View Full Version : Billy Tea exchange!

01-02-2007, 01:12
My tea exchange present from ravenest has arrived! I wondered how many hands and thousands of miles it crossed. There were sea mail stamps and ID recorded stickers and circles of custom stamps everywhere! It was fun just to imagine the travels!
and inside, ravenest created me a cuppa virtual BILLY TEA. Not only were there step by step instuctions to make a billy of tea, but included were the leaves and twigs to make the fire and smoke required. :) I collect leaves and twigs, so this was especially appreciated. I won't burn them all.:)

The Billy tea box explains how the song, Waltzing Matilda, was written to advertise this tea. There's even a Kangaroo with a knapsack over his shoulder waiting with his own billy for the water to boil! My own Billy Tea Fool card. There are prospectors from the Australian Gold Rush days on the box. I am less than an hour away from where gold was found in California in 1849! Shikhs, you couldn't have done a better match. Thank you.:)

Here's to my cuppa virtual Billy Tea, ravenest, thank you.:) Hh