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23-09-2002, 14:35
Take this QUIZ (http://quizilla.com/users/arwen/quizzes/What%20Stone%20Are%20You%3F) and find out.

I'm an Amethyst! :)

Tranquil dreamer, psychic eye.
You are the one who knows things before you should.
Remember to shield yourself.

23-09-2002, 14:51

I'm an amathyst too...wow..

NOW..where can I find one like the one show..dark and beautiful..

Thanks for the quiz.


23-09-2002, 15:15
yet another amethyst!

23-09-2002, 19:19
I don't know how much I relate, but it is a good stone... ;) :P

The quiz wa hard though, to many ties for me, and had to pink one...
For example, tie among Black, Blue and Purple.
Tie among Forest, City and Country.

Maybe this means I'll have to take the test again... ;)

23-09-2002, 19:25
Another amethyst here.

Love and light

Julie xx

23-09-2002, 21:17
And another amethyst. Suits me well as this is another of my fav stone.

23-09-2002, 21:38
Before I did the quiz I thought I was an Amethyst ... and I turned out to be one ! So there you go ...

23-09-2002, 22:25
I am with you Pollux, too many choices.
I was a little disappointed in my results (only that my fav stone is Amethyst)

But anyhow mine was...Carnelian..
You help others with their emotions, but you forget to let it go. Don't own all the emotions that come your way



23-09-2002, 23:50
You are a Protector.
You hear secrets. You
have secrets. Remember
to trust someone..

Sounds like me!

24-09-2002, 00:47
i was amethyst too.
wow, hematite and carnelian! those are fun!!

24-09-2002, 03:11
Hematite here...

24-09-2002, 13:54
I am Rose Quartz!

I love that stone...

I'm glad it picked me. LOL

24-09-2002, 14:39
Originally posted by osami2717
I am Rose Quartz!What does it say about Rose Quartz? :)

24-09-2002, 19:25
i don't know a thing about stones, so maybe somebody can tell me something about the stone i got.

i got the quartz crystal.

it said about it:
clear headed and connected.
you are the one who leads without seeming to lead.
remember that others need a chance to shine.

this does ring true if i read it, but i would like to know about the stone quartz crystal.


24-09-2002, 19:37
Originally posted by Kaz
would like to know about the stone quartz crystal.Perhaps, we can start another thread on that. :)

Edited to add: I started one HERE (http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7689).

24-09-2002, 22:18
Another Amethyst here. I had a feeling that was the stone I'd be, which is great because it's my favorite.

:TSTAR Starfish

25-09-2002, 21:25

26-09-2002, 01:10
Im Lapis Lazuli.

You are the commnicator
You would rather talk things out thatn fight physically
Honest to a flaw, you really should not say everything!

Well that sums me up :)

26-09-2002, 01:19
There seems to be alot of Amethysts!!

26-09-2002, 01:53
I'm a Rose Quartz!
I thought I'd be a blue or green stone, actually!
But it's all good, because I love rose quartz :)

26-09-2002, 01:53
purple's my fav color and ameythyst has always been my fav stone.


26-09-2002, 04:38
I am a Qartz crystal.

Suits me fine, as I am a quartz crystal-a-holic :)


03-10-2002, 08:55
I'm a Rose Quartz!

Cool, I think it was right on :)

05-10-2002, 13:54
I'm an amethyst.

There's a lot of them around.

Maybe there's a lot of well-developed psychic eyes around here, given the purpose of these forums.

-- Kyrielle

the hermit
05-10-2002, 16:03
you know...
i should know better than to take these @#$% quizzes!
they never seem to work quite right for me.

this one says i'm an artifical aquarium lava rock!!!

the magical one said i was the hump-backed assistant of a mad scientist!!!
i give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and the one before that said i was "poopy"... the eight dwarf. I got your POOPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm taking my lantern and going back to the cave :mad:

05-10-2002, 16:29
*giggles @ the hermit* :D

What were you (at least) expecting and why? :)

06-10-2002, 01:23
According to the quiz, I'm something called hematite.

I think it's off a bit. If I were a stone, I'd be something like shale or basalt.

the hermit
06-10-2002, 03:47
Originally posted by Strega
*giggles @ the hermit* :D

What were you (at least) expecting and why? :)
i thought i might be something like amethyst or some other quartz.
growing in a cave, strong but hidden.

i'm a lump of artifical lava rock in some FISH TANK!!!

the hermit
06-10-2002, 04:06
Originally posted by ihcoyc
According to the quiz, I'm something called hematite.

