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20-09-2002, 16:36
What are the best books for studying stones, both from a scientific and a metaphysical point of view? I find Melody to be a bit "out there" in her terminology -- and sometimes she doesn't fully explain things. I've looked at the Cunningham book, but every time I do I end up putting it back on the bookstore shelf.

I found some old Katrina Raphaell books at a bargain on Amazon. They are...interesting.

So what are your favorites and why?

-- Kyrielle

the hermit
20-09-2002, 17:08
Depends on what you want to study...

If you want to learn about rocks and minerals and how they form, etc. then go to a local college and see if they have a geology class. If they do, by the text book. For local geology the "Roadside Geology" series from Mountain Press is cool if they have one for your state (they cover just under half of them so far).

If you want to just learn basic info about specific rocks and minerals then get a good field guide. Peterson's, Simon & Schuster and Audubon all publish excellent ones (i have them all and each is good in it's own way).

For metaphysical purposes it gets more interesting... and confusing.
There are lots of great books out there.
I think Cunningham's is a good beginners book. Melody's can be a bit much in some cases, though she does have probably the most comprehensive book on the market. There are also some excellent supplements of her's that have photos. That's the biggest problem i have with her "Love is the Earth" book... no photo's--which beginner's in particular need.

Other good books to look at would be:
"Crystal Medicine" by Elsbeth (like Cunningham--some photos)
"Crystal Enchantments" by Conway (no photos)
"Healing with Gemstones and Crystals" by Stein (but no photos)
"Rock Medicine" by Randazzo (again no photos)

Notice a pattern?
Most don't have photos... how's a beginner supposed to know if they have the right stone or crystal. And unfortunately... there are many shops that don't really always know what they're selling.

That's where a good field guide can be priceless.
As a geologist and collector i can get just as confused as the next person. And I never take a shopkeepers word until I've worked with them long enough to see that they care enough to always try to find out what they're selling and where it came from.

21-09-2002, 00:45
My favorites include:

Love is in the Earth by A. Melody

Stones Alive by Marilyn Twintreess

Crystal Healing by Katrina Raphaell

Gemisphere Luminary by Michael Katz

The Crystal Handbook by Kevin Sullivan

Crystal Enlightenment by Katrina Raphaell

Crystalline Transmission by Katrina Raphaell

Crystal Power, Crystal Healing by Michael Gienger

Healing With Gemstones and Crystals by Diane Stein

And of course... Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham :)

Sea Sprite
21-09-2002, 02:31
"The Illustrated Guide To Crystals" by Judy Hall and I borrowed it from the library. :)

21-09-2002, 06:24
Hi all,


I am reading about all these lovely stones and crystals and having a hard time putting "name to a face" sort of thing.

As far as books go, I have cunningams encylopedia, can anyone suggest a book that has a picture of the gem then a description of what it is and what does.



the hermit
21-09-2002, 07:19
Originally posted by cjtarot
As far as books go, I have cunningams encylopedia, can anyone suggest a book that has a picture of the gem then a description of what it is and what does.
Unfortunately cj... as far as metaphysical info there isn't one single book that I've seen that has a complete listing WITH photos.

There are three possible ways to solve the issue:

Melody's "Love is in the Earth" has a photo supplement available (but the 2 together can be quite expensive--over $50).

Or you can find a book or books you like and supplement them with field guides (still not cheap and field guides often only show raw form of mineral or crystal NOT finished/polished form often sold in shops).

Or you can use one of the numerous on-line sites that show photos.

But in my experience none of these are complete solutions.
I personally use a combination of all three (I do have Melody's book but not the photo supplement) plus my own knowledge of rocks and minerals.

Sea Sprite
21-09-2002, 07:59

this book contains color photos of the gems, "The Illustrated Guide To Crystals" by Judy Hall.

21-09-2002, 08:10
I like the book by Elsbeth, but as far as magick goes, it isn't that good. Great for crystal healing though.

Has anyone read "Laying on of Stones" and Crystal Enchantments by DJ Conway??? What are they like??

the hermit
21-09-2002, 08:30
Originally posted by Phoenix
Has anyone read "Laying on of Stones" and Crystal Enchantments by DJ Conway??? What are they like??
Have "Crystal Enchantments"...
it's a great book, lots of lore, magickal uses and healing uses.
No photos though... would be perfect book if had photos :(
oh well...
I do recommend it highly...

23-09-2002, 01:01
Hi all,

I have found a great companion book for my Crystal & Gem encylopedia...a catalog..


The heaven & Earth company has a catalog that I buy from and I had it stashed (they have way too much that I want to buy-great jewlrey and stones)...WELLL..I took it out and in the back of the catalog they sell wire wrapped crystals (great prices) and there a quite a few..They even have some of the magick uses for the stone.

I am going to order Jet to hang on my oldest daughters bed post to ward of nightmares..and I might even get the Charolite ring I want, a few crystals...

I should never have opened the catalog..lol