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07-02-2007, 19:04

08-02-2007, 04:43
Okay--I've got a way too prominent Jupiter in my chart (10th house, conj Neptune and North Node), and Sag rising. Loose square from natal Uranus to the Jupiter/Neptune/Node thing.

Venus in Pisces totally unaspected save for an exact square to my ascendant. Venus transits tend to intensify loneliness for me.

So, partly a question, and partly putting this here for the record.

Current transits:

T-Jupiter exactly conjuct ascendant, square natal Venus
T-Uranus conjunct natal Venus, square ascendant
T-Venus exactly conjunct natal Venus today, square ascendant

Curious to see what, if anything, happens, aside from my current nasty flu.

I do live far, far from my place of birth, and I specialise in synastry and locational astrology, but when it's this strong, distance doesn't even mitigate in my experience.

venus in pisces

jupiter traditionally rules pisces as well as sagitarius and it being in an angular house and together with neptune the other pisces ruler and your rising sagitarius makes for a strong humanitarian compassionate person who wants to fight for a better world

transits - venus conjunct venus? good hair day LOL - all my venus/ascendant/venus transits make melook in the mirror and think -you're hot LOL

jupiter transiting over asc/1st house - from personal experience i had a windfall - thousands of pounds that year - squandered most of it- i would hazard a guess that your venus wont feel so lonely this year with jupiter squaring it - new friends, some good fun times, perhaps think about learning not to overindulge in anything as thats the down side of venus/jupiter

anyhow i think you are in for some good fun with this transit

uranus throws the spanner in the works -its so unpredictable - you will certainly be in for a rollercoaster ride emotionally in some way - just go with it -its usually liberating and full of nice surprises in the main though uranus can stretch us and make us feel uncomfortable

but with the pisces/neptune connection i would also say perhaps try protect yourself as well as this can mean vulnerability as well

just some thoughts