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17-09-2002, 22:36
For several weeks now I find at least one feather on the way when I have left the house. Usually they are dove's feathers but I do not pick them up as doves living in the city are usually full of mites and other insects and I don't bring that home.

I wonder what these feathers do mean. Shall I see them as a way of air entities that want to communicate with me? Any idea about that?

Fiona Blackwolf
18-09-2002, 00:42
Feathers can mean a lot of things depending on what kind of bird they are from etc. I would say that if you are seeing that many then there is probably some message you may be missing.

Here are a couple of links to some sites with info on feathers.


http://www.angelfire.com/on/wicca/Pen.html (scroll down on this one)

Also in dream analysis feathers can alsom mean freeing the spirit or lifting a burden.

Hope it helps

18-09-2002, 02:51
i have seen about 10 feathers in the last two weeks...some black...one white and one brown and black striped..good thread Caitlin!

18-09-2002, 03:49
I checked with the bird taxidermy guy at the museum a few years ago on how to clean feathers that I found on the ground. He said they use fancy soaps but that the same thing can be done by using Dawn dishwashing liquid. Make soapy water, swish the feathers around in it, get anything 'crusty' off & rinse in a bowl of clean water, then lay on paper towels to dry.

Mites & parasites are easily killed PRIOR to that by putting the feathers in a plastic zip lock baggie & freezing them for 2 weeks, taking them out (the baggie, not the feathers, keep the baggie closed) and let it sit at room temp for 4 days, then put back in the freezer for 3 weeks. This will kill all live parasites in the first freezing, and any eggs that hatch during the 'warming' period will be killed in the second freeze. They do this with their feathers & bird skins before working with them if they're not doing a professional taxidermy mount.

The guy was really helpful, said this would eliminate all the mites & such.

18-09-2002, 05:45
this reminds me of a phenomenon i've heard called,"pennies from heaven". supposedly when a deceased love one is trying to communicate w/ us, the spirit leaves a penny. i've heard feathers as being "feathers from the wings of angels". a sign of communication from the angels perhaps. i don't know! just a folk tale i've heard.

18-09-2002, 18:49
Hi fiona and HudsonGray,

Thanks a lot for the links and the idea about cleaning feathers.

19-09-2002, 17:52
Hi Catlin!

I'm moving the thread to the Divination section. It will probably get a few more replies there.


19-09-2002, 20:26
Instead lately I have had butterfies coming my way. Lots and lots.
And last night one entered my room, and fell flaping on my legs. I was so scared, a huge black thing falling on me, UGH! *LOL*
But it was gorgeous, and hard the rear part read and white, with black dots.

I tend to see the butterflies as a sort of blessing. As the Gods telling me "hey yo, I am thinking of you, and I love ya!" *LOL* Actually it happens when I get dramatised and twisted and depressed, and start going into the tunnel... But a butterfly often comes to bring me back to real, material life.

The feathers: Catlin, maybe they just want to acknowledge your progresses in the Air-side developing of yourself, and encourage other new progresses.
Or maybe, if you don't feel like progressing in that side of your personality, they might want to stress it, to remind you, to tell you to work harder.
Anyway, I think it is a lovely thing when the trascendent/immanenet tries to contacts us - whether it be mystic nuts or a reality, at least the idea is romantic! :D *LOL*
People say I see too much divine around me... And then I wonder: is it that bad and wrong? :P

20-09-2002, 02:21
nice links fiona :) thank you.

truthsayer, i have heard the same thing. since birds are seen as mediators between the upper world/heavens and the earth, feathers are said to be left as messages from spirit guides or angels, letting you know that they are with you.

the ancient egyptians saw a feather as symbolising 'truth'. this is why when one died. their heart was wieghed against a feather.

the most common meaning of the dove is peace.

the dove was an emblem of venus/aphrodite. because of that, it has come to represent love, happiness and joy in marriage.

the chinese saw the dove as symbolizing fidelity and longetivity. the egyptians represented the soul moving on by a dove.

because of the sound of the cooing of a dove, some equate it with mourning.

i found a reference to crowley equating it with sexual passion, as the dove hops from bed to bed so to speak.

pollux; i know what you mean about big bugs landing on you. lol. a huge praying mantid decided to land on my arm last night. scared the #$@* out of me. hahaha.

i always think of butterflies as representing transformation and metamorphasis. as a reminder to make changes when you get the opportunity. they are also a reminder not to take things too seriously, and to be joyful. some believe they are associated with the faerie folk.

20-09-2002, 18:52
Thanks for all your input!

I still find at least twice a day feathers on my way, maybe it is a reminder of one of my Patron Goddesses (Maat) that she is still with me (but she is more related to oistrich feathers but they are not so common here LOL).

24-09-2002, 00:03
In a book i just read....A woman got feathers in her hair..Native American style..She would wear those feathers to say she was an apprentice..Well I think my feather was for that..but could be something different for everyone else..just thought I would share.

07-10-2002, 16:42
Umm, don't advertise that too much, the DNR (if you're in the USA) says it's illegal to have crow feathers. They're protected & the DNR would have no idea if you shot the bird to get them or if you found them on the ground.

Technically a person is only allowed to have game bird feathers (huntable species). But we all know that people pick up feathers from the ground all the time. Considering what the fine is for having a raptor feather......I almost freaked when my sister sent me a big envelope of wing feathers from a cooper's hawk that had been killed on the road by a milk truck near her farm. Took them all to the nature center & 'donated' them right away! *Whew!*

08-10-2002, 11:47
the laws on feathers appear to differ from state to state. in some cases possessing crow feathers are illegal, in others you may possess or give them, but not sell or purchase them. i suggest that you check the laws in your state.

i believe raptor feathers are illegal in all states.

New River
08-10-2002, 12:39
Hi everybody, those i know and those i don't,

how cool that the first thread i read when i come back to the forum is about feathers. when i came out of the shower tonight my hubby was standing in the kitchen holding the most enormous feather i had ever seen! it is 22 inches long. we have no idea what bird it is from, but it is amazing.

when i find a feather i always feel that it is a message from my guides and angels that i am on the right path/in the right place at the right time. if i know what kind of feather it is then i try to find the qualities of that particular creature as a further message.

the shaman considers a feather to be a divine tool used according to the creature it came from. they are used in smudging as the air symbol.

here in the US it is actually illegal to possess certain feathers, i.e. owl, eagle and endangered birds. this is supposedly to keep these birds from being hunted and killed merely for the 'magical qualities' of their feathers. certain native american chiefs are the only ppl allowed to have them in their possession as they represent religious beliefs.

i must admit i own several of these feathers but all were found right in my path and were 'off the bird' so to speak.

i am really glad to have the information on cleaning them!

oh, and Pollux, i don't think one can ever see too much of the Divine in their lives! :-)

love and blessings,
New River

17-05-2006, 00:10
Just dug out this old thread to let you know that I am still finding feathers at least twice a day. What do you think now?