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01-02-2007, 00:34
I have been really ill for ten days, with a chest infection. No immune system and it really pulls me down. Yesterday was the absolute pits, I had got hardly any sleep for a week, a chest full of glue, a head full of cotton wool, and legs of sponge. I was A MESS, mental & physical...
so last night, I lit a candle (which I never do normally) -and asked the guides to please give me a calm mind and a decent sleep. I had the most amazing sleep, for 11 hours. In my sleep I was shown the plot of garden under the front window, which was earmarked for white gravel and boulders but I didnt have the money for the gravel. I was planting herbs in it with somebody beside me, who was pointing out where to put the mint. !..So I take it that's a contract from spirit then , and I must do it. "We give you a good sleep, but you listen to us and prove that you did by planting herbs "...?
either way,I have the herb garden's catalogue right here as we speak !

01-02-2007, 00:48
An herb garden would be wonderful I think!

01-02-2007, 01:20
Possibly both real & symbolic ....... to plant a herb garden IRL but also given the fact you remember mint specifically - perhaps a need to find out what that could mean to you personally?

Found some interesting articles you may like:




A minty dream - whether you dreamed of a breath mint, or the herb mint - foretells happier times for the healthy, and healthier times to someone who has been unwell.

Mint can also denote virtue.

01-02-2007, 02:03
I am , indeed. very virtuous. If not healthy. :):)

01-02-2007, 02:30
Ah, such a pure mind & heart :P

01-02-2007, 04:13
has anybody got any nice ideas for stuff to put in it ? Huredriel that first link of yours is lovely . I want them all ..

01-02-2007, 17:27
Sweet Basil.

I had a huge pot of it in the front window (how I love the smell of it!) But now I'm the only one in the house who likes fresh pesto, so it overgrew last summer and eventually died.

But, oh, definitely Sweet Basil if it will grow where you are.

02-02-2007, 05:37
Mingpop, you might want to google "how to grow herbs", if you've never grown any.
There's lots of good information out there.

I like anything I can get my hands on, for inside and porch plants. But I do hope to have a green house one day.

I have some basil right now, and some mints in a planter with some alvacado seedlings in a planter now.

02-02-2007, 08:34
ok ta. I do love pesto :) ... the problem for me is I'm high up and very exposed to cold winds, so we can't have anything mediterranean.. I love rosemary , I love thyme , thave that round the back, - I have lemon balm, love that. The thing is to get it all to grow round the front now. I will do it though.

02-02-2007, 12:38
Check the "How does your garden grow?" thread.

02-02-2007, 12:48
Your dream might also be telling you that herbs themselves can help with your health situation and boost your immune system .

02-02-2007, 14:51
Sweet Basil.

I had a huge pot of it in the front window (how I love the smell of it!) But now I'm the only one in the house who likes fresh pesto, so it overgrew last summer and eventually died.

But, oh, definitely Sweet Basil if it will grow where you are.
Can't stop thinking about my basil. I think I'm gonna go get a pot tomorrow and put it in the front window again. Who cares if no one else will eat my pesto! Who says I have to cook with it (although it is great in stew and red pasta sauce! I can still use it for that!)

But I just love to go by it and take a deep whiff.

Yep. I never should have let that plant go.

Thanks, Ming.

03-02-2007, 00:21
mingbop, I got the chance to go look at your website, impressive!

You might be able to grow some of those herbs for your creative use, in soap making.

If it's to cold outside, you could always get some empty fish tanks to make terrariums out of, anything that could be used for a planter.

When I had a porch, it filled with plants, they loved it there. I used everything from washed out and painted, paint buckets. 1 and 5 gallons. Also used washed and painted soap buckets, coffee cans and butter tubs.

Most of them I spray painted, but since I lived in the country, and was going for that type look, some of the cans or tubs stayed like they were, just washed out real good.

In the bottoms where the holes were, I placed new coffee filters to allow the water to drain, and keep the soil inside the container.
Next, I would place rocks and pebbles.
Then mixed up my soil and placed it.

Potting soil
rich black dirt
composted leaves

If anyone has a cow pasture, that makes for good fertilizer, or you can buy the unstinky kind. Once it's mixed up, it doesn't smell as bad as before.

Some plants have to have a certain type of soil, so while your researching, make any note if some need something different than others, as it will make a difference in the plants life.

Start small, you'll do just fine.

03-02-2007, 05:03
oh thanks pet. that makes me want to start now. It's pitch dark and the neighbours might talk so I will hold meself back !
and yes DI, the herbs wont go wrong and I can look up some nice recipes for medicines...I WANT A HERBGARDEN NOW! oooh... not got the energy for a tantrum lolol :))

14-02-2007, 14:33
Well, I have been searching for a sweet basil plant without luck so far. (Do you see what a monster you created here, Ming?)


Walmart had a display of garden seeds out today...for TEN CENTS! So, I picked up a packet, and tomorrow, I'm planting them.

(Oh, the small pleasures that make me smile...)

Briar Rose
14-02-2007, 23:03
Mint grows and spreads wild. And so does Lavender.

There's nothing like going right out your door and picking fresh herbs while cooking.

I hope you feel better soonest!!!