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All Is One
16-09-2002, 22:40
Never heard of many who are ready to leap in and trade their crystals, their precious or semi-precious gems,

but- we are a strange bunch and trades seem to addict us...

I have a fantastic shop near here caled Ososoft (why? really Do Not KNow)

here is the shop...a literal MINE of info and GREAT deals:

<http://www.osomin.com> (if that link does not work I will be back to fix)

George changes his site Hourly!

Still hoping to trade or similar...

and George said the shipping through X-ray does NOT affect any minerals as it is a tiny fraction of the dose the "irradiated" ones get.

(I will start thread on the horror of the 'aqua aura crystal nightmare' as soon as I recover...)

~All Is One and not a bit of it is "aqua"

17-09-2002, 00:40
The Hope Diamond's okay, if you like blue, but the yellow Hooker Diamonds are much nicer. They wouldn't let me bring them home from DC though - sob! ;)
Don't have anything to trade at the moment, but I'll bear it in mind.


17-09-2002, 01:02
I'd be interested but what about the thingy that US mail x-rays stuff? A guy who sells minerals to ppl in the USA claimed that a clear crystal he had sent off here in Germany appeard at the addressee in the States as smokey quartz because of the x-rays?

Any information about that? I don't think that guy areliable source (found out that he's a liar) so I'd like to know if this x-ray inspection by US mail is true or not.

17-09-2002, 01:55
i've never heard about the story you bring up catlin but i will be on the look out.

all is one, i'm game for trading something. it is my passion, you know! i have lots of books on crystals that i wouldn't mind trading for one of your personal creations.

the hermit
17-09-2002, 05:03
Originally posted by catlin
I'd be interested but what about the thingy that US mail x-rays stuff? A guy who sells minerals to ppl in the USA claimed that a clear crystal he had sent off here in Germany appeard at the addressee in the States as smokey quartz because of the x-rays?

Any information about that? I don't think that guy areliable source (found out that he's a liar) so I'd like to know if this x-ray inspection by US mail is true or not.

it's true... x-rays, which are a form of irradiation (hence warning signs at x-ray facilities) can cause clear quartz to darken and cloud. This is, by the way, how some unscrupulous gem dealers create "smokey" quartz for sale, since it is rarer than clear quartz.

We also discussed it a bit in the original thread
STUDY GROUP: Crystals, Gem & Metal Magic (http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=5771&perpage=10&pagenumber=3)

It depends, but if the x-rays are strong enough it can and has happened.
This can happen to any quartz crystal and to some other not quartz crystals too.

All Is One
17-09-2002, 06:20
lucky we are to have you Hermit...
I really do think of you as the druidic sage
I miss the green man avatar we both
popped up with synchronously,
Except you have the most blazing avatar (K outdid himself)

(I think I summoned you- ???)

you are real, I suppose, but? })
My ego steps in and suggests the call was out
and here you are...so either way-
can you help more on this shipping dilemma?

I could call the post office (ha) but- I really want to trade
these- MORE than decks even!

(gasp TS, cover your ears- blasphemy is afoot)

The Man who owns the little shop (not behind a curtain, but an oddly
wise and wittly character...hmmmm, could be one of us)
that I mentioned on the Crystals & Water thread...Ososoft something, here in Baywood Park- he ships from all over the world and he will know something
I think.
There MUST be a simple, non-leaden method to protect all types of private
power items from the malicious rays of the Postal Force.

I know they x-ray all as a routine- but
stuff like film, and other items must be able to go another route (do we have to let them rub their paws all over it?)


TS- I have these adventurines ... and other stones, that I string taunt into rings of 2" to 4" in diameter, and hang all about from fishline-
(rearview mirror has a bunch) the green is a protection and healing favorite of mine~ lots of other stones on hand...PM me and I will
gleefully trade those, (malachite "circles" are pretty, and so are the garnet ones...light hits them with stunning result. Over doorways and in the windows will cause interesting changes.) I also stitch these on other things.

Excited over trading the larger crystals when Hermit or ? helps us figure out how to ship-

and I sent you a long PM a few hours ago...medicine bag in progress as I write

(it is true- I have six arms...)

**lookig forward to trades of treasures whooo-hooo !
hey - Is it time for a crystal-holics anonymous group? It seems to help
us, the afflicted and suffering so much in our struggles to share our pain~ (hee hee)**

17-09-2002, 11:31
I dont have crystals to trade...but I have deck sets and books if anyone is interested...I dont know how much things run..so...

