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27-02-2007, 22:30
hi all.. i am just a beginner with crystals,herbs and tarot.
thing is can u pls. help me that with which crystal or how should i start...charge them and know more about them.. i have gone through many books.. but still not feeling confident..pls. help me..

28-02-2007, 01:15
Hi Kriti!

Welcome to the crystal and herbs forum.

Reading books is good, but too many and you just get confused and overloaded, so I would suggest you pick one or two that you liked and stick with them until you are more confident.

The best way for you to start would probably be by getting some crystals and working with them and increase your collection with time. Some good ones to start with would be:

clear quartz
rose quartz
blue lace agate
tiger's eye

these are usually easy to find and inexpensive in tumblestone form. The books you read should have contained cleansing and charging methods, so just pick whichever appealed to you most and go with it. If you listen to your instincts it'll be the right way to go.

Just remember to have fun!!


28-02-2007, 01:56
What does your eye fall upon when you go shopping where there are crystals ? That is a good way to start. What attracts your attention ?
Take the plunge, buy one and study about it. You can get small ones for a couple of dollars wherever you are. Happy hunting !

01-03-2007, 00:37
thanx so much for ur valuable advice...can u pls.. also tel me where will i find these stones in tumble stone form..where i stay i don not have much idea....pl;s..can u help me...

01-03-2007, 00:38
when i go there and supposedly get focused on a piece how should i check the purity...??

02-03-2007, 06:02
Unfortunately I don't know what type of shops or markets you get in India so I can't really say where they would be available, but others might know more. In England I would suggest new age type shops, or little craft shops, or even a natural history museum. You could try an internet search, it might show something local. Or if there are any esoteric bookshops you could try asking there if they know of anywhere. As a last resort you could always import them over the internet, but it does mean you can't choose them yourself.

I'm also not sure what you mean by purity?


05-03-2007, 04:33
i take purity as in you want to know if it is cleansed of impurities of the previous owner well if your not compleately sure you can cleanse them yourself.
there are many ways
some stones are soluble in salt
and some crystals like amethyst fade in the sun
so to be honest the best way to cleanse your stones is with a raw state of clear quartz put your unpure stones with a cleaqr quartz or under the moonlight and the polar magnets will draw in the energy and serve your purpose thye stone has to be right for you otherwise no matter what you do the stone will not work.
hope this helps

06-03-2007, 07:21
i love crystals they are the best way to meditate.
it depends what you would like to use the stones for there are the basic stones: Amethyst
clear quartz
rose quartz ect
but its sometimes easier to just become attracted by what you see or feel or if you need something in particular you have to find the right stone to do the job
citrine is great for money
chryscholla is good for the female menstral cycle and after each stone can perform more than one job and have many different properties because every stone is different
you just have to choose the right one for you

08-03-2007, 14:05
I confess. I'm an avid eBay addict, and have gotten many of my (rather extensive) collection of crystals from there...

Granted, it's FAR easier to find crystals with which you have a relationship or bond by shopping in person -- IF You can find a place.

For starters, I'd suggest Quartz crystals for general energy and light, citrine since it does not absorb negative energy and in fact helps to repel it, and rose quartz for loving and healing energies as well.