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09-03-2007, 07:26
does anyone read the SNAKE card as fear? This card confuses me.

14-03-2007, 09:07
I'm kinda new to this deck. However, I wouldn't read the card as fear per se. I'd go more with a feel of betrayal. It of course needs some cards around it to give it more of a definition b/c it's the way these wonderful cards work. I would see this card being combined with the rider and the letter something to fear. Maybe the garden worked in there too. Remember that this deck is like a deck of courts; all of the cards relate to the ones around it for meaning.



14-03-2007, 12:30
I have been working with the Mystical Lenormand for awhile. Every reading is different, and when using a multiple card spread, one of the strengths of the deck is how the cards relate to each other in a reading - that said, I have found that sometimes the cards mean what the LWB would designate, sometimes they don't. In my experience the cards are particularly powerful if you assign your own meaning to the card in a reading or draw.

Don't fear the card just because it has a Snake...look at it and think about what it would be like to be the snake or focus on what the snake is doing, etc. and work through it. You will find it isn't scary at all. :)


25-04-2007, 17:08
Hi, I'm new with Mystical lenormand I hope I can learn more

Little Hare
25-04-2007, 18:27
personally i love snakes :D and see them as; spiritual energy, shedding of the old self, lifecycles ending and learning how to tune into other senses, developing the sixth sense ;)

25-04-2007, 18:34
The Question is a very interesting one. Cards like Lenormand and Tarot are images that evoke something from within ourselves, to answer a question usually. The LeNormand cards are supposed to be more fatelike as in fortune telling. I have two LeNormand cards for the Snake, and the images are very different, aside from both illustrating a snake. The French Cartomancy deck says in the booklet..
Don't trust a woman who is dark-haired, kind and loving only in appearance. Betrayal is in the air. (Rx) is hypocrisy, justified jealousy, misplaced trust.
and in the Mystical Lenormand it is says for the snake
This card indicates betrayal, falseness, lies and detours. It can also stand for a girlfriend, sister, lady friend, etc.
Now if I was to look at the French Cartomancy I would certainly see my fear of snakes, also sudden attack and all the images of Western Christianity about the snake- temptation, Satan etc.
In the Mystical LeNormand I see something totally different. I see the primordial snake with all its associations, holding the Cosmic egg. In this deck it is all symbols. So I so not see fear. I don't even see the 'snake in the grass' aspect of false friends.
To me it is all in the image and what you see in that image. That is what reading is about- it is what you see in the image. Your 'intuition' I am sure will not tell you a snake is a welcome visitor or a bunch of flowers or a book. Look at the image and if you feel/see fear- then you convey that to whoever you are reading for. We all read according to what is in our heads- I might upon drawing this card think- oops I had better be careful where I step or in the case of the Mystical..I wonder if she is pregnant?
These cards are really fun and I have been journalling them for a while now, and very rarely have they meant the book meanings, but sometimes they have. ~Rosanne

ana luisa
25-04-2007, 20:29
Iīve been using the Lenormand for more than 10 years now. Love it but the thing is, thereīs no way to assign a pre set meaning to ANY card. Iīm with Valeria on this. Depending on the cardīs position in the spread it can mean betrayal, diseases (pharmacy symbol), "slippery" people, Kundalini problems or development, snake is your totem animal, and the list goes on. So, answering your question, if you felt "fear" when you say the snake, then, by all means, it can mean that!

05-05-2007, 11:11
does anyone read the SNAKE card as fear? This card confuses me.

Yes the Snake card can mean fear, I would not rule out that meaning because that is what you tapped into for one reason or another. It might be a good idea to meditate on the card and jot down a few "feelings" you get from looking at it. And then see if you still read it as fear.

True, it depends on the positioning of the card in the layout as well & more importantly what is the intention of the layout.

The Snake is meant to suggest all those meanings of betrayal etc. Also it is about renewal as well, as the snake sheds it's skin. (mentioned in the reply posts)

The Snake card can depict intelligence as well -for example outsmarting someone is deception by using your intellectual capacity. Can be a smart business woman using predatory techniques.

Depending on the deck, the snake is also the Queen of Clubs which can be a female relative. In the Petit Lenormand the suggested meaning for the Snake card is a kind and generous woman who is sincere. Generally a positive card.

"Fear" is a feeling that there is the potential of a threat or harm. If the Snake card was beside the Sun card, you can read that as fear of happiness or you can read that as a female with a happy disposition.

When I see the snake card in the reading, I see both fear and wisdom. In European tradition a snake is definitely a bad omen but Eastern philosophy teaches us differently.

I was born in the year of the Snake-