19-09-2002, 20:33
Lots of gemstones used in jewellery are heat treated and/or irradiated to boost or change the colour of the stones. All blue topaz is, and many of the different colours of sapphire. I even heard of a batch of tiger's eye a while back that had been exposed to a nuclear reactor to give it a deep, chocolate colour and was found to be faintly radioactive after the treatment!
I collect pressed glass and I found out recently that some pieces of clear glass graduallly turn purple if left in strong sunlight - not a great problem over here in the cold, grey UK! - but some dealers speed up the process with UV lights and some companies will irradiate boxes of glassware to alter its colour.


All Is One
21-09-2002, 06:29
Eeeeek! Irradiated crystals I can stand as "fake" and try to avoid...but radiactive? T-cat you are giving me the heebie-jeebies...it is bad enough that Andy (my...boyfriend? bad word) runs a nuclear power plant... I lose sleep over that one and catch a LOT of flack from fellow no nuke heads like me- it is his choice- so when I see him glow in the dark, I just think of it as a night light (lol)

Really- irradiated tiger's eye is a frightening thought- and in stores they do not even normally know where their loose stone stock really came from.

Blue Topaz ~ ha. Glad to hear it was not just a real rip off when, in 1993,
a man gave me a huge hand cast and signed ring with a cut blue topaz-
or it was called an aquamarine topaz...but anyway- had the ring sized down and- oops. The very large faceted stone came back absolutely clear as a ...
fake topaz. The store was ashamed and let me pick a replacement (did not like the ring's stone or color from the get go)

I picked with trepidation after that incident- but what I got was- according to them- a "star onyx"... I doubted it, but loved the setting and the cabochon w/cross, so I took it, and now as of re-connecting w/my wise old friend
(his new incarnation is "Crow Hart") I hear this ring is a star sapphire...but it is black black black. He dug in his treasure boxes and pulled up an old old men's ring- same stone, color, and a better star, black, and said- "Take it as yours- this stone has chosen you for a reason, so wear as much as you can

It is true- even when I thought my trade in ring was "generated" (star onyx???) I wore it daily for almost 10 years.

BTW: anyone seen Hermit's rock page? it is so cool. Try it and see...hhope you don't mind H- I just found it last night and I love it (copied your images for future reference~!) It is part of the Hermit's homepage...I'll get the adress and be back

(If I am pushing my way into your cave, dear sir Hermit- please feel free
to edit and remove the mention and the next post~ no problem)


All Is One
21-09-2002, 07:03
Okay- talk about sychronous events...

as I am posting his page- feling so cool because I found it off the cuff last night, I bump into my PM box (the auto e-mail messages from Tarot forum to me have been down for a few days)

There it is~ an invite from the Hooded One Himself...(whoa- sounds so dark)

so ~

To all who go look~

Please please:
don't go trying to beg, buy, bribe, or barter for that carved
rhysolite bear before I can legally bind and contractually
deliver my own and my baby sister's immortal souls...

but do go look- great stuff- maybe I can find other items to barter
just look at the sparkling purple and the geodes and the...


Enjoy...and hands off the bear.


All Is One
21-09-2002, 07:21
I hope Hermit is in a generous mood...(? H? )

I loved your page when I thought it was for the purpose of educating
us alone. But if the following are available I will ship any of the many brand new decks I did not click with (R Wood, Gendron, Enchanted Tarot large set w/book, and more)

or any of the what ever you like that I mentioned (whose soul did I promise?...darn it...should have made notes on that list)

I am posting this fairly publicly in case someone offers you
high public office or a pyramid of your own, before I can close a deal.

The carnelians- as many as you have (?)
maybe the fossiliferous limestone (great word)

Definitely: the rutilated quartz crystal...how many avail?
Definitely: the amethyst cyrstal (can get these here- but want yours...)
for sure: the snowflake obsidian and a tears.

Onyx and Tigereye and Turq depending on price (my immortal soull only goes
so far... and if we are talking weights here- I may be in trouble)

Is the carved rhodochrosite bear available? Noticed it on a diff page.

I want it as a gift for my friend "crow hart" and if it is avail he would have a bunch of incredible crystals to trade and wands and other stuff.
Yes- to all- I promise to keep my personal wheedling off the public threads as a general rule in the future.

thanks for putting up with this one~


~will these treasures survive the dreaded evil rays?

21-09-2002, 10:19
Hey all!

I have these to trade:

Tiger's eye
Dalmation Jasper

All of these crystals are smallish, but not tiny. All maybe an inch long.

I am looking for pretty much any stone but mostly:

Quartz(long piece in it's hexagonal shape)
Smoky Quarts
Tourmalinated Quartz
Rutilated Quartz

I am always open to others

Please let me know!

the hermit
21-09-2002, 16:00

I've emailed you as I wanted to send you a photo to tempt you...

