the Sun. This phase suggests a balanced-unbalanced situation in terms of your experiences with relationships, tensions that result from being conciliatory on the one hand, then more subborn and less yielding on the other hand. The “seeker” in you needs to find the social tools to better manage or adapt to the manner in which others react or respond to you.

At this time there is, or will be, a challenge to your views and position. (Sun/t square Sun/n). This may involve an emotional appeal to adopt a more practical approach for the short term. (Sun/t trine Moon/n) Others may support this approach. What ever you do, the need to remain calm and less emotional is paramount – easier said than done. The talk and dreams of others will lose their luster after a short time. Be patient.

Achieving a reasonable limitation to the to-and-fro swings of relating to others should be your goal. Restraint in the area of being too-considerate is part of the equation, not insisting on full cooperation and support is another part of the equation. See challenges as temporary issues and not as deep personal issues. These phrases seem to summarize this fragment of your chart.

Card One: What you see as the “driving” force behind a combative situation.
Card Two: What you can employ as a “tool” or “approach” to this situation.
Five of Wands
Card Three: What is the best result that is most likely as this situation progresses.
CHARIOT, Reversed

This Devil points to an obsessive view about something or a wrong/poorly informed view of something affecting you. In some way there can be an emotional bond in terms of how you and another fight this out. This seems to be an ongoing problem, not specifically a one-time issue.

The Five of Wands suggests that your ideas need to be seen and talked about, presented in a vigorous manner thru two or more avenues of contact. The card’s image points to the struggle being kept in the open, skill and perseverance are the best approaches.

The Chariot reversed points to a hollow victory. A win at any cost is not worth the effort or the results. Sometimes one wins by letting another fail. This fight may not be worth the effort.

Given a natural striving to achieve a workable balance in your relationships, and the emotional price paid by being overly “fair” to others, you should always be seeking new tools in how to deal with others. At this point a struggle is maturing – it will come about soon. This can be another lesson, another tool to help you in the future if you express your ideas strongly while being willing to let another win this particular battle. The win will not work out for the “other” and you may be stronger in the future because of it. Another way of seeing a “win” is to not “lose” by letting a poor win slip away – along with the blame for failure. Good luck. Dave

18-01-2007, 17:32
Thanks Dave. :)

This is the situation. There is a manager at work I got into a huge disagreement with, over a year ago. We have subsequently been banned from speaking to each other. I think the situation of the ban is stupid and have made my viewpoint quite clear on the subject, to no avail. Everyone has thoroughly blow this thing out of porportion, so much so, that the situation has a life of it's own. I have waved a white flag several times, but things continue to remain the way they are. I am told no contact, including, no eye contact, no matter what and the rules apply to him as well.

LOL. I feel like a 5 year old. :O (and rolling my eyes)

Anyway, I have been verily confused over the whole thing. The other I am to have no communications with, is constantly making huge non statements to me through some pretty (funny, imo) body language. Just tonight, he made quite a show of body language. I almost sense an apology, but then sometimes I sense anger... etc. It's always dofferent. I am assuming this is not supposed to be going on, but yet it does. I have compained about it, but he still has at it... as if the rules really don't apply to him, even though I am told they do. This man is a Gemini with a Moon in Taurus and a Mars Neptune square, so I am assuming he can be quite slippery and stubborn. Yes, the Devil. Definitely the Devil with the obsessive behavior and the emotional bond. It's all become quite personal. The body language coming from him is intense.

18-01-2007, 23:15
This sounds like it is very serious. Most companies would not permit such a situation to continue for very long. Where this "other employee" is a manager it would seem that some real conflicts are in place in terms of policies: First, the managers stick together. Second, the whole management structure is weak. Third, the managers don't care much about the staff that supports them.

If this job (due to location, convenience, hours of work, pay) is important to you then the advice of the cards seems very valid. The situation has become obsessive and can turn into a situation of choices at any point. You can continue to make your point to others but perhaps this should be done only in terms of co-workers who comment on your manager's behavior -- you can rationally and calmly point out how immature and non-productive his behavior is. The Chariot Rx can be seen as pulling yourself out of the equation, you should not be seen as trying to win or compete, but seek a position of being a good employee, productive, supportive of others. In other words, find a way to stay on a high path and not respond to the manager's childish behavior.

Easier said than done. Perhaps a "symbolic" change can help you, a different way of dressing, of appearance, a new group of co-workers that you associate with at lunch or as part of some company-related social structure or charitable endeavor. Good luck and thank you for sharing. Dave

19-01-2007, 01:13
I imitated (made fun of) his behavior back at him once a long time ago, lol. Now, I pretty much ignore him, and get a good laugh out of it. Yes, I have to stay where I'm at due to convienience, so I'm not going anywhere. The principled side of me thinks the situation intolerable and ignorant, and the low brow is getting a kick. To be honest, I am wondering if the non communication was made a rule because it's known, on the decision making side, we could cause a scene. Probably we would and that company reputation is all important, right? ;O

At this point, the only thing that is of a concern to me is whether there is ill will on the other side, or whether this is all just a play with immature actors. I've often wondered if I am being baited to cause trouble. Of course, I'm too street smart to fall for it. :D Conspiracy theories can be easy to fall for though, and the easier answer is usually the right one, right? But the feeling is, this is pretty much a battle of wills.

Thanks, again, Dave.