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28-01-2007, 20:29
Hi everybody,

Any suggestions for stones/crystals etc. that are good for people who are extremely sensitive--maybe not in a heightened state 24/7, but someone who, when they're "open" they feel everything in huge way? Here's the paradox, I don't mind being sensitive, but sometimes I'm so "open" that a simple shock can literally put me into shock (feeeling like I have an elephant sitting on my chest, shortness of breath--gasping like a fish, feeling extremely cold/having a hard time warming up---effects that can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.) Even when I get a very strong impression of something that's going to happen, it always hits me like a ton of bricks when it does happen. I also have a huge reaction to the suffering and cruelty of others. I saw a dove hit by a car today and literally felt the impact myself and involuntarily responded as if I'd been hit instead--the effects lasted for hours.

I know I can't be the only person on this site to have these strong experiences--truly, that's the beauty of Aeclectic (thank you Solandia :) )--so I'm just wondering what's worked for other people like myself. Stones? Crystals? Meditation? Something else? I've had people tell me I just need to "toughen up"--I've been trying for decades, only the opposite seems to be happening--the more I experience, the more and deeper I feel/sense things. So I'm guessing that means that this isn't something I'm supposed to be able to muscle out of my life, or should. I'm just looking for something to help "buffer" the full-impact of these sensations so that maybe they're not so over-whelming, maybe I can focus in and somewhat turn this tough aspect into an asset.

I've looked into amber/jet necklaces... Is that the way to go? I'm a bit out of my league re: crystals/stones/minerals for use in psychic self-protection. I know it's a gift to be able to feel things, but, man, I need to figure out a way to work with it rather than be wiped out by it, you know? :)

Thanks so much for any & all info : )

29-01-2007, 00:15
Smoky quartz is one of the ultimate grounding stones, in my opinion and I keep one with me all the time.

Amber and jet necklaces have long been viewed as the "witch's necklace" for the psychic and personal protection that combination offers. I don't view either of those stones as particularly grounding, though - each is a fossil that can be used to access the akashic record. But if you feel you are under psychic attack, they are very good.

It seems to me that you are describing a state where you are going through each day with all chakras open full-tilt. You should always ground after meditation/visualization experiences, ritual, etc., to discharge the psychic energy from the experience. Some people find it helpful to actually place their palms and bare feet on the earth, others sit directly on the earth to ground the energy. A blissed out state is desirable for spiritual activities, but it's very hard to function in the mundane world that way.

29-01-2007, 12:44
Hi Seaweed - some stones that would be really effective for your purposes are a combination of Picasso marble, black Apache Tears obsidian, Ocean Jasper, Bloodstone and Pyrite. I'd recommend you wear them just above the solar plexus where they can have a gentle all-over effect. They will ground you and protect you from outside influences that make you feel too sensitized - at the same time they will allow you to be open to the influences that you WANT to be open to.

05-02-2007, 20:50
Thank you both...sorry about the delay : ) I'll be going to a gem & mineral show in the next week, so I'll keep an eye out for them. Thank you both so much (sharpchick--I've reflected on the verity your words..." you are describing a state where you are going through each day with all chakras open full-tilt."...with a smile all week!)

Little Hare
09-02-2007, 21:30
hi seaweed :D

as sharpchick said its really really important that you ground yourself. you can do this easily by standing on some earth (or anywhere and visualising) and see your self with tree roots that go deep into the earth and keep you connected to the earth, see it them going from the top of your head through all of your chakaras and right down deep into the earth, see the roots spreading and expanding.

In regards to stones, the ones that the others have mentioned are great, i also had turquoise pop into my head that would be great for protection. :D

good luck!

13-02-2007, 11:04
You need what are termed either grounding or protective stones. There are a whole bunch, but here's a short list.....

tiger's eye
smokey quartz
star dipside
rutilated quartz
jasper (red, brown and black varieties)
boulder opal
black tourmaline
clear quartz

THe good news is that tiger's eye and smoky quartz are great fashion statements these days so it's easy to get some great jewelry to wear and the pieces are reasonably priced when set in sterling silver. I've picked up several really lovely pieces from qvc.com.

Of the above list, I think hematite is the most grounding/protective stone there is and a small sphere set on your desk could be a real winner for you. Or get a small heart to keep in your pocket which you can touch as a "worry stone."

You can google up "beads" and have a necklace or bracelet made up to suit your needs using several of the stones listed.

Avoid the following stones

mother of pearl
blue lace agate
blue topaz
rose quartz
mint or green quartz

And I know this sounds a bit odd, but try cooking in plain cast iron. Iron is super protective. Which reminds me that stainless steel jewelry would also be good for you.

14-02-2007, 00:57
Hi Seaweed,
I am also a sensitive. I carry a piece of jet with me at all times! Without it I feel like I am being barraged with sensory overload! Wizzle listed a lot of good stones for you to try out. One of them will probably work very well for you. For me it's jet but for you it might be something else. Keep us posted on what you find. Peace.

15-02-2007, 11:57
I forgot to mention that what is termed "marcasite" in the jewery trade is really iron pyrite. This is wonderful jewelry for sensitive types plus it's gorgeous and affordable. I find earrings particularly helpful when I'm around those types of folks who love to whine and complain. Sheesh.

Marcasite in jewelry or department stores can be expensive. Most of my collection (which is fairly large) comes from the jewelry center in Los Angeles. But I've also purchased several pieces from QVC.com and both their prices and quality are good. Enjoy.