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12-02-2007, 06:25
Hi, I was wondering why I couldnt communicate properly with my crystal spirits. But last night I was holding my selenite wand, trying to talk to it, and there was a definite trickster like messages, that would give me weird messages that made no sense. I then created a mantra and drew the energy into the crystal, then viola, It started to talk to me. It gave me images on the surface of the crystal of a whole new world unknown to me. I was star struck and mesmorized by the beauty of what I saw. It said I am its friend now, which I feel a really nice connection with it. SO basically my question is why when talking to some crystals, they are tricky and sometimes confusing. As if they dont want you to talk with them without some extra variable. Anyone have a similar experience when starting to actually chat with the crystal spirits? I am very curious of what people think, please comment. Thanks.


Briar Rose
13-02-2007, 01:22
I am curious how you recieve the messages? Please explain more about it. What was the Mantra that you used (if you don't mind sharing).

Lucky you! You have a great gift. Do you do Crystal Healing for people?

13-02-2007, 05:59
Hi Heavens Vault, I heard the message telepathically, and I used a spells energy to activate it. It was a basic chant that you draw the energy from the actual written spell and putting it into the crystal, I guess I put lots of love into it cause it immediatly opened up within seconds. No I havent done crystal healings before maybe I should lol. Anyway thanks for your comments, and at some point I will find that chant and post it.