I think it's off a bit. If I were a stone, I'd be something like shale or basalt.
interesting ihcoyc...
hematite is basically an iron ore... a solid heavy stone, thought to be metaphysically good for grounding and healing.

shale and basalt arenít generally thought of as ďrocksĒ but in stead are ďformationsĒ

shale is basically a sedimentary formation of clay layers that have been deposited on sea floor, compressed and turned into rock. itís brittle and fragments easily into sheets. itís not generally thought of magickally at all.

basalt is igneous (volcanic) formation that generally cooled and hardened below the surface. granite, for instance, is a basalt. itís another that isnít generally thought of as magickal.

of course artificial lava rock isnít normally a magickally rock either... but then thatís why the quiz upset me!!!

06-10-2002, 13:51
Shale is the most common rock around here, and features importantly in the local geography. It carries some fossils from the famous Falls of the Ohio beds. It looks rather like slate, which it can become with heat and pressure.

As far as I know, though, shale and basalt are rocks in good standing. They may not be crystals; shale, at least, is sedimentary. (I think basalt is igneous.)

Not being a rare or magical rock I'm not at all familiar with was more or less the point. :)

06-10-2002, 15:53
Can you believe it...another Amethyst is discovered! :D

But I suppose it's to be expected that you'd find quite a few 'Amethysts' on a Tarot forum. "Tranquil dreamers" with a "psychic eye," indeed! :D



13-10-2002, 06:33
And yet another Amethyst! I think it must be a case of 'birds of a feather, flock together'.
Love and Light - Isis

14-10-2002, 13:47
A while back someone asked where to get a nice dark amethyst. Mine I found at a gem show, and I've seen good ones at local metaphysical shows. Ask for stones from Uruguay or South Africa.
The Brazilian ones are usual, and are medium purple.

-- Kyrielle

14-10-2002, 19:59
Hematite - lovely. I've got a hematite bracelet on my wrist now. Moonstone, cat's eye and amethyst are gorgeous too. But don't you think that this quiz is largely influenced by your answer to the first question?

14-10-2002, 21:36
Oh No, I'm Amethyst too :)

And Demonesse, I tried changing the colour and rerunning the quiz with all the other answers in tact - I came out as Amethyst for all colours except black

Well two Amethysts in our house that's for sure.


Sea Sprite
03-11-2002, 18:37
Wow! I'm an Amethyst too and its my favorite stone.

03-11-2002, 22:54
I'm here to join to the amethyst club... and why am I not surprised????

28-11-2002, 14:08
Yet another amethyst here! lol


28-11-2002, 17:24
another amethyst...

what's the deal here?

29-11-2002, 00:25
I am amethyst and so is my daughter, which doesn't surprise me cuz its one of my favorite stones. I still haven't gotten over my amethyst pyramid pendant that got stolen when my apt got robbed.( that was about 6 years ago) :( I have as yet to find a replacement.

14-12-2002, 18:17
another Amethyst

25-12-2002, 04:35
I'm an amethyst.

29-12-2002, 15:18
Hmm I took the test twice cause a few questions could go two ways. Both times the result was Amethyst.

31-12-2002, 03:43
Just a thought, but the first question, your favorite color? Which did all of you choose? That is how your stone is chosen, I think. I did the quiz four times, kept everything else the same but my favorite color, and lo and behold, My stone was the color I chose! Go figure!! Great fun!


31-12-2002, 06:15
amethyst, purple I believe, I did the quiz quite a while ago.....

01-01-2003, 08:56
Something besides an amethyst!

It says:

"Active one, energizer! You are the life of the party. But don;t forget your rest."

01-01-2003, 14:41
I picked two different colors Purple and Black. Cat, Science Fiction, The ten million dollars- Family, myself and friends, Watch from the sideline on parades were the only answers that I didn't change. All the others ones changed slightly. Suburbs/country, Protective/talkive, Make an excuse to stay home. Go because of friends, sensitive/sweet, Head in the clouds/overactive Imagination. Those were my two sets of answers. They are basically the same but still a little different. So color isn't the main reason for your stone. I don't think, but who knows.

Btw. I've continued to switch colors and still come up amethyst. I can't pick anything but this stone.

13-01-2003, 06:28
citrine: life of the party! active one, energizer--don't forget to get your rest!

i thought since my favorite color was blue i'd get a blue stone! dash it all.... i still say i'm an amethyst at heart. maybe a very energetic amethyst, but still ;)

~Urs :OL

25-01-2003, 14:49
yeah! Amethyst! :D

25-01-2003, 19:52
Finally after months of kicking, hoping wishing and praying, I got my computer running. Phew!

I am a rose Quartz. Funny, that makes me feel all warm and squishy inside. LOL

16-03-2003, 21:06
I'm a Lapis! Am i a left out one? Anyway is expensive to buy a crystal here, in Singapore. 1 little round crystal costs US$6. Is that the exact price??