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Briar Rose
26-02-2007, 06:47
Hi everyone,

I am in need of some urgent help. I need to make a Crystal and herb Talisman that wards off negative people. What can I do?

What kind of bag should I use, and what should I put in it? Anything else I can do?

Thank You!

26-02-2007, 06:56
There's this wonderful lady who goes by Summersea online--search Google for "summersea" and click on the Etsy link (third down). She works with you to give you what you need... I love working with her. :) Just a suggestion. :3

Briar Rose
26-02-2007, 14:50
Thank you , but she on vacation until March. I was hoping by now I would have some reply here, on AT.

Briar Rose
26-02-2007, 14:51
thank you for the web site though

Little Hare
26-02-2007, 17:25
okay to ward off negativity, the crystal smokey quartz is great! :D In regards to herbs thou i'm pretty hopeless at that. Sorry

26-02-2007, 18:26
In a small black cloth bag, you can put:

sea salt
dried lavender
dried tobacco, if you have any (the pure type, none of your cigarette fillers), or dried yarrow (achillea millefolium - which you can find online from magical herbalist sites or at any herbalists)
a piece of black stone (e.g. onyx, obsidian, black tourmaline or jet)

Before you put them in, you can smudge them, and call blessings upon them, and thank the universe for allowing only positivity close to you. I tend to burn white candles as I do that. As you do, imagine the negativity just disappearing, and yourself full of joy and strength.

Then you pop them in the bag. Tie the bag with black ribbon, 3x3 knots, and each time you tie a knot, once again, imagine the negativity just dissolving like mist, and you being clear and joyous. Keep your focus while you do all this.

Carry it around with you for as long as you need.

When the source of negativity has disappeared, open your talisman, and give back the plants and salt to the earth, thanking the universe, and cleanse your stone, ready for re-use.

If you want to keep the negativity away from your home, you can fill little bowls with sea salt and put them around your house, in high places and one under your bed. Smudge your house, especially the entrances. Smudging can be done with dried sage, or achillea, or tobacco - in fact, with any purifying dried plant. Use whatever is handy. As you do, you can say something like - "nothing enters or leaves my home but love, goodwill and peace". Whatever works for you, but keep it positive.

If you feel all jumpy and nervous, take a bath with sea-salt and lavender drops, and surround yourself with white tealights, imagining that they are your ring of fire to protect and strengthen you. It's very relaxing and empowering.

Then relax and go and do something fun. Negativity only has as much strength as WE give it.

26-02-2007, 18:35
Hi there

depending on the circumstances you may like to try a mirror - you can place one at your work place to reflect negativity... just a small one in the corner helps.. or at the front door to your home

If you FEEL 'down' about these people -- black tourmaline helps - you (we want to help you not the other person..)

Traditionally sapphire is a good crystal for this sort of thing...

I hope things become light and bright for you soon



Briar Rose
26-02-2007, 23:02
Thank you.

I can make my talisman bag today, and I feel good about that.