21-09-2002, 19:11
Sorry, All Is One, didn't mean to scare you! I'm pretty sure that the Powers that Be caught the bad batch of tiger's eye before it reached the market.
I can sympathise with your worries about glowing in the dark though - I collected a lot of green glass, mainly candlesticks, before I discovered that they used to use uranium to make it that colour, and some of the yellow glass too. Each piece is very slightly radioactive, but most people seem to think it isn't much of a risk. You can tell which glass has uranium in because it glows a vivid green under UV light - I keep meaning to get hold of a UV lamp and check the collection!
And, Hermit - nice photos! I think you look rather like George R R Martin! :D


All Is One
25-09-2002, 09:48
Hi people~

As I am working on the Hermit trade (he does drive a tough bargain...but on the other hand- that bear is special)

I wanted to check in on the thread (no auto emails- I must be under
my cloaking device again...darn)

Phoenix- I would love to trade with you for the Labridorite especially...

Tiger's eye
Dalmation Jasper

Most of the above sound good...if you have pix you can send them to me at:

and my web site has a picture of the aqua crystals I just got...
on opening page in your face- you can't miss it...

If you want to trade for leather craft or crystals or decks...let me know- I love labridorite. I will jhave to look up the rest except the last two...

Thanks~ I will call the rock shop for rutilated quartz crystal...I wanted Hermit's too...but it has been spoken for by someone.



27-09-2002, 18:50
Originally posted by All Is One
There MUST be a simple, non-leaden method to protect all types of private power items from the malicious rays of the Postal Force.

There are special bags created just for this. You can find them in a photography store. They are made to protect film as it goes through x-ray machines. Just tell the clerk that you want a bag that protects film from x-rays. They will know what you are talking about. :)

Good luck!

All Is One
27-09-2002, 22:04
That is really helpful: love a basic solution to
a complicated problem ~ seldom see one.

a stupid question: if you ship in film bags
I guess the bags are marked
"Film: Do not mess it up with X-rays"
or: "Film" and if it then is full of heavy or jagged
rock stuff...do they drop another bomb
on middle east or do they just
whack it with a hammer a few times to see if it

IOW: if I ship 'rocks' in a film bag is it obvious to the uniformed ones
that I am being practical and not malacious? How well do
they deal with efforts
to escape their detection system- in this
politically charged year
...will the FBI want me

and my little dog too?


28-09-2002, 07:00
No, when you ship in the bags, they still get x-rayed, it is just that the bag sheilds what is inside from the radiation. To my knowldge they don't have anything marked on the outside. They normaly look like they are covered with silver material. I believe they have the same material as what x-ray technicians use to protect themselves.


18-11-2002, 02:05
Hi gang,
I have several quartz crystals from the Hot Springs, Ark. area that I would like to trade for Labradorite or rainbow moonstone. I don't have pictures yet, but they range in size from about 1" to 3". Most are pretty (80 - 90%) clear. Very good vibes - but maybe I'm biased. Some double terminates.
I might be interested in other stones, pm me and see. I'll take some photos soon, and you can e-mail me for them. My e-mail is:

15-01-2003, 03:15
After almost a month waiting, my assortment of crystal gem stone have finally arrived. There is quite an assortment I must say but there are some I have yet to identify.The ones I do know are rose quartz, clear quartz (that look cloudy), amethyst, a few are jasper,carnelian and a tigers eye. The rest I'm not sure of. Some look to me like they could be a mix of 2 different stones(rather odd looking) one kind of looks like a carnelian on 2 sides but the center all the way around it is pink( theres 2 like that). Theres a few blue with white mixed in, green with white mixed in it, a green one with pink in it, and some solid green ones. I'm willing to trade some of my gem stones for tarot decks,my wish list is on trading usa/canada. And if anyone can help identify these mystery stones please let me know. Thanks Dakini.

15-01-2003, 03:50
The carnelian + pink could be carnelian - sometimes they're so orange they can seem pink [ gosh, that sounds stupid!]. Alternatively could be a type of jasper, maybe poppy jasper, or rubellite.
The blue + white sounds like sodalite
The green + pink is probably unakite
Many possibilities for the solid green including: aventurine, moss agate, amazonite, celtic green marble, green calcite, verdite

15-01-2003, 05:42
I was also thinking the blue and white could be sodalite.The pink in the carnelian doesn't look orange. It reminds me of the pink tootsie roll candy or taffie. lol :) Dakini

15-01-2003, 06:37
I'm from the UK so don't know the sweets [candies] you refer to. Another possibility is rhodocrosite [the streaky bacon stone] which is very rosy pink but the markings are very obvious and I've never seen one as dark as carnelian.
Another possibility could be a banded agate - maybe a dyed stone?
Best Wishes,

17-01-2003, 23:19
I have identified the green and white stone as moss agate. I went to a local craft shop to buy a few things and there in the kid craft section was a bin of assorted stones. I never knew they had gemstones in a store such as that. Anyways they had the moss agate and thats the same as the green and white stone I have.